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    Years have passed since the last researchers left Holon, but a new expedition - Zeta Unit - has led scientists, trainers, and explorers alike back to the mysterious Mirage Forest, now home to many creatures never seen in the region before. New discoveries await, and the research team hopes to find a rekindled hope in their search for the elusive Mew, and perhaps even more. But a sense lingers in the air that not everything has been left just as it was once the original Holon settlement was left behind. What new secrets and surprises lie in wait as the new Holon scientists return to continue their research?

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    (spoilers abound for upcoming cards)

    Howdy, everyone!~

    After 6 years in development h*ck, this set has finally reached a point where new progress is locked in and can be tracked via a dedicated thread. This series of cards makes use of my Omnium blank, and hearkens back to coolest mechanic added to the card game: Delta Species. I thinks it's been vastly underrepresented as a mechanic in the custom card community over the years and I'm happy to finally give it the recognition it deserves. Many years of refining my blanks has gone into this, along with several setlist revamps, rebalancing, and learning crazy amounts of new methods to do everything from wording to set logo design.

    The logo, for those not familiar with the Delta Species era, is based on both the EX Delta Species logo and the EX Dragon Frontiers logo, and I gotta say I'm really proud of the final product. The design echoes the very soul of the sets I'm creating, as the lore is that, after years of having left the Holon region, a new group of scientists is returning to the site of their experiment only to find that nearly every Pokémon in the Pokédex is now present, and over time they start to learn why this is and uncover more and more secrets that have developed over their absence.

    The first set is meant to be loosely more focused on Zeta Unit's Pokémon and the Pokémon in the outskirts of the affected areas of Holon, so this one will feature the fewest Delta Species out of all my sets. More or less this is supposed to set the stage for all the different kinds of mechanics you should expect to see in the set, and the focus will narrow down more and more over time as the lore unfolds.

    All cards I create with my Omnium are balanced with the HGSS era of the official TCG in mind, and are meant to be able to compete fairly with them (admittedly I'm pretty bad at balancing, so some numbers on these cards may change in the future). However, it uses none of the gimmicks from DPPt or HGSS, except LEGEND. Although this is Omnium, many gimmicks (particularly any of the multiprize gimmicks from BW onward) will not feature on any of my cards simply because I don't like them or find them interesting in the slightest. It will also feature alternate visions for things such as Mega Pokémon or Dynamax/Gigantamax, the latter of which currently is not implemented in Omnium.

    Anywho, here's some specs about Frontiers Renewed:
    • The set abbreviation is FRR
    • The set contains 120 cards, of which 88 are Pokémon, 19 are Trainers, 4 are Special Energy, and 9 are Basic Energy. There are 6 secret rare cards, so the official count is 114.
    • Gimmicks featured in this set are:
      • Dual-Type (25 cards)
      • Delta Species (16 cards)
      • Mega Pokémon (4 cards + 4 Mega Stones)
      • ex (3 cards)
      • BREAK (3 cards)
      • Prism Star (3 cards)
      • Held Item (2 cards)
      • Baby Pokémon (2 cards)
      • Status Cards (2 cards)
      • Pokémon-LEGEND (2 cards)
      • Crystal Pokémon (2 cards)
      • Holon Pokémon (1 card)
      • Hidden Machines (1 card)
      Golden Pokémon will also feature as secret rare versions of other cards in the set.
    • Wording is decidedly SM-era, with a small handful of exceptions.
      • "Defending Pokémon" is preferred over "Active Pokémon" in most cases in attacks. "Active Pokémon" is still used in most abilities.
      • "Special Pokémon" is a new term and for the moment applies to any Pokémon for which your opponent would take 2 or more prizes for knocking it out. I prefer this wording over "Multiprize Pokémon", as others use, because this leaves room for other very powerful gimmicks to be identified as Special Pokémon if I feel it is needed. To avoid confusion, any Pokémon that would apply here are specifically labeled as "Special Pokémon" on the card itself, underneath the type symbol.
      • Wordings are designed to keep multi-battles in mind. So cases where your opponent / opposing team have two Pokémon Active will not be ignored. There are cards in this set the specifically reference whether they hit one or all Active Pokémon.
    • As mentioned, all cards are meant to be balanced for the HGSS era. Not all gimmicks quite are able to nestle seamlessly into this format, but I've done my best to keep it in-line with the power levels of those cards.
    • Again, these blanks are Omnium, and can be found here. They are 1260 x 1760 and are meant to be able to handle every gimmick that has appeared in the card game to date, plus a few new ones (although some official gimmicks have yet to be implemented).
    • The holosheets are Acid Wash, whatever you call the BREAK holosheet (both made by me), and Cosmo for promos and LEGENDS (though I haven't decided yet between Acid Wash or Cosmo for those). The Cosmo Holosheet is one of @aschefield101's.
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    For this set, I'll be revealing each section by type, so to get us started, here are the Grass type Pokémon for the set:

    The theme for these cards is visible Special Conditions. It probably wouldn't be easy to pull off, but one strategy would be to retreat with Ivysaur into a Benched Mega Venusaur and use Quick Bloom, then on your following turn, finish them off with Hartshorn Snap, which would then do a whopping 140 damage. It's a heavy investment, but with the right cards it potentially could be highly effective. It's a guaranteed one-two punch unless your opponent has some kind of passive Paralysis blocker. This would probably synergize better with my Ninetales card that will feature in the next post, or with my Lapras, which will feature in the third update.

    These two are support cards. Exeggcute is just another iteration of cards like Munna BCR 60 with Long-Distance Hypnosis. This one can be used to synergize with Venusaur's Shake Awake attack, though you're gonna want something that can wake up Venusaur to counter the self-sleep caveat.

    Exeggutor is a very techable support card that allows you to reuse Item cards if you're lucky. There's not a whole lot else to say about it. The attack is pretty much lifted right off of the original Exeggutor JU 35, which means it's probably very weak for this era, but with an ability like that I didn't want it to have a very strong attack.

