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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by AcePlayz, May 2, 2019.

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    I started playing the Pokemon TCG in August of 2017, and have been attending local leagues. Nothing too big, but I am looking to participate in league cups or bigger events.

    I want to collect a playset of each set, but I do not know how to organize it. Should I take a set and just collect 4 of every card from commons to secret rares? How does everyone organize their collection for competitive play?

  2. Braiden1235 Aspiring Trainer


    Once you have been playing for a while you start to know what cards will be playable what wont etc etc I tend to get 4 of every trainer even the not so good ones because maybe you never know (Fiery Flint) might be good.
  3. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.


    I have multiple binders (I recommend Vault X) where I store them by set. So for example I have 1 binder where I have ULP, CRI and SHL. I keep up to 4 copies of each card in the binder, any extras go either in my trades binder or bulk boxes. Pretty much all of my unused GX's, Full Arts and Secrets go in my trade folder too (apart from CES and ULP because I love both of those sets). I don't keep my spare trainers with the rest of bulk as they may be useful(so they go in my trade binder) or they may be of use in the future or if I want to have more than 4 copies in multiple decks so I keep them in a separate binder just for trainers.

    I hope this helps!
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    You don't need a 4-of of each card in a set
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    Maybe it might be interesting to just watch the buy lists on YouTube for every set. Some Pokemon YouTubers do those videos (but apparantly I am now allowed to give you names since the forum changes it to 'google'). They usually tell you which cards to buy and how many of them. Sure you can get 4 of each, but depending on your budget that might be a little overkill?
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    If you want to collect playsets entire sets, get a binder that has 4 card slots across and then go by number. So the 1st page, 1st row is the 1st card in the set, then the 2nd row is the 2nd card, etc. However, not every card is playable and if you want to get a binder of stuff to use, sort it by type of card first, so Pokemon, Secret/Hyper Rare Pokemon, Basic Energies(not really necessary), Special Energies, Secret Rare Energies, Supporters, Items, Tools, Stadiums, Secret Rare/ Full Art trainers and then maybe a section for cards that are collectible or valuable for trading but aren’t too good in competitive or that you don’t want to play.
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    My son and I also love collecting the sets. We put one of each card in a binder. It works well for researching cards for future decks. Our bulk is put in boxes, and organized by standard vs non standard, and type. We have cards put in plastic sleeves so we don't need to search endlessly for finding multiples of a specific card. At first we aimed at getting 8 of every card, as my son and I often play similar decks, but this was foolishly expensive. Now I just buy one of the cards for completing the the set, and 4 of the playable cards.

    On a side note, I find it fun predicting the market. I bought 15 Alolan Muks before garbotoxin went out. Paid around $10 for all of them. Now all 15 are worth $150 and I use them for trades at league, and the remainder trade in for store credit. Easy money :p My prediction is Zebstrika will sky rocket when Oranguru rotates out. Glad I already bought 20 for $10!
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