"Paleow, Land of the Ancients" RR77's first fan fic and sister thread to Pokémon A & T


I choose you Ninja Brian!
This is the Sister thread to Pokemon Amber & Pokemon Topaz!!!

This fic is still in the planning stages, it foolows a character from the begining of their journey to end at the Paleow Colosuem for the Pokemon League Tournement.
I'm requesting ideas for characters and plots, any info needed on the Paleow region can be found at the sister thread:


The live in the region of Paleow(Pae-Lee-Oh), an ancient land with Swamps,Deserts, Jungles & ice-capped Mountains. There are 8 Towns & 3 Cites, 8 of wich have their own gyms. The Pokemon are Prehistoric, Many of which have been extinct for thousands of years. The local Pokepaleontologist, Prof. Cypress has created a portable reving Machine he calls the Pokelife and has astablished them all across the region. The Hero resides in the same town has the Prof. and is ready to Start his/her journey, & arrives at the Lab to pick his starter, only to arrive at an attemped robbery of the prototype of the Prof's newest invention,so a member of Team Futra(Phuoo-trah) see u & challenges to a battle but gives the hero the offer of running away, the hero turn down the offer to run away, he/she grabs the starter, and starts to battle...

The Cities/Town + Gym Leader of Paleow:
1.Turain Town
2.Archeo Town
3.Flowest Town(Ace){Flying}
4.Eastvilla City(Elen){Electric}
5.Riviera Town(Walter){Water}
6.Dewdrop Town(Serena){Psychic}
7.Chasmis Town
8.Southbridge Town(Derek){Dark}
9.Everlast City(Barbara){Poison}
10.Northlook Town(Trevor){Ice}
11.Futuria City(Stella){Steel}

Places(in order of acess):
Archeo Ruins
Coal Swamp
Emerald Jungle,Jade Ruins
Diamond Oasis
Crevice Canyon
Obsidion Cave
Treasure Shore 1
Safari Island
Ancient Pyramid
Desert Pass
Treasure Shore 2
Cycling Road
Treasure Shore 3
Delta Co. Building
Ruby Cavern, Garnet Ruins
Ski Lift
Mt. Icicle
Sapphire Ridge, Turquoise Ruins
Futra Labs
Paleow Coloseum
(Bonerock Isle, Plunder Cove,
Geo Rock) <-are only acessible from games, not fic.

note: All submited Trainer may have a team of 1-6 Pokemon, or no Pokemon at all
Must post Age, Height, Weight & Bio as well as or not a Roster.

Note 2: If a Trainer is to have a Roster, tha roster May not Contain:
Legendaries, Of Any region, including Paleow. I will judge the rosters and tweak if need be...

Main Characters:

Age: 10
Ht: 4'10" Wt: 90lbs
Daring, Ambitious, reckless, a loud mouth, brave & caring.
Black & spiky hair with orange highlights, wears orange-tinted goggles, a head band, dons a Black vest, with orange highlights, and black shorts, wears crocs(shoes, not the reptile).
Pokemon on team: Raptinge

5'00" Wt: 88lbs
Laid-back, caring, passionate, independent, reliable, intelligent also short-tempered
light brown, wavy, shoulder leght hair,wears a red shirt, black vest, brown shorts, a visor and sandles.
Pokemon on Team: Ecolopise

Age: 13
Ht: 5'06" Wt 121lbs
Bio: Humourus, cranky, loves food, intelligent, extremely peverted, a smooth talker and is quite fond of the ladies.Is secretly crushing on Hannah, except its really not a secret.
Red-headed, a little fat and portly, brown vest, white shirst, & shorts, tennis shoes and wears a beanie.
Pokemon on Team: Cubloom