    And last but certainly not least, we have the first ex of the set: Pinsir ex. Admittedly this is partially a response to the Kabutops deck that has been very strong in Lackey. It relies on powerful attacks and it's ability to ignore damage reduction and prevention effects that would be on the defending pokemon. It does 40 damage + weakness and there's not much that can be done about it. The second attack is hard to settle on a good power level for. I ended up balancing it base on Mewtwo RM 9 and boosting the damage by 10 since it's an ex, although only being able to use it once does make it something you really have to think about using unless you have plenty of switch cards.

    Mega Pinsir ex gives you a powerful attack with a powerful effect which may or may not be way too good. For the damage, I referenced Donphan HS 107 and gave it a slight boost since it's an ex and can't have a tool attached to it other than the Mega Stone.

    And that wraps up the Grass types! No Delta Species quite yet. I didn't realize there were none in some types until it was too late. There are a few in the Fire type section coming up next, though! There are a lot of mechanics all cobbled together in this set and I think just these cards could be enough to shake up the DPPt+ meta in Lackey.

    Stay tuned for the Fire type batch next time!
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    Looks stunning so far, Pone! Especially the logo; that blew me away even before you added the "Frontiers Renewed" portion on the bottom — I love that you put so much effort into it, and it clearly shows through. You should do a prerelease promo or three to showcase the logo on a card! :p

    I like being able to see the cards in the spreadsheet gallery. I think Acid Wash looks best from afar; I reckon it can be kinda hard to see the "holo" effect way close up on the jumbo Omnium blanks. It looks great on the spreadsheet, though, so that works for me.

    It's neat that you're giving some useful Abilities to prevos — I like Ivysaur's Pull Away in particular. Looking forward to seeing what else you incorporate! :D
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    Blew myself away, too, haha! Learned a ton of new things just in designing that! And that's not a bad idea at all to do prerelease promos, too! There are a few alternate arts I've been thinking of making and that would be the perfect way to implement them!

    Aye, the blanks are definitely blown up huge on the site haha. Fortunately the cards most likely won't be viewed very large if/when they're added to Lackey, and I think the spreadsheet is close to the size they'll appear there, too.

    Thanks! I like giving good tech uses to Stage 1 Pokémon that still evolve. It always makes them just a tiny bit more fun to play. Ivysaur's ability in this case is mostly a copy of the Best of Game Ivysaur, just with updated wording and a little bit weaker since your opponent chooses. I didn't want it to break Venusaur's attack; just work well with it! :D
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    Slightly ahead of schedule after I shirked some probably more important things to pump out most of the Fire types for this set in a single day. I think Fire type is the biggest section except Trainer cards, so the rest won't be so big.

    Here we behold the first Delta Species of the set: Flareon. Cheers to Meta for making high-quality Delta Species blanks that I could easily trace off of instead of trying to rely on scanning some of my own Delta Species cards. The Lightning delta type was added because of the color of Flareon's mane. This one probably is going to be something of a game-changer. Apparently it's a pretty good counter to Lackey's current Celesteela deck, which is kinda cool. I'm unsure of the power of this kind of energy acceleration in DPPt+, so it may end up being nerfed somewhere down the line before it gets in to Lackey. As for the second attack, this effect has been seen before on Hypno UNB 72, though at the time I thought I had come up with something new. The Eevee in this set technically has the ability to evolve on turn 1, but it relies on your opponent having the same type of Pokémon already in play, so it's not really reliable. I expect most of the time you'll be evolving this up the normal way.

    I've always loved these two Pokémon. Fox Pokémon in general seem to get me good, but man Vulpix and Ninetales are the cream of the crop. Such excellent designs.
    Anyway, the Vulpix originally just had a generic Burn effect for the first attack, but when I was comparing power levels I came across Vulpix PL 102, and I loved that first attack, so I replaced my old one. The best part is I don't even have to rebalance it because it's already a DPPt effect. I couldn't find any reason that the wording wasn't in line with SM wording (though feel free to correct me if there is updating wording), so apparently I could even just copy that over, too.

    Ninetales is basically Lycanroc-GX's Bloodthristy Eyes all over again. I told you it would work well with Venusaur. I don't think this kind of effect exists in Lackey right now, so this probably will end up being played pretty often until a Lysandre-like card does show up. As for the attack, the name is ripped directly off of Kyubimon's attack from Digimon Tamers. It's such a cool attack name. The effect has nothing to do with it, though, and considering how massive an investment 9 Fire Energy is, even with Delphox's Ability (see below), I don't think the secondary effect will break anything. It's just nice for a Fire attack to do healing of some kind instead of discarding energy like always.

    After I saw Twime's Deerling art and realized I could easily turn that into four cards, I knew it was my duty to make more deer cards. Finding the Sawsbuck art has been tough, but I have also collected all four of those. Two Delta Species for this set (plus 3 more Sawsbuck cards because h*ck yeah Sawsbuck) and then two more Delta Species expected to appear in the next set.

    Aside from the artwork and the fact that it's Delta Species, there's not much else to speak of for the Deerling. The Sawsbuck, on the other hand, is where the money's at. I've managed to lose the Discord message that originally proposed the idea of having these Sawsbuck act like the Ancient Origins Eeveelutions, but I will say at least that it wasn't my idea. I also recently discovered Professor Palutena had the same idea with her Sawsbuck cards she made for the 2016 Fakers' Marathon. Two of mine are different types, but the idea is very similar.

    I can't really think if this breaks anything, and it's not entirely easy to see how the ability to give your Stage 1 Pokémon extra types will affect the meta, but as I understand, while the Ancient Origins Eeveelutions were all good cards, I don't think anything became too powerful because of them.

    I opted to give it a really not great attack because you can't have it all. I think the ability is more important in this case anyway.

    This is arguably the most powerful Fire-type tech evolution line in the set. Fennekin has no groundbreaking attacks, but Braixen starts you off by giving you the ability to peek at the topdeck of either player whenever you please. Not mega powerful, but it can influence your decision to play a card that would shuffle your opponent's deck. (Originally this was going to be a free Acro Bike every turn, similar to Pidgeotto TEU 123, but that effect seems like it would be a little too powerful for this era.) Not a bad ability all things considered.

