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    Makes sense! In that case the Altaria line will probably be running on Colorless and the others Water. I think you’re system makes the most sense and anyways I don’t have the skill to design ANY sort of card YET, much less tackle developing a special or basic Energy from scratch.

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    After way too long... Darkness! I lied about Metal being next because real life things started happening and the commission finished by the time I could get back to this. Part of the reason this took so long is because I was trying to get motivation to go back through and rebalance the cards I already posted before continuing, but that never happened and then I got spread maddeningly thin with a plethora of other projects which all still will need work, but I've found myself with a little time to chip away at Frontiers Renewed, so here's the next batch!

    Illustration by Siplick

    Alolan Rattata is arguably the simplest a card can get. Free attack, no effects, no set up required. Just play it and go. It being a dual-type does give it a slight advantage over any regular Rattata card with the same design philosophy, but not much. I adore how the black and white background looks on Omnium blanks, and it matches the grayscale aesthetic of the background so exquisitely well. This to me is a very pretty card.

    Alolan Raticate, though... that's where it gets interesting. The ability is kinda weird, but basically it means Raticate can have as many tools on it as you want as long as everything after the first one was transferred from an Alolan Rattata. And it's limited to one per turn because the second attack can easily stack on some pretty mega damage if you can just slap down ten tools in one turn before attacking with one energy. You gotta play cleverly to pull this one off. It is, however, helped a lot by the first attack, although I would say if you have to resort to using this, you've probably gone wrong somewhere.

    And finally, Alolan Raticate BREAK. Dirty Tactic allows you to do a little bit of cheeky damage while also accelerating Boss's Greed's effect, plus the evolution packs on some extra HP to boot. It's worded in a way so that it can't have more than one tool attached if something turns off Alolan Raticate's ability. It's fairly straightforward. Two things about this card, though: One, I've decided to completely change the holo pattern for BREAK cards in Omnium. The old official pattern was cool on certain backgrounds, but it's a major pain to make look good on any dark backgrounds, as you can see on the Banette BREAK card a couple posts ago (at least until I start updating previous posts). This pattern is both much better looking and doesn't do weird stuff to the background. I really like the way it looks on these cards, and it has a really aesthetic look over the rulebox and the BREAK symbol in the name.

    Anyway, the second point is that this is the first card I actually commissioned custom artwork for. This card cost me $120 to make. And it was worth every penny. Mega props to Siplick for pulling through so spectacularly with this artwork. She even worked in the cool rocks you'd see in some of the official Delta Species cards in the background! Incredible. I can't wait to commission her again.

    Admittedly these two cards aren't the most imaginative cards in the world in terms of effects, but I really wanted to use these wonderful artworks and I needed more Darkness types for the set. Murkrow is a run-of-the-mill attack copier, which can be very stronk in the right scenarios, but it does take a decent amount of effort to power up, so whether or not it's worth it to use is your call.

    Honchkrow is a bit more interesting. It's basically crowd control for Basics. They can't touch him and he gains power the more of them there are in play. With a full bench of basics, you could be slapping a whopping 80 damage for three energy, and that's before you start counting your opponent's side of the field. That will cost you some evolved Pokémon perks on your bench, but for this kind of slapping power it could be worth it, too.

    Darkness was a pretty small batch, but Metal is coming up next! And it's going to be a decently sized batch with some really nice-looking cards I'd say. Stay tuned, fellerinos!
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    I really like that Raticate BREAK! But that Rattata looks beautiful with the art and dual type. Love it
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    I've got the next couple batches already finished, so I'll be rolling them out whenever I have time to type up posts for them. Today we're gonna take a look at the Metal Pokémon for this set!

    The whole Pikachu line returns with their Metal Delta traits! Now with a bonus player: Alolan Raichu! But let's not get ahead of ourselves; let's talk about Pichu first! I don't believe I've posted any baby Pokémon for this set yet. As you can see, Omnium babies function very similar to the old Neo babies from way back in the day. You can only attack them on heads. The only difference is the wording had to be slightly update to account for double battles: This Pichu has to be the target of an attack for the rule to kick in, whereas in Neo it's worded so that the rule kicks in simply if the baby is active. Babies in Omnium also have no WRRC and mostly have 30 HP. You'll see one of the exceptions to the 30 HP thing a little later on in this set.

    Anywhomst, on to the attack, which accidentally is way stronger than I thought. The original Pichu from Neo Genesis had a very similar attack, and was named the same except for the exclamation point. Apparently the exclamation point makes this Pichu much stronger. While the original attack hits all Pokémon and never accounts for weakness and resistance, this one only hits your opponent's Pokémon and applies weakness and resistance to your opponent's active. This wasn't pointed out until I brought up the card in the Discord server, but everyone seemed okay with it, so I left it as is. I think it's an amusing idea to slap an exclamation point on an attack to supercharge it.