Ricky a.k.a the "Raptor"(From the PMC)
Ht: 6'04" Wt:185lbs
Bio: Dark & spiky hair, cool shades, black vest, maroon shirt, jeans, & a nice bike, former assitant to Prof. Elm so is considered a tech specialist( once worked at Sliph Co as intern), Silver Conference Champ & Hoenn Leag Champ, has a reaserch camp in hoenn, his sister works for Mary in Goldenrod City, he lived in Blackthorn for a year training under Clair,favours Dragon Pokemon. Da Bad boy, who is good(Sasuke-like behavior)
Pokemon on team: Feraligatr,Yanmega
Pokemon in box/reserve: Flygon,Gardevoir,Ampharos,Steelix,Gengar,Alakazam,Camerupt,Sceptile,Mightyena,Metagross,Glalie,Sceptile,Charizard,Garchomp & Mamoswine

Prof. Cypress
Age: 62
Ht:5'05" Wt: 147lbs
Bio: Eccentric, cooky, wierd-sense of humor, (my grand uncle drunk:p) like behavior.
Bald spot, gray spiky hair, labcoat, pants.
Pokemon on team: Rotom, Cubloom, Raptinge & Ecolopise

Karen(Daren's Mom)
Age: 34
Ht:5'07" WT: 125lbs
Bio: Seilent, fasionable, quiet, hopeful and loving
Dark, straight & long hair, regular "mom" clothes.
Pokemon on Team: None

i'll update on bio's as story progresses.

So post ur ideas and be sure to vist the sister thread as well.


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So, are you going to take characters for the story like let other PB forum members create their own characters to add?

EDIT: read your thread.  Heres my character request:

NAME: Will
POKEMON: Sceptile, Pikachu, Luxray, Weavile, Floatzel, Pidgeot
BIO: Calm, usually serious, fast on his feet, and most of time he makes quick and smart decisions.


I choose you Ninja Brian!
Mostly, I have the Main Hero & Heroine, a traveling buddy, Mom, main characters...

But what i need are Misc. Characters....thats were u come in.

Note: All submited Trainer may have a team of 1-6 Pokemon, or no Pokemon at all
Must post Age, Height, Weight & Bio as well as or not a Roster.

Note 2: If a Trainer is to have a Roster, tha roster May not Contain:
Legendaries, Of Any region, including Paleow. I will judge the rosters and tweak if need be...


I choose you Ninja Brian!
Chap 1: Show some Spinoslash, would ya?

Our Story Begins in the land of Paleow, in the Portside town of Turain know for idyllic coastline Pine Forests and year-round Temperate climate.

"Bzzzt, Bzzzzt!!!" an alarm rings. A small boy wakes, up, blinks...
"Wham!" he hits the snooze button. Its 7:30 am
a woman walks into the boy's room, it's messy, with clothes and toys scattered about. She picks up a game device and a manga book as she walks in.
"Sheesh, just as messy and lazy as his father, looks like i'll have to wake him" whispers the Lady closing her eyes.
"C'mon Daren, you'll be late to pick up your first Pokemon!"shouts Karen , the boy's mother.
"Huh...what?" the boy, wipes his eyes, shakes his spiky hair, and glances towards his mom, then towards the clock shaped like a voltorb. The clock reads 9:30.
"Ahhh, i'm gonna be late!!!" he screames.
"That's why i wanned you last night not to stay up so late"sighes Karen.
Daren quickly takes a bath, gets dressed, brushes his teeth and dashes downstairs for breakfast.
"I made your favorite..."says Karen.
"Yes, my favorite...Ramen, believe it!"
he sits down on the table and turns on the tv.
The TV flashes and an image of a blonde-haired boy with many copies of himself attacking a guy with a large sword.
"Hey, mom does that kid look and talk like me?" he says while pointing at the TV screen.
"Well, I'll be, he does look a bit like you, and he definitly talks like you...anyway eat your Ramen, you have a big day ahead." exclaims Karen
"Oh, Yeah i'm late!!!" he quickly gulps down the Ramen, and belches very loudly.
"Excuse me." he blushes, as Karen gives him a sharp glare, grabs his backpack and rushes out the back door.