    But then you get to evolve into Delphox. If I know anything, it's that Venusaur SLG 3 had some very powerful synergies with other cards. I believe it was often paired very often with Shining Genesect SLG 9 for those fleeting few moments where the deck wasn't swallowed up by power creep. However, knowing that this was also on a Gardevoir in a set that for a time was in the same rotation as HGSS, a Sceptile right in the middle of DPPt, and even the original Meganium card way back in Neo Genesis puts my mind at ease knowing it may not be too powerful for the era.

    Wheel of Fire is a tad convoluted and it's not terribly likely you would be able to take advantage of it (at least not until some kind of Rainbow Energy variant is added to the format), but it's probable that you're playing this card for the ability, not the attack.

    And finally we have everyone's favorite mine-turtle Turtonator! Finding artwork that would work for these cards turned out to be more painful than I would have expected, but I pulled through and I think I've got potentially the best possible artwork for these cards.

    Base Turtonator is a definite ward against heavy hitters. If you try and one-shot this fella, you're gonna have a bad time, and I love being able to punish opponents who just rely on stupid power instead of calculated moves. The attack I reckon will be a curbstomper for anyone running my Alolan Raticate archetype.(It's in this set, but won't be around for a while. The gist of it is that it relies a fair bit on stacking tools on top of itself for extra power, and in general it's just a shamelessly anti-tool card. Savor it while you can, because I don't expect to be making many more anti-tool cards.

    The BREAK is essentially mill central, and may stay the strongest mill card in my sets for a long time. Not sure what else to say about that, haha.

    That's all for Fire types. Finally introduced those Delta Species and got another fun mechanic on the table in the form of Pokémon BREAK. The Water type batch will take a bit longer than this Fire batch did since not all the cards have had previously finished cards that only needed to be converted, but rest assured it's in the works.

    Now go and discuss! What do you think? Anything too strong? Not strong enough? Painfully close to using a really mechanic but not quite making the mark? Or is there just not enough Sawsbuck in this set? Let me knw!
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    I'm struck by how consistent the aesthetic style (especially Ninetales / Turtanator) is across all these fire types! Very cool.
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  7. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    I do kinda wonder what types Deerling and Sawsbuck would be during the rest of the year, other than the obvious (W) for Winter forme (and yes, “forme is the official terminology, not “form.”). However if you’re just waiting on community feedback before you start again (I understand it sometimes takes a while to do these things, but I was starting to wonder if you were just pausing for input) and maybe knock out the Water type so we can see where things stand. Although I admittedly know nothing about the process of creating a custom set from scratch, so please pardon my narrow, layman’s perspective on the subject at hand if I am missing out on some unknown step in the process. Take as much time as you want, I was just curious as to why there haven’t been any more of these fantastic cards I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for (I’m especially eager to see Lapras, my favorite Pokémon tied with Charmander), and I also understand if circumstances have made the process difficult or if it’s just none of my business.
    I also love the Flareon, great card in every possible way and I’d even consider adding it to my cube if anyone can name someone who prints out physical copies of custom Pokémon cards for a reasonable price (though for that last item I’m not holding my breath...), but I find Exeggutor to be somewhat... disturbing. I guess now I know what it looks like when Exeggutor loses its head, and I can’t say I’m any the older or the wiser for knowing the difference, but hey, it’s something unique, and it’s not BAD art... it’s just a somewhat strange context.
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    I actually didn't even notice how close those two were art wise haha! I do have a specific kind of art style I prefer when I have options, and these two were certainly my preferred style. Although for Turt I think this was basically my only option lol. I just got lucky.

    No worries! One other Delta Sawsbuck will be in this set along with some regular ones because I can, with the other two Delta Sawsbucks lined up to feature in my next set. On the "Form/Forme" thing, Pokémon themselves really aren't that consistent with which spelling they prefer. I don't play the games, but Bulbapedia, who usually picks up this sort of thing, calls them "Forms" without the e. This is in contrast to Pokémon like Meloetta or Zygarde, who do use the e. My cards will pretty much always use whatever Bulbapedia uses.

    As for the pause, it's mostly because one card has just been an absolute pain and I put off working on it for a good two week or so. In general I plan to post these as soon as I finished them and as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. I'll let you be the judge of the quality haha. But you are in luck. The cards are just about ready and I'm gonna make an attempt at posting them tonight. Lapras included! :D

    Thanks for the words on Flareon! It's also one of my favorites in the set so far, except of course for the Sawsbuck and Xerneas cards. Hopefully you like them as much as I do.
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    This batch was singularly held up by one card. I probably could have updated the set the following day if it weren't for that one card. Instead it got turned into nearly 3 weeks. Without reading the notes on each card can you guess which card I'm talking about?

    Anyway, let's delve in, shall we?

    You know I had to do it. Splash does nothing. And that's all Magikarp can do. MEEEEMES. But believe it or not there is a card later in this post that synergizes with it. You'll know when you see it.

    This Gyarados actually started as the very first card I made with the original version of these Omnium blanks and it has evolved over time through so many iterations that it's completely unrelated to the original card. At first it was heavily based on Shining Gyarados N3 65, but I became bored with the concept and tried to shake it up a bit. In this iteration it still plays on the tired old "angry rampage" concept, but in the form a Stage 1 Battle Compressor instead. The second attack, in contrast, is card recovery on a very expensive, very hard-hitting attack. It breaks the mold for a Gyarados and I like to see that.

    And finally, we have the big boi. If you guessed this was the card that delayed the update by more than two weeks, you'd be right, and it's all thanks to those water splashes. I wanted them to come out of the border, but I couldn't separate them from the background of the original artwork, so I manually colored the majority of the water drops onto the card, including most of the water drops inside the border so they would show up on top of the holo. Am I 100% satisfied with the card? Not really, but no way am I gonna go back and do it again. This is what it be now. As for the attack, I kinda find it uninspired, but it is a massively heavy-hitting attack, especially if there's a stadium in play, and if I remember right is the only 5-energy-cost attack in the set. I'd be open to change the attack if a better idea came up. ...Oh yeah and I also manually recolored it so it wouldn't be the shiny Gyarados. I learned some new techniques in that process, which was nice.

