Collecting OG holder, new to public community..5000+ card collection, starting to brainstorm about PSA…


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Hey guys,

Been collecting the cards since 1996.. Pretty introvert for the Pokemon topic as many of my friends was stealing cards during years, so I eventually started to protect it and keep in secret. I basically understood that me getting older and would be great to start some movements with my collection. I am thinking about creating IG for the cards and also to start PSA most rares I own.

Dropping few photos from my collection, some very OGs and a bit more starting 2015+..

If you could advice of what I should do to move forward with some Pokemon activities, would appreciate 😅

P.s. I believe that a very tiny amount of cards can be fakes, but not the rarest ones as I was extremely picky and critical looking for them.

Please pick the ones which definitely worth PSA if you have time. And yea, I can’t upload the whole collection just with one go. Each slot of album contains the whole selection of cards, I am too lazy for repacking them for today. Maybe in some time when updating post… but anyway that’s just a peanuts from the whole thing 🙈

Kept one photo. Will update in some time with more.



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Blastoise, Venusaur, Suicune Feraligatr and Charizard are clearly fakes (Incorrect foils, fonts + BS Blastoise and Venusaur english 1st edition always are shadowless). The rest also look fake, but I need better photos.
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