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Papa Bear (Ursurang Prime/Exeguttor/Slowking)


Aspiring Trainer
3 Smeargle
2-2 slowking
3-2 Exeguttor
3-3 ursurang prime
2 uxie
1 azelf
2 unown q
1 unown p
1 regice
total: 25 pokemon

4 collector
2 bebe's
2 communications
3 lookers
2 expert belts
1 luxury ball
4 Pokedrawers
2 Night Teleporters/Junk Arms
Total: 24

2 Warp
3 Call
2 Rescue
1 Cyclone
Total: 12

You want to start with Exegcute in order to get the t1/t2 psychic stradegy. If you can't do this, then you will be very behind. Then just focus on getting the draw/discard lock going as soon as possible, hopefully t2/3 (won't be that hard if you don't prize important crud and they don't topdeck amazing cards). Once the lock is on, just keep the pressure and attack. Regice discards in order to be able to get more cards out of my hand for the hand lock/moves spiritomb out of the way, the unown p is for having my hammer arm hit for 90 w/ a discard (epic isn't it), and the heavier smeargle line is for consistency.

One thing I'm having trouble with is the fact that I can't choose whether to run night teleporter or junk arm. JA helps so much with the pokedrawers though night teleporter helps with getting the lock. I'd also like to find room for a 1-1 umbreon line (maybe even a 2-1/1 umbreon/espeon prime line) and 2 basic darks.


Pokebeach Veteran
-1 Smeargle
-2 Exeggcute
+2 Sableye
+1 Unown Q
-2 Bench Shield
-1 Pokemon Communicator
-1 Warp Point
+1 Broken Time Space
-1 Junk Arm
+1 Bebe's Search
+1 Unown P
-2 Basic Dark
+1 Unown DARK
+1 Seeker
-1 Warp Point
+1 Looker's Investigation
+2 Night Teleporter
-1 Psychic Energy
+2 Rescue Enery

So too many trainers will just die against Vilegar and you'll have a terribly hard time against any other Spiritomb or Vileplume decks. Your goal is to get a Sableye to collector for Exeggcute if necessary, then BTS or other quick way to get out an Exeggutor. Then Looker's yourself for 0 or use night teleporter for a card you can play immediately and psychic strategy to begin the lock. Looker's can disrupt later on and night teleporter an grab an Uxie or Collector to get Uxie and other's. You don't run any Energy Search, so Basic Dark Energy are pointless, and with Seeker you can afford to run 3 types of Unown. Unown P gets Ursaring going, and 2 Unown Q helps retreat Unown, Exeggutor, Uxie, Azelf, Sableye, etc.


Aspiring Trainer
I don't think I'm going to use Sableye anymore, I'm going to use Regice to get spiritomb out of the way (double spiritomb is going to suck) along with a heavier smeargle line. I'm also adding in call and cyclone energy (no basic energies but since I don't run energy searching cards, I really don't need them). The night teleporter and the second unown q (along with the unown p which for some reason i thought was rotated out...) are going in the deck though. I also found room for expert belts.

The new list is going to be posted over the old one and in my next post.