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    To save myself from psoting another text wall I'll sum this one up. I'm very indecisive when it comes to decisions in general but this one I just cant figure out. For an irl deck I cant decide between Zoroark or Volcanion. Zoroark is my favorite Pokemon (which shouldn't be a reason to make a deck around something or atleast from a competitive standpoint I guess) and I love how the deck plays, it's like a faster Greninja with really bad late/grind game. Zoroark GX is good but I dont know if it makes Zoroark better tho, it just seems like a back up for other decks. Volcanion is possibly the best investment I could make. It's one of the few decks that only needs 1 lele minimum to be successful and it can be modified in Turbo Turtles for expanded which saves money on an expanded deck.

    I could probably go more in-depth but then it'll just be repeating info and etc, anyways let me know what you guys think.

  2. Duo Dreaming of a Milotic GX


    I think that's a natural sentiment to have right now as the meta is currently in a state of confusion just after rotation. A lot of people are hunting for a deck to settle on. The best general advice I can give is to watch a lot of matches on youtube and try to find a deck that you really like.

    If you want my honest opinion, Zoroark GX is simply being hyped up as a supporter Pokemon because of its synergy with Mallow making it better than Octillery, but it is also unbelievable as a primary attacker. People are also neglecting the fact that you can put Octillery and Zoroark GX in the same deck. While I would no longer run Zoroark BREAK, the Mind Jack Zoroark is lethal in a format where people are starting to put 2 Brigette in all of their set up decks.

    To put it simply, there is no other attacker in the game right now who can swing for 120 damage, 150 choice banded, by simply attaching 1 energy card. The speed and consistency of Zoroark GX is something people should be afraid of. Zoroark GX can 2 hit KO everything that will ever exist with a single evolution and a single DCE (and sometimes requiring choice band, i.e. Gardevoir GX due to resistance).

    I want to make a Zoroark GX centric deck, and here is currently my skeleton for using it as the primary attacker:

    Pokemon x 20

    Zoroark GX x3
    Zoroark x2
    Zorua x4
    Tapu Koko x3
    Octillery x2
    Remoraid x2
    Tapu Lele GX x3
    Kartana GX x1

    Supporter x15

    Sycamore x3
    N x4
    Guzma x3
    Mallow x2
    Acerola x2
    Brigette x1

    Item x17

    Ultra Ball x4
    Choice Band x4
    Float Stone x2
    Field Blower x3
    Energy Loto x2
    Rescue Stretcher x1
    Special Charge x1

    Energy x8

    DCE x4
    Rainbow Energy x4

    Your primary starter here is Tapu Koko, so you want 3 of it. You want to open Koko and open DCE, flying flip spam while you gauge your opponent, then watch the state of the game as you build up your Zoroark to attack.

    You don't need all 4 Sycamore in a deck like this because you're running both Octillery and Zoroark GX draw power. Play out your hand, Abyssal Hand, then use Exchange to extend your draws. If you play 4 Sycamore in a deck with this much raw draw power, you are going to deck out.

    Because you are fully reliant on abilities, you want to play 3 Field Blower. Being a bit item heavy in this deck is also okay because you resist Psychic. Hurray!

    Rainbow Energy, Zoroark GX, Kartana GX, and Acerola make a happy little combo. You want some form of Darkness energy in this deck because you want access to your GX attack at some point in the game (maybe). Rainbow Energy can satisfy that, and running Acerola means that you can scoop up your damaged Zoroark GX after you GX attack and drop it back down on the board again. You will have DCE attackers in the front lines while you charge up a Rainbow Energy Zoroark GX in the back lines. Beware of Guzma OHKO threats.

    Kartana GX is here as a single Rainbow Energy guaranteed 1 prize GX attack if your Zoroark GX's GX attack is looking unrealistic. With a deck as fast as Zoroark GX, you're likely going to be knocking out a basic pokemon early in the game and playing the "7 prize game." Not anymore with Kartana GX.

    Acerola scoops up all of your Rainbow Energy targets. If you stick 2 on a Zoroark GX, use the GX attack, scoop it up, place it back down on a benched Zorua, stick on a DCE and continue being a menace.

