Contest November 2019 CaC: Ancient Pokémon! (Sign-ups Open!)

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by Jabberwock, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. ThePigThatCriedRii Aspiring Trainer


    sing me up for text please!

  2. itsAdoggo yamperyamperyamper


    Here is my entry! It is from SM era. Enjoy!

    Omastar – Fighting – HP160
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Omanyte

    Ability: Spiral Helix
    Once during your turn, you may flip a coin. If it is heads, you may draw a card. Repeat this until you get tails.

    [F][F][F] Apex Evolution 20+
    This attack does 20 more damage for each time you have used Apex Evolution in this match.
    You can’t add more than 220 damage in this way. Then, if you have used Apex Evolution 20 times, you win the game.

    Weakness: [Y] (x2)
    Resistance: [G] (-20)
    Retreat: [C] [C] [C] [C]
    Government records show that people had once created an entire religion worshiping this Pokémon, calling it the “Lord Helix”.
    In recent years, their ornate fossils have become a sought-after collectors item.

    Ability: Omastar is based off of ammonites and modern-day nautilus, whose shells contain a naturally occurring Fibonacci Spiral (look it up), which can go on infinitely. So, for “Spiral Helix”, I wanted to create something that could, theoretically, go on infinitely. The first draft of the ability couldn’t be affected by trainer cards, because I had misread the new “Will” from cosmic eclipse, thinking that it affected all coin flips. Also, “Spiral Helix” sounds cool, even if it makes very little sense.
    Attack: This is less about Omastar and more about fossil Pokemon + Darwinian evolution as a whole. Over billions of years, animals have evolved and adapted to their surroundings, which has always fascinated me. Apex Evolution starts out small like unicellular organisms, and slowly grows bigger, as if it were evolving into a more complex and powerful organism. If I were to design this and put it into a set, I would probably have multiple Pokemon with this attack and Trainers which buff cards that have this attack, to make it into a cool archetype. The Win-con represents a species reaching a point where it becomes the dominant species, and could competitively stop stall/mill decks.
    Pokedex: The Ornate fossil part is talking about some of the stunning gallery-level fossil Ammonites that have been found. Some will turn into pyrite, while others crystalize. It is worth looking up.
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  3. SableyeGuy Creating the future big brian BDIF...


    Here’s my text-based entry, Sun and Moon era. Had a lot of fun making this.

    Omastar & Kabutops GX - [F] Pokémon - HP280

    Ability: Ancient Restoration
    Once during your turn, before your attack, you may heal 30 damage from one of your Pokémon.

    [W][F] Pain Split 10 damage.
    For each Prism Star card on your Bench, you may move three damage counters from one of your Pokémon to another Pokémon (yours or your opponent’s). For each [W] attached to this Pokémon, put one damage counter on your opponent’s active Pokémon.

    [C][C]+ Rock Drain GX 130 damage. If this Pokémon has at least 1 Extra [W] and [F] Energy attached to it, heal 130 damage from this Pokémon.

    Weakness: Grass X2
    Resistance: None
    Retreat Cost: [C] [C] [C]
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  4. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Sign me on for text for now. Figure that'd be safe since I'll only do image if I have the time (and guts) to return to my origins.
  5. Kavross Aspiring Trainer


    Would anyone like to team up? I'd love to do some card art but I cant keep scamming photoshop from Adobe anymore haha so would need a partner for the card part
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  6. Nyan Staring into space again...

    Chat Room Staff Member

  7. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Welp, here goes nothing! Wanted to try out a new era, so decided on XY-era FA :D


    How does it fit the theme you may ask?
    In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos.
    At the heart of chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg.
    Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One.
    From itself, two beings the Original One did make.
    Time started to spin. Space began to expand.
    From itself again, three living things the Original One did make.
    The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be.
    The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be.
    The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep...
    Or to summarize: Arceus created Dialga/Palkia, then it created Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf. The myth describes how the world was created, so I think that qualifies as ancient haha :p

    Blanks by Snoops
    Numbers/Symbols by Asche and Snoops
    Foils by Nekoban Ryo
    Art by me
    Placement and text size: Ho-Oh EX (BREAKpoint 121/122)
    Being of Knowledge: Mew-EX (XY126)
    Memory Control: Whiscash (Primal Clash 40/160)

    Good luck to everyone! :D
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  8. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty


    In for text!

    Just one clarification: Does 10,000 years count as ancient enough for this?

  9. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Eh, probably not

    EDIT: Yes, that would be fine xD
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  10. ThePigThatCriedRii Aspiring Trainer


    Here's my fun little Golurk card. It never got a good card so here I am hoping I can do it justice!

    Golurk - [P] Pokemon - 130 HP
    Stage 1 - Evolves from Golett

    Ability: Ancient Upkeep
    At the beginning of your turn, before you draw a card, if this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, you may put 2 cards from your Discard Pile into your hand. You do not draw a card at the beginning of your turn if you used this Ability.

    [P][C][C][C]: Wrecking Rage 100
    Discard the top 4 cards of your deck.

    Weakness: Darkness x2
    Resistance: Fighting -20
    Retreat: [C][C][C]
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