    Nothing really ties these three cards together. Magikarp does his Magikarp thing and the other two have effects that don't particularly synergize with each other. But that's okay. Not all cards have to work exactly with each other. These cards will either give you options and be somewhat versatile or it will provide players a challenge in building a deck that will make it work well. Time will tell.

    This I expect to be a very good tech in water decks. The ability to switch your Pokémon at will without using your retreat for the turn has proven many times to be powerful. This was inspired by the Keldeo-EX/Float Stone combo, which let you get away with some pretty wild strategies that would have been way too slow otherwise. This one is more all-in-one than Keldeo, but it does still come at a price. You'll want to use it sparingly unless you have a reliable and consistent way to retrieve your energy after spending them.

    Remember a minute ago when I said that Magikarp wouldn't be useless on its own? This is the Pokémon that makes it so. I wanted to have an archetype similar to Night March in my sets, but I know Night March is whacked-out crazy powerful (or it was until power creep went and rocketed out of control), so I knew it had to have other limitations. Enter Wishiwashi, who can use a very similar attack, but only in its school form, which requires you to have at least one other Wishiwashi (school form or not) in play. At the moment there aren't any other cards with Splash in the set, so under perfect circumstances Riptide Rumble is capped at 100 damage, but later on I plan to expand it.

    The abilities had to be worded in such strange ways because I didn't want to have these weird scenarios where you have a Basic Pokémon in your starting hand, but you can't play them (this was before Shedinja VIV 66 was announced, mind you, but I still don't like what they did with that Shedinja). But I also didn't want you to be able to start with Riptide Rumble. The solution? Make it automatically Ninja Boy into the Solo Form if the requirements weren't met. This also keeps you from auto-losing unless you have enough Wishi bois in your deck. If all your Solo Form Wishi bois are prized... well, your outta luck. Sorry.

    Also, mad props to @Nyora for coming up with the attack name. It be good.

    And last but not least, we have our very own Wiwaxia-inspired sea cucumber! The concept of the card is based on real sea-cucumbers, who have a rather... unique way of defending themselves, which is to spray their internal organs out of their body in order to distract predators while they make their getaway and slowly regenerate what they lost. In this case, Pyukumuku spews these organs so hard that it does a bucketload of damage to the predator while barely escaping with its life. I suppose the idea behind this is to quickly power three of them up with energy and then cycle them by attacking with one while promoting one that either was never damaged or has healed completely. And then either hope your opponent doesn't have gusting cards or hope they can't hit for 70 damage in a single turn. It can be a fun strategy, if for nothing else than the memes, which is a good enough reason to exist in my book.

    Anyhow, that does it for Water types! Once again, no delta species. They're kinda unevenly spread throughout the set. Just wait till we get to Metal types lol. More interesting strategies have emerged and I hope they're as interesting to you all as they are to me.

    Stay tuned for Lightning types next time! They shouldn't take nearly as long to finish up.
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    There are a lot of cool effects so far in this set, and I strived to make sure the Lightning type cards would be no exception. It's up there with my favorite Pokémon types, and this batch has some of my favorite electric type Pokémon. Hopefully you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.

    Did I forgot to mention Held Items are also appearing in these sets? Because they are. Now excuse me while I quickly update the OP and pretend like I never forgot about them. Anyway, held items were an interesting mechanic that featured on a handful of cards between Mysterious Treasures and Stormfront. Are they kind of superfluous since we have Pokémon Tools? Probably. But am I gonna keep em in anyway? As you can see: yes. Admittedly this is most because the card is migrated over from my old Intrinsic Collection set before I scrapped the idea and moved all the cards to other planned sets. Presently I have no future cards with held items, but if an opportunity comes up I might throw some more in.

    The artwork for the Pikachu isn't really labeled anywhere as being by any specific artist. I'm only like 7% sure it's actually Kouki Saitou, but @steffenka is apparently 99% sure that's who the artist is, and that's good enough for me.

    Would you believe that this Pikachu took by far the longest out of the Lightning Pokémon for this set? It really shouldn't have; it's one of the easier cards to make, but man was I having an off day when I was putting it together. Took something like 5 hours when it's easily a 15-minute card. Sometimes you just have those days.

    Nextly Alolan Raichu makes an appearance, flaunting both its types. Electric Rain is admittedly ripped straight off of Alolan Raichu UNM 57, with a slightly damage reduction to bring it closer to DPPt levels. I thought it was a cool idea, though it requires some heavy energy recovery to be sustainable in any way. I image that's why I never heard of the UNM print ever being a good card. Psychic Surf is slightly more interesting. In the games Surf damages all Pokémon on the field, so since Omnium is supposed to be worded to account for double battles and team battles and all that, the main damage number had to be moved into the effect text where it could specify that it hits both targets. The immunity to Fighting types is meant to reflect the fact that it's levitating to use this attack, so it wouldn't be affected by Ground-type attacks. Fighting and Rock type attacks are just collateral. It's a nice way to avoid one of its weaknesses.

    At last I can use an artwork by one of the best artists in the official TCG: kawayoo! This is from the Undaunted promotional artwork. It's probably been used for many fake cards already, but the colors work so well with the typing I wanted to give Jolteon that I couldn't pass it up. It just fits so seamlessly with this template and these types.

    Why Colorless? you might ask. Well a lot of Delta Species base their Pokémon's new type on the Pokémon's physical colors. In this case Jolteon is yellow and white, ergo Lightning and Colorless. The eeveelutions I found were kinda weird to Deltafy without copying what the official TCG did and without just making it one of the types of the other eeveelutions, so instead of completely changing their typing, I added a type to them to make them a little more versatile than normal.

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't think this card would shake up the Lackey meta more than any other card in the set, as it happens to hit for weakness on two of the most powerful decks in the format, and just barely hits them for enough damage to be able to 1-hit KO the stars of those decks: Rayquaza and Vespiquen. It's also designed to take advantage of Meteor Falls as long as it remains in the plugin, meaning it attacks for free if you play your cards right.