On a ship far away, a 15 year old with black spiky hair, sunglasses and a computer strapped to his back watches the ship sail towards the Paleow region.
"Ahh, finally the LPZ crisis is over i can get back to my research. I wonder how Max and Jason are doing?
They must be awfully lost without me, but Abad will keep them in check. Anyway my priority is to meet with Prof. Cypress and catalog the Pokemon of the Paleow region as well as obtain information about the Pokelife for the PMC database. This will be a interesting vacation, right buddy?"
Ricky talks to a pokeball that he his clutching in his hand. He then looks out at the port as the ship comes in to dock...
Ricky walks of the ship alongside a girl named Lorele.
He walks to the edge of the marina and take out another pokeball, he talks to it. "C'mon Yanmega, take me to Prof.Cypress's lab!"
He throws the pokeball and it opens with a white flash. Out comes a giant dragonfly Pokemon. Ricky jumps on its back and they fly away.

a while later...

*Ding Dong* a doorbell rings. An Old mand with long white hair and cooky glasses and is wearing a lab coat, walks slowly over to the door...he slowly turns the nob and pulls it open.
Daren blots past screaming "I'm here, gimme my Pokemon!" and almost runs over an old man...
"Whoa, there sonny where's the fire? You know back in my day we didn't get our starter Pokemon handed to us, we had to go out and catch it.And back then we didn't even use Pokeballs..."the Old man begins rambling.
The old man contiunes his rant as Daren makes a few glances around the room while pick himself up of the ground.
"Hey, old man, is this Prof.Cypress's Pokemon Lab?",Daren asks glancing around at the room. It filled with wood and lots of woodworking tools.
"Eh? Well..." the old man begins....Daren looks up. "This is actually the room behind Prof.Cyress' office, you see i use it to carve wood and make things out of wood." the old man responds cheerfully smiling like an old grandpa.
"Okay then, where's Prof.Cypress? Where, old man?" Daren asks clearly without any manners.
"Why, you're looking at him, you silly Oddstrich you." Prof.Cypress replies clearly with out any regard of the boys horrible manners.
"What? You're Prof.Cypress...but you're way too old. The guy on the card I got looks 20 years younger." Daren yells with shock.
"Hmm, oh yes well, it seems that one of my assistants used the wrong photo when we were making those cards this time around. Oh, he must have used a photo of me from a while back, insted of using the one from my christmas party..." Prof Cypress, sates before laughing maniacally.
"Oh, boy..." Daren sighs, with a hint of embarrassment.
a few moments later Prof.Cypress stops laughing.
"Well, come now sonny, you did barge in here like a wild Pokemon asking for you to receive a Pokemon didn't you? Prof.Cypress asks, with a smirk.
Daren still a bit speechless at the Prof's eccentric behavior nods in response.
"Okay then, follow me..." he says while walking over to and opening a door in the back of the wood room."This is my laboratory!" he yells with overzealous exitcement.
"The intense light from the room blinds Daren for a moment as is eyes begin to adjust. He blinks and then looks around wide-eyed.
The laboratory is one with a clear roof, and white walls, with lots of electronics equipment lined up alongside side. The are bookshelves filled with all kinds of books, there are Prof. Assistants taking measurements of liquids inside test tubes, and measure the width of strange rocks.
"Professor, what are those weird rock lined up on the rack, over there? Daren asks point to a bunch of Pokemon Fossils lined up on a rack.
"Why, sonny, those are Pokemon fossils that we research here, you see I'm not just regular, old Pokemon scientist. You see sonny, I'm a Pokepaleontologist, and i research ancient Pokemon and the fossils that they left behind.
