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    Hi, all. I stopped playing the Pokemon TCG right before the S&S base set came out. I was tired of Tag Teams with their massive HP and Pokemon V-Max just blew that out of the water. I played Giratina/Malamar during the Sun & Moon era and I really enjoyed it. However, due to the increase of recovery options and the rotation of major components of the deck, it has become obsolete. I am thinking about building a single standard deck just to have to play with friends and potentially at local tournaments when they return. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on what non-GX and non-V deck I could run in the current meta. So far, the only one I've seen is Cinderace and it contains Welder and Tate & Liza, which are not rotation-proof. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't have much experience with previous meta decks. However, nothing is rotation proof and I haven't really noticed anything that runs no GX or V. Closest is probably Blacephalon, currently running only one Blacephalon-GX card, and should be meta viable with some post rotation refining. See deck video here. I'm not a fan of mill decks to recommend that route.
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    Xatu Garb Is a blast to play. I still normally play it with one copy of both Dedenne GX and Latios GX. Its also getting the new coin flip stadium next month. It's also the single prize deck I am going to be playing most of next year.

    now I will flood the rest of this reply with single prize archetypes that I'm pretty sure keep their main stuff after rotation and have lots of potential. some of them are from Darkness Ablaze so you will have to wait to start building the deck IRL but you can start planning your list.

    • Hatterene has some potential
    • The new Decidueye looks kinda cool
    • the new Golisopod punishes your opponent for playing too many GX/V pokemon
    • baby dragapult exists
    • Spiritomb Is doing really well
    • Galarian wheezing locks abilities
    • Noctowl looks fun to play
    • if you want to play hit and run the new greedent might be good
    • magmortar has decent damage output and does have decent competitive viability
    • chandelure is ludicrous and should not work but it does
    • centiskorch mill is really bad but when it works its hilarious
    • pollisand mill is a more consistent mill deck than centiskorch
    • I don't know much about galarian sirfetched but I do know people are testing it out
    • baby grimsnarl is a pretty cool deck but its held back because it is a stage 2
    • bewear is a funny deck to pull off
    • and I think that is all I know about. I'm sure there is more but I think this is enough to get going

    Out of all of these, I think Galarian wheezing (specifically with spiritomb in the list), Noctowl, and Pure spiritomb are going to be the ones with the most potential. if you want some help I'm available, I've been making deck concepts to cure my boredom lately. just let me know.
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