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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by owlhydra, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. owlhydra the mega mega mega v.i.p.


    here are some cards I have been thinking about for a while......
    Crazed Land - Trainer
    both players can play dark/psychic type evolutions
    as if they were basics, but they have 20 less hp.
    Smothering sea - Trainer
    each turn every pokemon that is not a flying type takes 10 damage.
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  2. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    These are some interesting cards, but I believe the wording should be this:

    Crazed Land:
    Each player may play as many [D] or [P] Evolution Pokemon from their hand to their bench as they like. Put 2 damage counters on Pokemon put into play this way.

    Smothering Sea:
    At any time between turns, put 1 damage counter on each Pokemon without a [F] resistance.

    If you need help with wording, you can always reference the TCG Database, or this thread,
  3. owlhydra the mega mega mega v.i.p.


    okay, cool i agree!
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