Daren stares at them with a combination of awe and excitement.
"Come there is someone here that i'm sure you'll get a joy out of meeting, eh sonny?" Prof.Cypress says.
"Come on Professor stop calling me sonny, my name is Daren. and when are you gonna give me my Pokemon?"
"Well right after you meet him!" Prof.Cypress says pointing to a black,spiky haired kid, in a maroon vest, and wearing sunglasses sipping coffee at a table and typing on a laptop.
The Teen looks over to Daren and then gives him a big smile.
"So you're the rookie trainer who's starting their Pokemon journey today, oh yeah now that brings me back, nice to meet you, my name is Ricky..."
Daren's eyes immediately lit up up with that last word...
"Whoa you're Ricky! You are the Jhoto league champion as well as the champion for the Hoenn league and a member of the PMC! They always mention you on the Pokemon League Channel! I can't believe that yu showed up in the Paleow region and in my home town too! Hi, I'm Daren!" Daren replies with excitement.
"Oh yeah nice to meet you, well battling is fun and all but my true passion is research which is why I'm here to meet the Professor." Ricky replies clearly embarrsed from all the attention.
"You see, the Professor here has created a machine that can resurrect ancient pokemon from their fossils.Isn't that right Professor?" Ricky asks.
"Yes, that's right son, you see older models were so big and difficult to transport that i set out to create my own resurrection machine, one that it small and easiliy tranportable. So i invented the Pokelife! You see that machine on the wall there next to my computer? That is the Pokelife, the fossil goes into that container and then is inserted into the tube,a pokeball is inserted in the other end, you click the start button on the screen and holy Miltank! You have yourself a resurrected Pokemon! Pretty soon there will be one installed in every Pokemon center across Paleow!" states Prof.Cypress
Daren notices a hole at the bottom, similar to one that you would insert a pair of headphones into.
"Hey,Old Man? What is that hole on the bottom,do you put headphones into it?" asks Daren.
"Huh?Oh, no, no quite sonny, I was going to leave this for later but, that hole is for a trainer to connect their Pokedex to the Pokelife."corrects Prof.Cypress
"Pokedex?" Daren asks confused.
"Yes a Pokedex, it was a device originally invented by Prof.Oak of the Kanto region, since then it as been updated many times, by various Pokemon Scientists, the latest being by Professor Rowan of the Sinnoh region. Which brings me to why I'm here,being a member of the Pokemon Academy of Science, i was asked specifically by my fellow PMC member to visit the Paleow region and catalog it's Pokemon so they maybe entered in the National Pokedex." Ricky adds.
"Whoa! That's so cool!" Daren says.
*Ding Dong* this time the doorbell of the front door rings.
"Ah, those must be the other two trainers also here to pick up their starter Pokemon and Pokedexes."
"Great, more competition for me!, As soon as i get my Pokemon, I'm gonna challenge them to a battle and beet them! Yeah, Believe it!" Daren thinks to himself.
"Hmmm, that kid. There is something about him. he reminds me of Tracey, they both have the same spunky look in their eyes. I guess it must be a rookie thing, I remember having it too.He's got potential, I'll give him that, maybe one day he might be a PMC member too." Ricky thinks too himself.
The Professor returns to the kitchen accompanied by two other children. One is a girl, wearing a red shirt, a pink skirt, a black vest a visor and sandals. The other is a boy, he a little chubby, is wearing a white shirt, a green vest, brown shorts and is wearing a beanie. The boy seems to be checking out the girl.
"Ricky, and Daren i'd like you two to meet Hannah and Gus." announces Prof.Cypress.
"Hi, Hannah and Gus I'm-" Ricky starts before getting interrupted.