    Energy Loto is in here because it lets you grab any energy, and you really only need to attach once per turn, but you really want to make sure you have at least 2 Pokemon ready to attack at any given time so you want to make sure you always have energy in hand. Energy Loto is for the early game when you don't crack open a DCE in your opening hand, but once you have a single Zoroark GX set up, you can just Mallow for the rest of them. Only 8 energy cards is a bit scary, so you want a method to be able to dig for energy. This is the only option for something like this.

    Rescue Stretcher and Special Charge because you're going to get knocked out, and you're going to lose DCEs to the discard from your Kokos and your non-GX Zoroark. You need special charge to keep you in the game, and you can special charge then play Mallow to keep that alive. You might also end up having to discard things through Zoroark GX's ability and Sycamore.

    This is a pretty out-there deck idea, but do I think it could work? Yes I do. You have the most consistent draw power, the most consistent damage, and the most options for searching, recovering, and closing games with Kartana GX.

    I'll probably test this build myself once Shining Legends releases and proxy the Kartana for a while.
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    Zoroark-GX will undoubtably be good but my problem comes down to money in the end of the day and 3 Lele would probably destroy it. Don't get me wrong, if I could play 3 copies of it I would do it in a heartbeat but I think at most I can probably get 2 which further delays me finishing the deck. Currently I just don't think there is a way to make a deck like Zoroark more "budget friendly" and I dont mean that as in Typhlosion Talonflame level of budget I just mean like 1 maybe 2 Lele
  4. Duo Dreaming of a Milotic GX


    The #1 budget card I recommend to people who can't afford Lele is Nest Ball.

    The most important thing that Lele is used for nowadays is Lele for turn 1 Brigette to get your basics on the bench.

    Nest Ball gives you the opportunity to grab your basic Pokemon and at least have a fighting chance against turn 1 Brigette set up decks.

    Looking at my own personal statistics, I actually only ever use Lele for Brigette in about 60% of my games. I usually don't Lele for Sycamore, N, Guzma, or other supporters. I run so many copies of them that I usually just have them when I need them.

    In fire decks they like to turn 1 Kiawe, in which case you can just run 3-4 Kiawe, 1 Lele, and 4 Ultra ball for 8 to 9 ways to open Kiawe. You end up having a lot more dead Kiawes, but you have the same odds of Turn 1 Kiawe as people who run 2 Kiawe, 3 Lele, 4 Ultra Ball.

    So for example, if you were to take the deck list I posted above and replace 3 Lele and 1 Brigette with 4 Nest Ball, you have a very good fighting chance. Since the above deck I posted runs Octillery and Zoroark GX draw power, you're going to be so consistent that it might end up not mattering at all. Part of the reason why people don't play 4 Nest Ball to grab their set up Pokemon is because of Trashalanche Garbodor, in which case you just need to target Garbodor after you start playing items aggressively.

    So in summary, if you're a set up deck like Gardevoir GX or Metagross GX, just get rid of all the Lele and Brigette for 4 Nest Ball.

    If you're playing fire, try to play at least 1 Lele, and 3-4 Kiawe.

    These are the best budget friendly solutions I can give you.
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    Nice list my dude
  6. Trixss Aspiring Trainer

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    It depends on the decks around your area, If you see a lot of gardevoir you probably don't want to play Zoroark. Volcanion pretty much has a 50/50 vs every deck in the format right now if not has more favored match ups than bad ones. If you would like to play a deck that contains Zoroark I can recommend Zoroark/Drampa/Garb ( For the current format. Zoroark GX will be a good deck but I don't think it has enough potential to be a tier 1 deck since Gardevoir, Tapu Bulu and Volcanion all seem to be decks which have a 70-30 match up against it.

    Adapt to your area, Volcanion has 50/50 match-ups across board in the current format.
  7. Duo Dreaming of a Milotic GX


    I get what you're saying with Gardevoir's resistance to dark, but that's not going to stop it from getting 2 hit KO'd with a Choice Band.

    It also doesn't change the fact that a Stage 1 deck is much faster than a Stage 2 and can potentially knock out 1-2 Ralts/Kirlia before they even reach Gardevoir.

    And not to be rude, but put bluntly, there's no point in making up imaginary match up numbers for match ups that don't exist.

    The Zoroark GX list only I posted here is actually pretty bad. Zoroark GX needs to be paired with another attacker in order to work.

    No one thought Alolan Ninetales GX was any good, but it still tops at big events. Let the meta make itself.

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