    This is one of my favorite cards in the whole set.

    For this set I also included my favorite Lightning evolution line! And it carries some very good effects as well. I've always been very much a fan of Alolan Vulpix GRI 21 and the gameplay styles it made possible, so I wanted to give it a place in the Omnium roster, but this time on the best electric sheep Pokémon in the game: Mareep!

    Flaaffy also has some interesting effects, a very rare instance of universal ability lock for as long as you can keep that Pokémon attacking. Disabling Shock has the power to really throw a wrench in your opponent's plans if their strategy relies on their Active Pokémon's Ability. It could be a way to turn off Pinsir ex so you can move his energy with Kangaskhan on your next turn. Then again, maybe you don't want to leave your Flaaffy active against a Pokémon that can one-shot it. Perhaps that's where Jolteon δ comes in? Is the deck building itself? Or is that too much to invest in? The meta will decide!

    This Flaaffy also has some major use as a way to recover Special Energy, which is a solid bonus. As a final note I also wanted to point out that I had to extend the artwork to be able to zoom out far enough for all of Flaaffy to be visible in the image. I thought I did a pretty good job on that.

    And finally we have Ampharos, with one of the more unique Abilities and my favorite attack name in the entire set. The strategy speaks for itself I think. You want to fill your hand with the Ampharos family and then hit for the biggest numbers you can, and the Ability gives you a head start by instantly boosting you to 80 damage. If you're crafty enough with your deck building, you could be doing 160 damage for three energy and still have a backup attacker in case this Amphy takes a hit that puts him in the sad zone. Not bad considering that one-shots nearly every card in the format. You really gotta pray that nothing's prized and your opponent doesn't have hand disruption though.

    Another day another 5% of the set completed. I hope you enjoyed this batch! It was a pleasure to work on and in my opinion a pleasure to lay eyes upon. The Lightning type texture is one of the ones I was more satisfied with for these blanks.

    Next time clear your mind and prepare for Psychic invasion!
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    New batch! This one's got some exciting cards in it. Psychic is one of my lesser favorite types, so I had to pull a few extra tricks to make me like it as much as the others. I think it was a success!

    Illustration by CardPone

    Surprise! I can sometimes do art, too! You may be wondering "Why Unown R specifically?" Well, way back in the day, when they were getting us going with Unown cards for the Neo era, they gave us every letter of the alphabet... except R, which in Japanese only got a card with as part of some CoroCoro promotion and I guess they didn't really think we needed it internationally. So I personally took it upon myself to make a card with artwork clearly inspired by the original. I didn't want a direct copy, though, so I made it my own while I recreated all the effects, though I did reference the Unown R in Propogation has always been an effect I loved to see. It makes so many strategies so much easier. Is it too strong? Some like to think so. I won't deny it's definitely an incredibly good effect. It turns Ultra Ball into Master Ball, Zoroark GX into free draw, etc. I really wanted to make a card with this effect for my format. The Lackey council has indicated that an unchanged Propagation effect probably won't be making it into the plugin, though, so this may end up getting nerfed in some way.

    The attack is probably not worth it in most cases, but if you're in a bind I suppose it could be a nice way to recover a card.

    Another eeveelution! This one took a very long time to come up with effects for, and although I decided to include Espeon very early in the set's conception, it remained a blank space for most of the set's planning stages. At one point I thought it would be a cool idea to give it the bug type in addition to Psychic, which initially didn't really help me think of any attacks. I really didn't want to just rehash the effects of existing Espeon cards and I also wanted to have more cards without Abilities. Ultimately I settled on this. It uses telepathy to manipulate bugs. There isn't really a way to differentiate between Bug types and Grass types in the TCG, though, so Grass types get to be a part of its hivemind, too.

    The first attack can be extremely good in the right scenarios. It intentionally does not specific "Basic", so you could use this to pull out a Stage 2 Grass type if you like. I imagine this would be used in tandem with some kind of deck stacking effect so you can draw into the stronger cards more reliably. It certainly wouldn't be that great without such an effect. I feel okay allowing for this kind of effect because there are cards such as Cradily PLB that exist with effects much more powerful than this. Plus, evolution cards can usually use all the help they can get. To my knowledge no SP Pokémon exist in Lackey yet, but they likely will find there way in and if they do, evolution cards will need a little support.

    Volukinesis is a unique take on attack-copying effects. Instead of just copying an attack like any old Foul Play, it instead forces another Pokémon to use its attack regardless of its energy situation. It turns Espeon into a hit-and-run card that may play well into a stall-type deck if you can find a Grass-type staller that actually has a decent attack and if you have a way to reliably switch back to Espeon every turn.

    Illustration by Steffenka

    Our hero @steffenka makes another appearance in the set with this magnificent Stantler artwork! This Pokémon isn't particularly easy to find good artwork for, but Steff pulled through for me, and I'm mega thankful for that. It turned out beautiful.

    I'm not gonna lie, though, this is probably one of the weakest cards in the set. If it comes to it I may try and find ways to buff it before submitting the set to Lackey. For now it serves as a precursor to some cards set to appear in my next couple of sets that I'm really excited to get working on. The idea is that the electromagnetism from the experiments in Holon gave it alchemical abilities, hence the name "Hermetic Ram", which "transmutes" the opponent's weakness into a more manipulatable type - while delivering a little bit of pain. That means after the first use, this attack can be doing 40 damage for one energy, and that's before any damage boosts. Very stronk indeed.

    Mystical Antlers is one of the more interesting effects, though. It definitely means you're gonna have to have some Prize manipulation (maybe mine and Kavross' Sawsbuck entry for January 2020's CaC will tickle your fancy?), but it, too, could have potential to let you use some very powerful attacks without the kind of energy investment they might normally require. Instead you have to make other investments to ensure there's a useable Pokémon in your Prizes. I've intentionally worded it so you can use prize cards whether they're face-up or face-down because I think limiting it to face-down Prize cards makes it much too hard to play.