"Oooh, you're Ricky! Whoa, I'm Hannah! I'm like you're biggest fan!" Hannah shouts as her eyes turn into pink hearts.
"Hmph, i thought i was your biggest fan, I'm sure i know more about him than you." Daren thinks to himself clearly annoyed.
"Whoa, whoa, there's plenty of me to go around, I'm flattered really, I am." Ricky says embarrassed at all of this attention.
"He is so dreamy!" Hannah thinks to herself looking at Ricky. Her heart eyes become even larger
"Max is way better with fans than I am, next time Ill ask him for advice." Ricky thinks to himself
"Hmph" Gus seethed.
"Anyway, Professor it looks as if you're quite busy with them, so i guess its best best If I leave and leave you four to your business. Um if i could jet receive my Pokedex, and i'll be on my way. I've got to make camp over by the big hill anyway. I'll be leaving for Archeo Town tomorrow." Ricky suggests clearly wanting to leave and escape the attention.
"Ah, yes, son. Here you go, i wish you luck on cataloging the Pokemon!" Prof.Cypress. He hands Ricky a new Pokedex, it looks to bee dual screened.
"Thank you Professor. Okay guys, good luck on your Pokemon Journey I'll be thinking of you guys. Be Careful, especially you...Daren." And with that said Ricky exits.
"Aww why'd he have to leave?" Hannah asks. her eyes return to normal, they are green and sparkling. Gus blushes, obiviously inflatuated with her. But has he thinks of Ricky his face turns red.
"Hmph, what does he have that i don't?" asks Gus.
"Well, unlike you, he's actually smart and not obnoxious, he's strong, he's handsome, he's skinny..." Hannah goes on jeering, angering Gus even more.
"Hey, I prefer the term big-boned!" Gus yells clearly having his feelings hurt.
"Well, i know something you have that is also big. Your head!" Hannah jeers.
"Hey!" the two begin arguing throwing stupid comments back and foth, like a tennis ball being hit by tennis players.
Daren gets fed up and yells at the top of his lungs, "Would you two shut up? I want my Pokemon!".
Hannah and Gus stop arguing and stare at the boy, glaring at them.
"Huh, what, oh yes your Pokemon." says Prof.Cyprees like he's been woken up from a dream.
He Points to a lab bench with 3 pokeballs lined up on top.
"You each can have one, now this one-" he points to first pokeball."-contains the Grass Pokemon, Cubloom."
a TV screen behind the lab bench lights up showing an image of a dark green little bear Pokemon, one with pine needles for fur, and with strange seed pods on its back. a computer voice begins to speak.
"Cubloom, the Cub Pokemon. a Grass type it is normally found in forests living in caves or under pine trees it eats as much food as possible during the fall as it will hibernate during the winter. The seeds on its back are used for defense, as they explode."
"Explode! Cool!" Daren says excited about choosing.
"Awesome, it has a great appetite." Gus says, while rubbing his tummy.
"Aw, it is so cute. I'd love to sleep with at night." Hannah says, with her eyes turned into hearts again.
"Ahem, yes, quite, well the next Pokemon-". He points the the next pokeball on the bench."Here we have the Fire Pokemon, Raptinge."
The TV screen changes images to a dinosaur pokemon. One that is reddish-brown with black stripes all over. It has a head crest made of Flames as well as a small flame on its tail.It's mouth contains sharp teeth.There is a large sickle-shpaed claw on the second toe of its backfeet. It also has large claws on its hands. The computer voice starts to speak again.
"Raptinge, the Raptor Pokemon. Raptinge are fast and agile, they hunt in packs. They use the sickle-shaped claw on their backfeet as well as the claws on the front hands to slash and tear at their prey. They also expel hot flames from their mouth as a form of defense"
"Whoa, that so cool!" Daren yells even more excited.
"Uh, I think i'll pass." Gus disapproves
"Yeah, that thing is way to vicious for me."Hannah says in a frightened tone.
