Non-Promo Centiskorch Promo at Gamestop!


Delta Species is best species
You could spend $15 at GameStop for this card or 15 cents to get it in TCGPlayer. Choices, choices.


Get Shinxed bro
Why are they giving this out- this is almost as bad as Gamestop's Silver Bottle Cap event for Sun and Moon

At this rate, the Promos for late October are going to be assorted Commons from Evolutions

Raven Zombie

Dark/Ghost Trainer
im glad this is junk... when they were supposed to be doing the mini binder and snorlaxV jumbo, they told me they werent doing it because they werent allowed to do events to attract a crowd, because of corona... and yet the store was open... i really wanted the Corviknight promo, for obvious reasons.

Edit... Speak of the deVil, we are getting a Snorlax V/Lapras V collection next month.
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