    Ghost party coming through! These artworks were truly a pleasure to work with for this evolution line. Admittedly Banette isn't a mon I'm 100% in love with, although I think the idea behind it is pretty cool. I'm actually not sure why I even put Banette in this set haha. I can't remember my thought process. I guess I must have been looking for another Mega Pokémon to slot into the yet-unfinished Psychic type roster and Mega Banette fit the ticket and had artwork I could use for it. Who knows?

    Anywho, Shuppet is nothing special in itself. it has run-of-the-mill Ghost-style effects like being spoopy and all that. Love the artwork, though. It's one of All0412's better ones.

    Banette is where it started to get interesting, though. Curse from Beyond boosts any Pokémon's attacks by a decent amount, but only if you only have one in your discard pile. It's techable in just about any deck and probably works better if you only have one Banette in your deck. I may have actually made it too good now that I think of it. Oh, well, I'll let the Lackey council decide what happens with that.

    Spiteful Pain is meant to be a way to keep Curse from Beyond going if you are indeed running multiple Banette as your main attacker. The interesting thing about this attack is that if you use it shuffle a second Banette back into your deck, you don't get the damage bonus from it that Curse from Beyond. You do still get it if you shuffle your only discarded Banette back in, though. Maybe that's the strategy for this. Anyway, Spiteful Pain is pulled directly from Banette SW. I though the energy cost was to cheap at first, but apparently potentially doing 80 for 2 colored energy is balanced for this era. And I'm all for it.

    Next is the second BREAK of the set! The holo pattern was much more finnicky for this one than it was for Turtonator. I'm still not super crazy about the way it looks on the right half of the card, but the background does not lend well to fixing that, so it'll just stay this way. As for the attack, I wanted to make things more trainer-based, as if it were taking revenge on the trainers in your opponent's hand by whacking your opponent's Pokémon or something. It grows more powerful when it sees something that kindles its vengeful spirit. And for this card it has potential to do massive damage or no damage at all. It depends on how many trainers your opponent plays (though most decks run about 50% trainers, so the odds of damage I'd say are pretty high).

    Finally we have the star of the evolution line: Mega Banette. That's right, Banette gets two gimmicks for this set. Why? I really don't know, but I had enough artwork to make it possible, so why not? I figure it will be interesting to see if the Mega is preferred or if the BREAK is preferred. Mega Banette's attack is very similar to Banette BREAK's as its damage is based on your opponent's hand. In this case the lore is much more loose, but I think it's probably the more powerful effect. But it's also on a card that's harder to get into play and it has a higher energy cost, so it may not be worth it in all cases.

    Finally we have Chimecho! This mon is super underrated in my opinion. He was one of my original level 100 mons way back in Sapphire version, and while I don't normally base my liking of a Pokémon on what they did in games, I can't deny that I do like Chimecho a little more because of it.

    Now, remember in literally my previous post when I said there weren't any more held items in this set? Well that was a blatant lie. I actually completely forgot I added a held item to Chimecho when I had written that, but now that I see this, I do remember having that conversation with myself and agreed that having only one held item in the set was kinda weird. Therefore, Chimecho got one. And what more fitting item to give it than Soothe Bell? This effect is very interesting and encourages you to play Luxury Ball. (Although why wouldn't you play it anyway? It's a very good search card.) The wording was kinda hard to nail down and I don't think this is 100% correct, but my held item text boxes only allow for two lines of text, so I had to condense it a bit. The idea is you get Chimecho as a bonus card when you search for something with Luxury Ball, but the trick was wording it so you couldn't just grab 4 Chimecho off of a single Luxury Ball. I think this wording is sufficient, even if it's not 100% correct.

    The ability I reckon is the star of the card, though. Basically free energy retrieval because if you're not playing a Supporter almost every turn anyway, you're either playing a very specific archetype or you've probably not built the most consistent deck. Chimecho just sweetens the deal a little at the expense of a tiny bit of bench space.

    Synchronoise is a pretty fun one. It's not quite what you'd see in the games, but in the games you're much more likely to be up against a Pokémon of the same type as your active, too. To me this effect is still fairly fitting. It just resonates against all Pokémon of a similar type. The base damage might be too high, though. I thought giving it a bit extra might be good because it doesn't evolve.

    And that's a wrap for another chunk of Frontiers Renewed. Once again, many cool effect from support mons to main attackers and I would be excited to see how any of these effects play out in a real match.

    Stay tuned next time for some Fighting types!

    *I've also touched up some pixels on other cards and capitalized the D in the wording for one of Jolteon's attacks.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2021
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  12. CardPone Delta Species is best species


    Fighting type get! I'm super into this block because there's another Sawsbuck! That's 2 of 5 Sawsbuck cards for this set. :D Oh and there are some other Pokémon in here, too. Let's take a look.

    There are a lot of attacks in the VG where certain specific Pokémon get an additional effect if they use it or something happens if they have that attack. Poipole knowing Dragon Pulse, for example. I figure that could be a cool idea to add to the card game as well. And so Crystallize is justified in having a different effect that you would see on other cards. Or what you would likely see if that attack had been on a card before. I could have sworn it was an attack already. I'm not finding it anywhere now. Huh. Anywho, if this attack does appear on another of my cards, it will not include the second effect unless it's another Onix card.

    As for Rollout, I always hated that it was just a vanilla attack on the TCG when it has an interesting effect in the VG, so I did what I could to conjure some wording that would work for it. I can't just say "This attack does 20 more damage than it did last turn." because then it would stack with Weakness and any other modifiers that would go onto it and the idea for actual number on the card to go up instead. So first turn it does 30 damage plus Weakness and other modifiers, then second turn it does 50 plus the extras, then it does 70 plus the extras, etc. It goes on until Onix dies or evolves or gets switched out or a hurricane blasts through your house and saves you from having to admit to your opponent that you don't know the names of any Pokémon after generation 1.

    This is here because Vibrava and Flygon are in the set. There's really not much else to say about it except that it used to have an Ancient Trait, but those don't match the vibe I'm going for in this set, so it was removed. It also went through like three or four different artworks before I settled on this one.