"Okay, kids, one more to go! This last one is-". He points to the last one on the lab bench." This is pokeball contains the Water Pokemon, Ecolopise."
The image on the TV screen changes again, this time to a dolphin pokemon. It has a blue body with a cream colored belly, and flippers it also has pink circles around it's eyes and pink lines running down its back. It tailfin has a pink star on it. The computer voice begins to speak again.
"Ecolopise the Echolocation Pokemon, Ecolopise live in large family groups called pods, and communicate using Echolocation and ultra-sonice waves. They are very intelligent and friendly towards humans. There have been records of Ecolopise saving humans from ocean disasters."
"Cool." Daren says, not as excited as before.
"Interesting..." Gus says clearly not interested.
"Oooh, that is perfect, it's smart and cute, just like it's soon to be trainer!" Hannah remarks,clearly excited to be receiving Ecolopise, as her eyes are still hearts.
"Okay, so who will be taking what pokemon? I've give you a moment to decide." Prof.Cpress turns away to talk to one of his assistants.
"Okay, I'm defiantly picking Ecolopise!."Hannah thinks to herself.
"Yeah, Cubloom, is awesome, i think i can really connect with, it, hopefully if I can become a great Pokemon Researcher Hannah will finally like me, and this Cubloom is my ticket to her love!"Gus thinks to himself, while caressing the Pokemon wishing it were Hannah's hand.
Meanwhile Daren is clutching Raptinge's pokeball drips of sweat run down his head. "man, what if its as dangerous as the Pokedex says, what if i can't control it?" Suddenly a voice pops into his head. "Never give up! Never give in, never doubt yourself...its the blond-haired kid form that show." Those word give Daren a little bit of hope. Yes, I will become a Great Pokemon Master one day, and then I'll finally get some respect, Believe it!" he thinks to himself, and then looks at the pokeball.
"Ahh so have you kids choosen which Pokemon you'd like to take on as your partner?" asks Prof.Cypress as he returns from inspecting a few fossils.
"Yes, sir, i'd like to take Cubloom as my partner." Gus replies, still caressing the pokeball.
"Oh yes, Prof.Cypress I'd like to take Ecolopise, it is so perfect for me.
"Old man, i'd like Raptinge as my Pokemon partner. I'm sure we can get along fine."
"Very well why no release your Pokemon and get to know them.
"Okay, me first, I choose you Ecolopise!" Hannah commands throwing her pokeball. The ball opens with a white falsh and the Echolocation Pokemon appears balancing on its tail.
"Wow, it soo much cutter in person!" Hannah grinns and runs up to hug her now beloved Partner." *Eeeeeeeeecho* the Echolocation Pokemon cuddles up to its trainer instantly.
"Ok, my turn. C'mon Cubloom!" Gus yells throwing his pokeball. the pokball opens with a white flash again, this time the little Cub Pokemon appears.
"Sweet, hey Hannah, see my Cubloom, well I'm gonna raise it well and then you'll see how great of a trainer I am." says Gus but the suddenly...
*Cuuuubloooom* Cubloom jumps and latches onto Gus's face.
"Hey, what do you think you are doing? Get of me, get it off!" Gus yells trying to get Cubloom off.
*Cuuuubloooom* The seeds on Cubloom's back explode!
*Kabooom, boom,boom,boom.boom,boom*
"What did you do that for?" Gus asks, fallen on the floor.
"Cub, cub, cub, loom Cubloom!*
"I think it didn't like when you went all gaga over Hannah" Daren tells Gus.
"Okay, my turn, now!" Daren readies his pokeball. "Please let this work out!" Daren thinks to himself.Daren throws the pokeball.
It opens with a white flash again and the Raptor Pokemon appears before them.
"Hiya, Raptinge. I'm your trainer Daren..." Daren talks to his new Pokemon inching towards him nerviously...
*Rap!* Raptinge notices this and immediately gives him a leer.
Raptinge turns away, scratching its neck with its back claw.
