DPPt/HGSS Paddy's SoulSilver Nuzlocke

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Hi everyone
I have decided, after not much consideration, to do a Nuzlocke on SS.
  • I am only allowed to catch the first Pokemon in any area.
  • All my Pokemon must be nicknamed (I am doing singers for mine).
  • If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must rot in the PC.
  • Repels may only be used after I have caught my team member.
  • No resetting to find a Pokemon you want.
  • Different parts of caves count as new places.
  • After getting a new Rod I must catch a new Pokemon and use it.

Part One-To Mr. Pokemon's house and Back!
I introduce myself to Professor Oak, who somehow cannot tell my gender. I name myself Patrick (after Patrick Wolf, one of my favorite singers), and leap into the world of Pokemon. I meet my mother, who gives me useful things for my journey, and tells me Prof. Elm wants to see me. I go to his Lab, but not before bumping into a girl named Lyra and her Marill. I then observe an odd person looking into through the Lab window. I then go in, and he tells me about something I will never remember. He then receives an email and sends me to a person named Mr. Pokemon, but not before giving me a Pokemon, free of charge. I pick Cyndaquil, who is Female, with a Naive nature. I name her Lady Gaga. His assistant then gives me several Potions. After that, I receive my Pokegear from my mother, and get Prof. Elm's number. I then set off. I run into a couple of Pidgeys and Sentret, but as I cannot catch them I defeat them, and get to level 6. I then get to Cherrygrove City, where an old man shows me around and gives me some Running Shoes. I then set off again, but not before healing Lady Gaga and buying some Antidotes, as I knew there were Weedles in the next Route, and I don't want bad poison-related things to happen to me. Well, I fought a Weedle and I tell you, it was lucky I got those Antidotes. There was a very close shave that happened with a Weedle. After a few more wild battles which I ran from, I got to Mr. Pokemon's house, but not before obtaining the Apricorn Box from someone. I then went to Mr. Pokemon's house, and met him and Prof. Oak there. Mr. Pokemon gave me a Mystery Egg, and then introduced me to Prof. Oak, who gave me the Pokedex and said other things, and then healed Lady Gaga. I then left, and received a call from Prof. Elm, who told me something terrible had happened! I went back, and encountered an odd person who battled me using a Totodile. It was a close fight, but I managed in the end. I then got back to the Lab, where an officer accused me of stealing. The nerve! However Lyra jumped to my defense, and told the officer about the red-haired person. I then told him his name, which was Silver. He then went to look for Silver, and I gave Prof. Elm the egg. He then said I had potential since Oak gave me a Pokedex, and that I should challenge the Gyms. So, I then went to really start my adventure, but not before talking to mother who said she'd save money for me. Now it was time to go to Route 29 and obtain my first Pokemon!

To Violet City!
I met Lyra on Route 29, and she showed me how to catch Pokemon. Like I don't know. She then gave me some Pokeballs, and I ran into a..... Pidgey. Female, with a Rash nature, and Tangled Feet. I named it Sandy, after one of the main characters from Grease. I then carried on, levelling Sandy up on the way. When I got to Route 30, I caught a Weedle. I named it Kanye, after Kanye West. Sassy, with Shield Dust. However, it died to a critical hit :(. I then went on to Route 31, and caught a Female Bellsprout which I named Beyonce. Careful nature with Chlorophyll. I then went onto Violet City, and dumped Kanye for life. I then went onto Route 32, hoping to find a Mareep to help against Falkner. However, I managed to find an Ekans instead, which I named Kanye no.2. Serious nature, with Intimidate. Hoping he'll help in Sprout Tower.

Sprout Tower!
I entered, seeing a cool cut scene. I decided to switch-train Beyonce. However, on the first sage he haxed me much and managed to kill Kanye no.2. I'm beginning to think that name has a curse for Poison types. Beyonce managed to gain 2 levels in that battle, making her level 5. I then found a Gastly which put Beyonce to sleep which was a pain, since Beyonce's Vine Whip was literally the only thing that could damage it. However, I managed to catch it in the end. I nicknamed it Taio, after Taio Cruz. It is male with a bold nature. I then took a quick break to go and heal and dump Kanye no.2 in the PC. I also watched my Bellsprout sway around in a strange manner. I then went back to train my new recruit up. Taio managed to gain a couple levels and learned Spite. I then let Beyonce gain a level. I then realized that I had been neglecting Lady Gaga, so I let her battle. Taio also managed to gain another level, bringing him to 6. I then went to the top floor, and met a some higher level Pokemon. Also someone had the nerve to call me a squirt, and accused me of hurting him. How mean, being so rude to 10-year olds. Either way, I'm not complaining, because Lady Gaga and Taio both levelled up. The next sage wasn't so rude, but I still got some decent EXP, and Beyonce learned Growth. The next sage wanted to see the trust between me and my Pokemon, and it was so high Sandy learned Gust. (Note: Pidgey is great for my Nuzlocke, and has pretty much owned everything in here) I also levelled Beyonce up, but not before being put to sleep twice. Out of 3 times. And seriously, doesn't Hypnosis have less accuracy than Focus Miss? However, everything was ok in the end. I then went to quickly heal. I then met Silver, who had apparently beaten the Elder, and then expressed his views that strong Pokemon were the only ones that mattered. I then battled the Elder, and beat his 1st Bellsprout with Taio, who then grew a level. His Hoothoot gave some sleep-related problems, but it was ok after help from Pidgey. Pidgey then quickly owned his last Bellsprout, and grew to level 10. He then generously gave me TM70 Flash. I then left with an Escape Rope, and anticipated the fight against Falker.