    Ah, it's always a pleasure to talk about Sawsbuck, and I think this might be my favorite of the four Delta Species Sawsbuck cards I've made. The same goes for the Deerling. The artwork just meshes so incredibly will with the type textures.

    Anyway, the effects on the Deerling card aren't anything too innovative. There's a hit and run and there's a life drain. The Sawsbuck is where it shines though. Because Colorless types are almost always weak to Fighting, on average Fighting is going to be a slightly better type than all the rest as it hits the most splashable type for weakness (in contrast to Psychic which in Omnium hits Colorless for Resistance, making it on average slightly worse than every other type). Now, this is offset a little by Flying types resisting Fighting, but there are usually more Colorless than Flying, such is the case in this set.

    As for the attack, you can't really win em all. Like with the Fire type Sawsbuck, it has limited utility, although this one can cause quite a ruckus if your opponent didn't bother to to a little damage to him first. I'd say this Sawsbuck is much more useable than the Fire type one, but that really depends on what the major type is in the meta at any given time.

    Illustration by Steffenka

    Initially it hadn't even crossed my mind to include these two in the set. They don't really stand out to me all that much in terms of design. However, @steffenka made a deal with me back when the Pokécord bot for Discord still existed. He trades me a Deerling he caught and in exchange I add Barbaracle to the set as an ultra rare. Pokécord - and my Deerling - may be gone, but my word still stands, thus these two punch their way into Frontiers Renewed. Steff was even nice enough to make the art for Binacle at my request. How cool is that? What a hero. Plus Twime777 really pulled through by happening to have some spectacular art for Barb as well. It really was meant to be.

    I actually did put some effort into making them interesting, too. As one of only two ex evolution lines in this set, he had to shine a little brighter. Binacle on his own isn't particularly groundbreaking in terms of effects, but the Barbaracle has two interesting things going for him. As far as I know there aren't any Pokémon that just break the rule that you can only attack the Active, except for secondary effects of attacks and such. "Why not just say Six-Eye Salvo hits anything?" you might ask. Two reasons. One: Abilities can be turned off or otherwise interacted with, and although there's nothing that can do that to this card in this set, it is a thing that will happen. And two: HMs and TMs will be making appearances in FRR and I want Barbaracle to be able to snipe with those, too. Is this ability too powerful? It's likely. We'll see how it goes, though.

    Six-Eye Salvo is a reference to Barbaracle's six eyes. If I recall correctly, he doesn't have any on his feet. The idea is that he sees all things, so he can see his opponent's hands and plan ahead to take steps to reduce the impact using those cards will have on him. It makes him a very powerful defensive attacker if your opponent is the type to play lots of cards and doesn't have a way to break through (like Pinsir ex, perhaps).

    And at the very end of the Fighting block, we have everyone's favorite rock puppy! This is one of my favorite Rockruff artworks and I knew I was going to be using it since I first saw it. Just look at him! He's drinking the water. Adorable. *o* Again, though, he's an evolving Basic, so nothing groundbreaking about the attacks.

    Lycanroc, though. He's got some beef. He sees something that gives him 2 prizes, he goes for it. He breaks the rule un order to go straight for the neck. He adds hope to the single-prizers of the set. I don't want to go too overboard with the ex hate in my sets because I want to make the exes balanced in a way that they don't need to be brought down like that. I see this as a Pokémon who excels against a class of cards and that class just happens to be multiprize Pokémon. The multiprize hate comes later. Trust me.

    Rock Swipe makes the first reference of the set to a Status card in the form of Stealth Rock, which increases the damage to stupid levels if someone's got it down.

    "What are Status cards, though, CardPone? WHAT ARE THEY?" is what you're probably asking right now. Well, if you calm down for a second I'll tell you. You don't have to yell, geesh. Status cards are like mini stadium cards. You can play up to three and you put them next to your Pokémon. They often have effects that in the VG would be terrain-affecting attacks such as Stealth Rock, Spikes, Electric Terrain, Trick Room, etc. Some of them only affect you. Some affect only your opponent. Some affect everyone. Some are limited to one in play at a time, some aren't. You just gotta read the cards and look at what they do. There are two in Frontiers Renewed, but they don't come until later, so you'll have to be a little patient, particularly since I haven't got the artwork for them yet.

    And that's it. Fighting types -done-. The Darkness types unfortunately going to go on hold for now because one of them is still currently being commissioned. That will be out as soon as it's ready, but for now Darkness is going to be skipped. That means Metal type will be next instead! Stay tuned for my favorite type!
  13. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

    Forum Mod Articles Staff Member

    Love the art choices! Deerling, Sawsbuck, and Lycanroc seem to fit particularly well against the Fighting-type texture. The colors of Binacle against the dual-type backdrop, too — perfect.

    Wording-wise, I think the UPR Rotoms are where you want Lycanroc's Ability to be at. "The new Defending Pokémon" doesn't seem quite right for Trapinch; I reckon you can actually say "the new Active Pokémon" here without it carrying over to another Active Pokémon in the event of a switch, because you're talking about a specific "new" Active Pokémon. And then there's a stray capital A in Binacle's second attack.

    Power-wise, I feel like given the Ability and secondary effect, and assuming you're still balancing these for HGSS, Lycanroc's attack does a lot for [C][C]. Three Energy seems preferable, and maybe one or two of them being [F]?

    Barbaracle seems cool. I'm sure steff's happy with it. :p

    Looking forward to more!
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  14. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    I personally think that Status cards should be more like condition markers than stadium cards... cards that aren’t actually IN your deck and are put into play by attack effects, which would be truer to the game... but it’s your set, and it’s still an interesting mechanic, so go with it! Definitely an underrepresented aspect of Pokémon in the TCG.
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  15. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Unown R art is brilliant Pone, you really nailed that one. I'm also a big fan of that Chingle effect, being a very fun way to boost consistency, yet being limited enough that it requires a degree of skill to use well. Very nice releases!

