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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Captain Charizard, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Captain Charizard An awesome guy who LOVES dragons in general
    Captain Charizard


    I have a kind of deck in mind that focuses on fire and lightning pokemon where the main idea is to do lots of damage with people like charizard from dragon majesty and typhlosion from lost thunder,while having cards like ampharos from lost thunder support the team. Does anyone have any ideas for a decklist? I was thinking on calling the deck something like "voltage from hell" just so you know.

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    First thing that comes to my mind when I read Charizard, Typhlosion and Ampharos in the same sentence is the huge amount of Stage 2 Pokémon. You will struggle hard in setting up all those ones, or even one of them.
    My recommendation is to choose one of the fire Pokémon and focus solely on that. Like if you choose Charizard, build a strong 4-2-4 line with 4 Rare Candies and some way to accelerate energies.
  3. Dante 21 Aspiring Trainer
    Dante 21


    Well if you have the patience, I would hold off charizard build until the release of Tag Bolt. Why? Because this version of Charizard is far better than Dragon Majesty. The problem with Stage 2 remain, it must have powerful ability and good accelerate energy from itself and/or allies. Gardevoir is the best example of accelerate energy by its own ability, and also has a strong attack. After all, there is currently no good ability pokemon that help to accelerate "fire" energy. Stage 2 Blaziken does not work well with other stage 2 pokemon, it is not consistent.

    I agreed with Mariano11887, just focus on Fire deck. Ampharos does not work here Captain, except Zebstrika from Lost Thunder for draw support.
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  4. Captain Charizard An awesome guy who LOVES dragons in general
    Captain Charizard


    Yeah okay, I can definitely do that.

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