Mini part: Grinding for Falkner
The place where I grinded for Falkner was Route 32. The Bellsprout there give a very nice amount of EXP for this moment in the game (around 70), and the fact that 3 of my Pokemon were able to beat them without much difficulty was great. However, it was with Beyonce that I got a problem. She could only use a move that other Bellsprouts have a 4x resistance to. So I had to grind her on Mareeps, who consistently really peeved me off with Static. However it wasn't too long before she got Wrap, and managed to beat some Bellsprouts. I eventually decided to train her to level 13, as she wouldn't be very helpful in the fight against Falkner, and I wanted her to not be far behind the team in terms of levels. I leveled her up once more and she learned Sleep Powder, her most helpful move, especially since it would make catching wild Pokemon easier. I then proceeded to Violet City Gym.

Violet City Gym!
The trainers in here weren't too bad, Cyndaquil and Pidgey took care of them easily. However Falkner was the real problem. I started off with Taio, and Cursed his Pidgey, who eventually died. However it was his Evil, Stupid, Roost-using, Hacked Pidgeotto that made life difficult for me. I healed Taio, who then Cursed Pidgeotto, almost being KO'd in the process. I then switched to Cyndaquil who managed to Burn it with Ember. It then died of Burn and Curse damage. However I did very nearly lose Cyndaquil. I then got the Zephyr Badge and TM51 Roost, which I'm thinking of teaching to Pidgey. I then left, and received a call from Prof. Elm saying he wanted me to go to the Mart and pick up an Egg. I did just that, and a red-suited person gave a Super Potion for free. How Super :]! I then left, and a person in a dress commented on my Egg. I then healed, and left for Route 32.

To Azalea Town-Part 1: Route 32!
I left for Route 32 at once, and battled a few random trainers. I got the Old Rod, fished and caught a.... Magikarp. I was hoping for a burst of luck and to catch a Tentacool, but no. However, one thing made it nice: Adamant nature! So, when it evolves, it does get a boost in that epic attack stat of it's. That's if it doesn't die in the process. I then nicknamed it NickiMinaj, so hopefully she'll become a great member of my team. I then won against a Bird Catcher, and proceeded into Union Cave.

To Azalea Town-Part 2: Union Cave!
I started off by entering, and found a Zubat. Female, with a Modest nature. I named her Britney. I then attempted to get her leveled up, but she died to a crit Ember from a Vulpix :( very sad as she would've been very helpful against Bugsy. Ah well, I may find one in Slowpoke Well if I'm lucky. However, NickiMinaj did gain a level, which I'm happy about. Only four levels until she can actually fight :D. I then carried on, with a very close moment concerning Sandy, Poison damage and a Koffing. I then realized I had no Antidotes, but the Poison did fade away and I healed her up. She also learned Quick Attack which is pretty nice. I then battled a Slowpoke with Lady Gaga for some stupid reason, but she got the upper hand and evolved :D. Just the new powerhouse I need to destroy Bugsy and his evil Scyther. I then went left to Route 33, and found a Hoppip, but Beyonce accidentally got a crit on it and KO'd it. Guess she didn't want to have her position as grass-type usurped. I then went to Azalea Town, and found out that TEAM ROCKET WAS BACK!!!!! I then begrudgingly accepted the fact that it would fall to me to stop them.

Saving the Slowpokes!
Coming soon!

Kanye the Weedle-3-3
Kanye no.2 the Ekans-4-4
Britney the Zubat-7-7
Lady Gaga- Cyndaquil- lv.13
Sandy- Pidgey- lv.13
Beyonce- Bellsprout- lv.14
Taio- Gastly-lv.13
NickiMinaj- Magikarp- lv.10


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RE: Paddy's Soul Silver Nuzlocke

You seem to be going nice, but I'd grind a bit before Falkner.
Also, you may want to say Beyonce is a Bellsprout, because you just have "Beyonce-Beyonce" up there. :p

Hmm, You're doing SS, and I'm doing HG... I wonder who's gonna finish first... :p

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they call me goomy from the block (they/them)
RE: Paddy's Soul Silver Nuzlocke

Probably you, cause after this week I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks, then coming back for a week and then going back on vacation for another 2 weeks.
Oh, thanks for the Bellsprout reminder :].

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RE: Paddy's Soul Silver Nuzlocke

Cool. Nuzlockes are so fun to read. :D Make sure to get a Sentret!



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RE: Paddy's Soul Silver Nuzlocke

Noo we need a Kanye III now! xD

Good luck on Falkner, he's evil if your underleveled.

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they call me goomy from the block (they/them)
RE: Paddy's Soul Silver Nuzlocke

I'll definitely see what I can do.
Updated the first post with Violet Gym.