    Aside, welcome to the Creative Works part of the forums Charmaster! We hope you enjoy exploring our little cavern of goodies - you can find plenty of other sets, competitions and resources for card faking in the Creative Works main page. Definitely give a shout (via PM or profile post!) should you need any help navigating. :)
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  16. CardPone Delta Species is best species


    Yikes looks like I made a lot of mistakes this time around haha. If I recall right I actually made a conscious decision to go with SwSh's updated wording for the type of effect on Lycanroc. It sort of goes contrary to what I usually say about SM being the definitive best wording, but in this particular instance I think SwSh did it better. Swanna DAA 149 is a good example.

    For Trapinch, that probably makes more sense. I likely used "Defending" instead of "Active" because of previous conventions of preferring the former term for cases when a Pokémon is being specifically targeted by an attack. For this one that's a distinction I wouldn't mind discussing further just to see if one is definitely better than the other. For either one it seems like they're talking about a specific Pokémon. I can't refute the stray capital A in Binacle's attack, though. That's definitely something I need to fix. XD

    Come to think of it you're right about Lycanroc. It's already really strong without Stealth Rock and that's for DCE, which is kinda wild. I suppose I myself fell victim to power creep in the space of a single set. I'm thinking of going through all of these yet again and trying to straighten out the power levels as best I can. Some are hard to nail, but I think you're right about Lycanroc.

    There are lots of different ways to interpret it I suppose. Myself I'm not too big a fan of new markers and counters and stuff. It's more stuff for a player to carry around aside from their deck and it can get a little out of hand when new stuff is added every set like I'm planning. I like the idea of having to dedicate deck space to them because most of them are pretty good. Plus the fact that some of them affect both Pokémon or only one Pokémon or maybe not even an Active Pokémon (or any Pokémon at all!) might get a little weird when it's used as markers on your Pokémon.

    That being said, markers that you put on a Stadium might be neat. I still would be reluctant to add new markers and counters, but if I did I would love the design space of adding them to things other than Pokémon.

    Many thanks, bb! Art can be time-consuming but it can also really pay off in the end, and I think it did for this one!
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  17. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    Say, Cardpone, I was working on my set (émon-fakes-by-charmaster.152040/#post-3019004) recently and suddenly thought, “hey, I know Cardpone gives us all permission to use the Omnium templates provided we give him proper credit, but shouldn’t I ask for permission if I’m interested in using the template for a Lackey set submission?” Sorry I didn’t think to ask sooner, but, after all, there’s no time like the present! I haven’t actually created any actual CARDS yet, just text spoilers, so there’s no real damage done (aside from a small measure of free publicity and the rare chance that someone who doesn’t already know about your cards or template sees my thread first and then follows it to you), it would just mean adjusting my expectations and having to make some changes to the five Flying-type Pokémon in the set (whose weaknesses resistances and attack costs I have left blank in courtesy to your as of yet unspecified idea of how the Flying-type should function). Sorry if I have violated the personal wishes you have for Omnium in Lackey.

    (P.S. I have not used the actual Omnium name for the set, choosing instead to call it Winter Wonders. If you want I could use the Lackey name, however I am guessing that you would not wish so, regardless of whether or not you give me permission to use the template)
  18. CardPone Delta Species is best species


    Hey no worries. Like it says on the Omnium thread, there are 0 restrictions on using the Omnium template except 1) no removing my name and 2) no using it for offensive, lewd, or otherwise provocative stuff. Other than that, you can do whatever you want with it. Obviously don't claim you made them or try to sell cards made with them, but I encourage you to make sets with them. Submit them to Lackey. Submit stuff as a CaC entry. Etc. The choice is yours. Even make edits to the template itself if you see the need.

    As for the Omnium name, I generally use that as the name for my main sets, and would treat any other set that wanted to use the Omnium prefix (for example, if you called your set "Omnium: Winter Wonders" instead of just "Winter Wonders") the same way an author might treat fan fiction. I would encourage you to use another prefix for your set names, or do what a lot of people do and use no prefix, because if two sets with different themes use the same prefixes, it could get a little confusing. And if you do submit to Lackey I would ask that you don't use the Omnium prefix for that reason.

    And I do have some type charts for Weakness and Resistance if you're into those. Again, it's all up to you. Mine is mostly based off of the real types and mixes elements from different eras, but it also draws from the games so no Pokémon is weak or resistant to a type they're not normally weak or resistant to in the games. These are those charts:
    Someday I'll fill that into the guide.

    For reference, a slash (/) means it's an alternate weakness. If two weaknesses are in the same cell with no slash, it's weak to both. A slash followed by a plus means you can either add that weakness or not. Your call. ("G / +W" for example means the weakness can be either G or GW). All the symbols use normal notation. Fl stands for Flying. The orange cells are type combos that didn't exist at the time of making the chart, so I didn't bother to fill them in. I think it needs some updates since gen 8 has been added.
  19. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    Thanks Cardpone! Just wanted to make sure! Hope you enjoy watching how the set progresses!
    Incidentally, in terms of prefixes, I was CONSIDERING making Winter Wonders the base set in a series that continues to include a set based off the Crown Tundra, Lental Region, and Sinnoh (yeah, we all know it’s comin’, and even if it isn’t, hey, Sinnoh is Sinnoh!), but nothing is definite. And the only change I was thinking of was a Generation Marker (similar to the C, D, E letters we get on cards nowadays) so I could tell at a glance what era it’s balanced for. In case I do multiple eras with the same template.
    Can’t wait to see what Omnium brings next!

    EDIT: Hey, just one question. Are there going to be any Flying type energy? If so, will there be Basic Energy or will it be all Special like with early Darkness and Metal?
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  20. CardPone Delta Species is best species


    Glad I could help! Regulation markers is something I wouldn't be against adding to the template at some point.

    I won't get mad if someone makes a basic Flying Energy, but my vision for the Flying type is that it works similar to Dragon types did in the TCG. The type exists, but no attacks require a Flying Energy to use. For both Flying and Dragon if I want the attack costs to have a color I use the Pokémon's secondary type (Fire for Talonflame or Lightning for Zekrom, for example). I'm not mega crazy about the mandatory multi-type costs we saw in official Dragon types. That being said, Omnium is all about freedom, so if you want to break away and do any of those things like that, you're free to do so!
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