"Aw, come on there buddy, I'm your friend, I'm not gonna hurt you..." Daren says still inching his way towards his not to nice Pokemon.
Raptinge turns back around as Daren is close enough to touch it and then wham!
*Raaaaaaaptiiiinge* the Raptor Pokemon fires an Ember attack at its trainer.
"Aaaaahhhh! Help,Help!!! I'm on fire!" Daren screams running around like a maniac! All the air flow just makes the flames get bigger.
"Ugh, what a loser, he can't even control his Pokemon. I guess I'll have to help." Hannah sighs "Ecolopise, Water Gun on Daren!"
*Ecolo...Guhguhguhguhguhguh* a jet of Water comes out of the Dolphin's mouth and hits Daren, puting our the fire but also soaking him to the bone.
As Daren comes to, he glares at his disloyal Pokemon. "why you ungrateful little lizard! I'm being all nice, and i was gonna offer you some Pokemon Food, but no... you have to go and attack me." He rushes in on his Pokemon, but Gus and Hannah hold him back.
"C'mon man, its not worth it..." Gus tells Daren hold him back. "Yeah, its not worth getting your butt kicked..." Hannah scolds Daren.
Raptinge meanwhile ignore the commotion and gently falls asleep. The other Pokemon too ignore this and go to the Professor where he has laid out a few bowls filled with Pokemon food.
"Very well done Raptinge, you're testing the boy just as you said you were. Lets see if he can rise to the occasion." Prof.Cypress thinks to himself.
The three rookies leave their Pokemon to relax while Prof.Cypress treats them to lunch.
"Mmmm.Hamburgers, sweet I love hamburgers." Gus says looking at the plate of sandwiches. He takes one and begins eatng. *Munch* *Chew* *Chew*
"You love every food, it just so happens that these are my favorites well." Hannah remarks. She also takes one and begins eating. *Munch* *Chew* *Chew*
Daren however doesn't eat. "Why won't you like me?..." he thinks to himself looking at Raptinge.
One of the Professors' assistants turns on the TV and changes the channel. There is woman on screen, wearing cooperate clothes, and silvery-blonde hair. She in front of what looks to be a high-tech building. "We here at Futria Labs promise to give you the best technology to help make your lives easier. Futria City is the most high-tech city in the Paleow region. Like our sister city La Rousse City we provide every commodity to everyone. And we Also have a gym for the traveling Pokemon Trainer, with me Stella as the Gym Leader. So come to Futria City for a bright future."
"Hmm so there is a gym in Futria City, eh?" Gus ponders while eating. *Munch* *Chew* *Chew*
The Professor's Assitant Changes the channel to the PNN, Paleow News Network. A reporter is talking, "Welcome to a Breaking News Bulletin! The news is that a mysterious gang calling themselves Team Futra broke into Futria Labs last night, there are specified reports as the police of Futria wish not to provide us with any further information as to what happened. However we do know that Pokemon were invovled. This is Sandy Systema reporting to you live!" the reporter hands spotlight over to another.
"Whoa, somebody broke into such a high-security place?" Hannah asks looking at the screen.
*Burrrrrp* Gus belches. "You fat lttle snob, have you no manners says excuse me, next time!" Hannah scold Gus.
Meanwhile Daren grabs a hamburger and walks over towards Raptinge and the other pokemon. While walking he suddenly trips over over Ecolopise's tail as it sleeps. *Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeecho!* *Guhguhguhguhguhguh* In its pain it fires a water gun at...Cubloom!
*Cub?* The water sprays Cubloom. This makes Cubloom angry, so in its rage it fires a Seed Bomb on...Ecolopise! "Hey,wait, no Cubloom don't!" Daren blurts staggering to his feet. The seed explode as they hit Ecolopise, the grass type attack does suppereffective damage.
*Eeeeeeeecho* Eeeeeeeeeeeecho, guhguhguhguhguhguhguhguhguh* Ecolopise even more angry fires