    Now for Pikachu Delta! The artwork for this was just perfect for a Delta Species card, and it really works excellent with the type texture if I do say so myself. The first attack is little convoluted, but the idea is supposed to be that Pikachu uses a tool to steal energy from its opponent. Moving your opponent's cards to your side of the field is generally a no-no in my opinion, so instead of stealing the energy I opted for discarding it and then attaching something from your own discard pile. The attack probably isn't the greatest in the world, but the idea is there. Conductive Spark I can see having some really fun strategy, though it's possible it's too strong. I'll have to revisit it later for balancing.

    Next is Raichu! And this is another one where I think the artwork really goes well with the type texture. In fact, I think all four of these do. Either the type texture just really goes well with anything or I've just found four arts that really look like the belong with it. Now, the attack here was originally on a Red's Pikachu card way back when I first was messing around with the idea. This was way before Trashalanche ever became a thing. Naturally, since the power levels in the era this is aimed for are much lower, I couldn't just leave it at Trashalance levels, so I halved the amount of damage it does. That being said, it counts all trainer cards rather than just items, so it might actually end up being very nearly the same strength. More testing will be needed. Bizarro Conduction is meant to tie in with the Pokédex entry (or rather vise versa, although I'm thinking about rewriting the dex entry, or at least rewording it). Basically it encourages you to use some of your deck space on weak electric types. Right now the best card for this in Omnium is the Mareep card from a few posts ago, but I do believe I had plans for a Joltik or something later down the line that has 30 HP. Or a regular Pichu. I can't remember. Either way, this attack is more or less limited to 70 damage unless I do something weird later on, but for 2 energy that's not bad at all.

    And to wrap up the rodent line, we have Alolan Raichu, rocking Metal and Psychic type. I went through several iterations of this ability, including just making it so you could attach either energy type from your discard pile, but I determined that made this type of energy acceleration too easy, so I went a different approach. In this version, you have to have both types of energy in your deck, which makes this a very Metal/Psychic-focused support card. I think it's kind neat to have cards that benefit specific type combos rather than just specific types. The attack is a bit of an interesting one. 70 for 3, which is really nice, but it also hits your opponent's benched Fairy and Ice types (or any other stray card with a Metal weakness). This card is kind of a lot more specialized than the other Raichu, but I think that makes a little more interesting.

    Now we take a look at everyone's favorite over-adaptive fox-like adorable bundle of fluff! It's Metal type, again taking inspiration from the official Eevee δ card. I'm surprised none of the other cardists have taken advantage of this incredible Eevee artwork from the Let's Go games. It's so good, and I'm quite pleased with how it came out with the background I chose for it. For the ability here, I wanted it to be able to have the turn-1 evolution potential that other Eevee cards tend to have, but I didn't want it to be totally free and easy, so I made it something that's largely dependent on your opponent's side of the field. Here, it won't be 100% guaranteed for you to be able to use it the way you want, so you will still have to plan to evolve the normal way in many cases, but in those instances where it does work, you're in for a good time. Surprise Headbutt is sort of an experimental idea. I don't know too much of how this could be unexpectedly useful unless you really want Eevee to be in the active spot and don't care what happens to it. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll add effects that interact with a newly active Pokémon. We'll see.

    This card has barely changed since it's original creation many, many years ago. In fact it's one of the oldest ideas I had for the set. The ability is pretty much a carbon copy of Skarmory ex's ability with some damage tweaks, so I won't touch too much on that. Metal Wind is where the real fun happens. Back when I first realized how important trainer cards were in decks and how often they're played, I started playing around with ideas that punish your opponent for using them. The results were the Scrap Attack card from before and this Metal Wind. In fact, this Skarmory and Raichu δ would make a pretty nice combo. Punish them for playing them with Skarmory, then come back and punish them for the same plays with Raichu. Absolutely diabolical.

    And lastly we have a cute little hedgehog! While Alolan Raichu δ is a freer energy gatherer, Togedemaru is more costly but accelerates faster and with fewer restrictions! And it does a tiny bit of damage on the side! Bristly Generator is very much an early-game setup attack, and apparently spelled wrong according to my internet spell checker. I'll fix that in the final run. Magnetic Quill Spray is very much aimed at hurting Lightning decks, and that will be very amusing if and when I add a Lightning type Togedemdaru card. Speaking of which, did you know that, as of the writing of this post, we still have not received a Metal Togedemaru? They make it pretty easy to forget that's even one of his types. And that's why I specifically included this card in this set. I wanted Togedemaru to at last have a Metal type card.

    I never can get enough of this type texture for Metal cards. I'm still so proud of how it turned out. Anywho, that wraps up the metal types! Stay tuned next time for the Fairy type block!
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