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  1. Hunga Oh no! Rotation in sight


    Hi beachgoers! ;)

    I took a looooong break from the PTCG for what must be about 6~7 years (?)
    But still checking in on spoilers and such.

    The reason I left beeing too little chances to play and I kinda got annoyed by the power creep the game is going through (and seems it won't stop doing).

    Since I play MtG and a new fun format is making waves, which is called oldschool and revolves around old cards until a certain time, my idea was to maybe to copy this for the PTCG too!
    There would be some benefits too, like:

    Older cards value would stabilize
    More intrest for the “orgin“ if the game and it's history/development
    Nostalgia (ofc)
    Getting older player back to the game and maybe even interessted for the new cards

    For me a reason would be a complet diffrent game play compared to now.
    Since when was the last time you had to knock out 6 Pokémon in a single game to win? :p
    Stage 2 beeing a hugh drawback.
    And every attack beeing a knock out with 200+ damage.

    Ofc some cards would need a ban, like Gen1 Professor Oak.

    I really pondered about it and liked the idea, but what still is uncertain for me, is to say until which set?
    Start beeing Gen1 Set ofc but add the Gen2? Stop before Pokémon EX hit the scene or even earlier or add them?
    Which cards need to be banned to ensure a fun and fair format not only revolving around 2~3 decks.

    What are your thoughts?
    I'd love some constructive feedback, thoughts and input! :)

    Thanks for reading!

  2. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    There is a Facebook group based around old formats called Snowpoint temple, there is a lot of info and resources for older formats there.
    I'd personally like a Early BW format with Reshizard and stuff, because that was my first worlds. That's personal bias though
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  3. Hunga Oh no! Rotation in sight


    I personally LOATH the Pokémon EX and it is a big reason I took my break and haven't returned playing.

    Didn't research before posting since this was more a “thought to paper“ threat.

    But thanks, I suppose I'll have a look. ;)
  4. Otaku The wise fool?


    I originally has a massive reply to your original post planned... but maybe just focusing on this would be more efficient.

    1) Did you loath Pokémon-EX in general, or certain Pokémon-EX because of how they affected competitive play?

    2) Are you sure you've identified the correct problem cards for the last time you seriously played?

    3) This isn't a question; as someone familiar with the earlier days of the game, you don't seem to understand it.

    The period when you quit? Reminded me a lot of the early days of the game. Stage 2 Pokémon were at their weakest prior to the implementation of the "Rocket-On" Modified Format, or what we can now think of as the first rotation of the Standard Format.

    I'm not bringing this all up to be antagonistic; not that I could participate much (though I've been playing since Base Set, I've been PTCGO-only since 2014). Still, one of the things I did - back in the day - was begin to experiment with what might improve the game balance of the Base Set through Fossil era. I never finished that experiment due to the lack of assistance, but the first two cards I tried "banning" were Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal, and they made a big difference. Without them, Stage 2 decks other than Rain Dance had the chance to power up and start OHKOing typical Haymaker Pokémon, including having the option of using Electrode (Base Set) for a faster opening game.

    Yeah, this is the short version. XD
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  5. Hunga Oh no! Rotation in sight


    My problem was kinda that Pokémon EX turned the game completly upside down.
    The core mechanic of knocking out 6 Pokémon and to maybe focus on more than just one basic, annoyed me.
    Then Raquaza Mega came and I was really far from even wanting too return.
    The meta of 200+ damage attacks for 1~2 energies seemed not fun.
    The same is now even worse with the tag teams.
    For me it just doesn't feels like the game I loved and played.

    Another point that kinda got me annoyed was the endless reprints of cards and “softer“ rotation which kept certain decks and cards in the format for decades (N was legal for what I remember about 8 years?!)

    I'd love a format back during the Lv.X and Primes, where teching felt more common and you had to set up your team not just a single tank to waltz them all down.

    Shouldn't be considered a rant, just my thoughts.

    Short version:
    Pokémon EX/GX negate the core idea of the game linking it to the game.
    Powercreep in general.
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  6. Otaku The wise fool?


    Thanks for clarifying some, @Hunga I still think some of this is based on you not having an accurate idea of what the "classic era" of the game was like. The short version is the difference between the Classic-era and the Black & White-era is some Pokémon in the latter were worth two Prizes, Trainers in the latter were weaker across the board, and numbers were different. Still mostly OHKO's and 2HKO's when decks got going... or just OHKO's if some poor soul was foolish enough to play all but a select few Evolution-focused decks.

    The XY-era you describe also seems misleading. M Rayquaza-EX (assuming you mean the one from XY - Roaring Skies) was a big deal. The its time passed, and while it may have still been competitive (I don't remember) it was no longer one of the top decks by the time XY - Roaring Skies rotated from the Standard Format. Most Pokémon were not doing 200+ damage for two units of Energy, though sometimes for two Energy cards when one of them was Double Colorless Energy. FYI, I consider that a problem with DCE and/or the other Energy acceleration available to many Pokémon, like Mega Turbo. Still, most folks hated the metagame after that because of Night March, but that's a tangent I'll avoid.

    Like what you like, though; I'm only bringing this stuff up because it sounds like you might enjoy the 2002-2003 Modified Format more than the "classic format", especially with bans. At least, if I have the right one. I'm talking about Neon Modified (Neo Genesis through Skyridge), which also had the Sneasel and Slowking from Neo Genesis banned. Of course, my own biases are that I really did not like the Platinum/HS era or Pokémon Prime, like using Pokémon worth multiple Prizes so long as they are properly balanced (no so sure about Tag Team Pokémon... yet), and think one of the biggest issues with the TCG is failing to recognize how a TCG must be different from a video game. Actually, that last one is where I get to praise the DP/Platinum cards; x2 Weakness is a horrible idea for the TCG. The +X of the Gen IV sets was better, though I think a flat +20 (the way Resistance is currently a flat -20) would probably be the best solution.

    Anyway, with all that out of the way, at least I have a better idea of what you want to see out of a "classic format". The next thing is to find a way to actually make it worthwhile to The Pokémon Company International. Perhaps Alternate Printings (reprints which don't actually extend a cards Standard-legal run) of certain cards, especially with erratum to correct longstanding issues, could be great. Personally, instead of banning Professor Oak, I'd rather see an erratum issued for it, Professor Juniper, and Professor Sycamore, stating we should treat them all as having the name "Professor" and being Trainer-Supporter cards with the "Discard your hand and draw seven cards." effect. Helps the pacing a little in Unlimited (and a lot in a hypothetical Classic Format), gets rid of this silly rule we have in Expanded (and used to have in Standard) stating you can't run both Professor Juniper and Professor Sycamore in the same deck, and creates an excuse for glorious Alternate printings with the new shared "Professor" name but featuring artwork of the various Professors seen in the Pokémon games!

    Again, please pardon the length. >.>
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  7. Hunga Oh no! Rotation in sight


    I like a good read, so no worry! :D

    I played BW onward a bit but not too much.

    You got a point that the TCG and videogames could use some diffrents but since the prize idea is such a core mechanic but EX/GX and Tag Teams are messing a lot with that, EX/GX a bit less and Tag Teams beeing close to redicoulus (in my oppinion).

    I feel a bit like a bitter old man, yelling at kids! ×D
    Maybe my biggest issue is, that I just can't keep up with the power creep the game has been going through the last years?

    I'm missing the more sutle approche to deck building, not just the obvious Tag Team and then build around that.
    Some weird and jancky but working tech decks, as I'd love to see more stage 2 decks instead of everything beeing based around basics wreaking havoce.
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