(Not Done, will resume later tomorrow 9/23/07)

Master of the Six Kings

Okay then.
"Bug Freak" Jason
Age 14
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 143
Pokemon: Yanmega, Gliscor, Vespiquen, Drapion, Beedrill, Politoed
Bio: A regular teen ager who enjoys the Bug Trainer side of life. He has Musty Dark Brown hair with strecks of dirt blonde. Somewhat creepy at times but good hearted.


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UPDATE< plz modz don't close my thread, plz i'm begging, SnorlaxShamen and i spent a month and 1/2 figuring out my storyline, plz don't shut it down, PLZ!!! *totally falls over begging*

also i fixed a few minor details, as well as spell check

Freak :P

Hidden behind the Shadows.
"Geek" Joe
Age 14
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 120
Pokemon: Porygon, Porygon 2, Porygon Z, Charizard
Bio: A teenager who is ready for anything!Is a bit of a geek and has black spikey hair with a outgoing personality.


Guess who's back (kinda)? Back again (kinda)
" Cool kid" Chris
Age: 9
Height: 3' "3"
Weight: 64
Pokemon: Lucario, Raichu, Absol, Flygon, and 2 new pokemon.
Bio: A REALLY short kid who appears cool, but is really just all talk. However, he is extremely skilled for his age.


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Meh, what the heck...

Shawn Craniador
Age: 14
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119 lbs.
Pokemon: Porygon-Z, Rampardos, Bastiodon, Manectric, Alakazam, Kabutops
Bio: Readily explores ancient caves that have formed over 500,000 years ago. Always looking for fossils - and girls for that matter - he'll spend days on end exploring caves that may contain ancient fossils ready to be revived.

Shawn out.


I choose you Ninja Brian!
yeah okay, i think i made this clear before but i'll say it again, Think of my Fan Fic as the anime...do we see Trainers walking around packing 6 super powerful tournament Pokemon?, no we don't, if any thing i wil adjust ur teams to fit....

anyway continuation of Chap 1 is coming now....plz look at the Chap 1 post^

Negative Zero

Name: Davis
Age: 12
Ht: 6'1
Bio:He is ussually a shy person but can gather up his corage when he needs it. When He is on the pokemon battle field he is courages and tough. His hair is like Itcatchi his face looks like haru from rave master.
Pokemon on Team: Empoleon,Rapidash,Flygon,Roserade,Espeon,Gallade


I choose you Ninja Brian!
okay new character!

Age: 16
Wt: 120 lbs
Personality: Ambitious,serious about art.
Description: Tall, skinny, wearls large glasses but not thick, has light purple hair, a white shirt with a red skirt. and wears a Barrette.
Pokemon on Team: Smeargle ,Chatot & Claydol

She shows up in the next chapter, when the group heads of tho the Archeo Ruins outside of Archeo Town.

okay people, beside submitting trainer u could like commit submit storyline predictions or suggestions...


I choose you Ninja Brian!
uh yeah i'll make a list of all accepted characters later...

Okay Quickly just Post who u want to have which Pokemon:

Daren: Piraskult or Damplophus?

Hannah: Dactlycute or Lemuride?

Gus: Dilophacid or Millisheen?

Hannah: Antikiln or Thorntail?

Gus: Muckbill or Plesagic?

Daren: Meertunnel or Baardvark?

I'm trying to build their teams.

BTW Daren = qualities of Naruto & Obito Uchiha, sry i just like them both...
Daren= Pokemon Trainer
Hannah= Pokemon Coordinaitor
Gus=Pokemon Reasercher


I choose you Ninja Brian!
dude yes, but i'm really not concerning myself with characters who i don't even have places for in the story as of now.

If you wanted to be helpful u could comment or answer my question^

BTW almost there done with this excruciatingly long chapter, curse my ability to write and write and write...anyway Sneek Peek towards end of this chapter. Team Futra makes their appearance, the Rookies rise to the occasion, They leave behind an ancient power which tears apart the lab, and a hero returns to save them.


Elite Trainer
Im here to change my bio, if its not to late :p

NAME: Ryan
WEIGHT: 127 lb
POKEMON: Furret (partner), Typhlosion, Blastoise, Sceptile, Gengar, Flygon
LOOK: Sunglasses, dark green hair, faded jeans, black t shirt, dark green hoodie jacket, Black and white sneakers.
BIO: fast thinker, quick on his feet, makes good decisions, always loves to battle, and takes very good care of his pokemon.


I choose you Ninja Brian!
no its not too late now would somebody do this?:

Okay Quickly just Post who u want to have which Pokemon:

Daren: Piraskult or Damplophus?

Hannah: Dactlycute or Lemuride?

Gus: Dilophacid or Millisheen?

Hannah: Antikiln or Thorntail?

Gus: Muckbill or Plesagic?

Daren: Meertunnel or Gabite?

I'm trying to build their teams.


Elite Trainer
Daren: Damplophus

Hannah: Lemuride

Gus: Dilophacid

Hannah: Thorntail

Gus: Muckbill

Daren: Meertunnel

Their ya go ^_^