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Standard Noivern-GX Profile (BKT-CRI): Noivern has potential again?

Holden Sheeks

a.k.a. WinterShorts
I'll make this brief: Noivern-GX I think can be really good against certain decks. Not necessarily it's ability to item / ability lock with BKP Garbodor (though that can work pretty well as an option), I'm more interested in it's second attack and create special energy lock while 2HKOing Pokemon.

Pretty much every deck in the format (except for Volcanion / Metagross / Solgaleo) uses Double Colorless Energy, and half those decks that do use DCE usually rely on it from what I'm seeing. When I get a Noivern charged up to do so, it should become extremely difficult for them to hit me with things like Zoroark-GX and Drampa-GX (It's also funny to watch them unable to use DCE as an energy). Zoroark / Golisopod is getting super popular since Reklev's Victory at the International Championship so since the vast majority of decks use DCE I think this card can really screw with them.

Colbalion's in the deck to counter Gardevoir, since that's Noivern's worst nightmare still to this day. One attachment of a Counter Energy and a Band after 2 prizes are taken is enough to OHKO a Gardevoir-GX, and it doesn't change the damage output after that (You can still use Counter Energy on Noivern-GX, it would just be a normal colorless energy, which is fine because You have / will attach a Rainbow / Darkness Energy to Noivern-GX). Shining Mew is used to charge energies because god forbid you charge up Noivern without Double Dragon Energy.

Here's my list as of this moment:

3x Noivern-GX
3x Noibat BKT
3x Tapu Lele-GX
1x Garbodor BKP
1x Trubbish BKP
2x Colbalion STS
1x Shining Mew

4x Professor Sycamore
4x N
3x Guzma
2x Brigette

3x Devoured Field

4x Ultra Ball
4x Crushing Hammer
1x Enhanced Hammer
1x Super Rod
1x Rescue Stretcher

4x Choice Band
3x Float Stone

4x Rainbow Energy
4x Counter Energy
2x Psychic Energy
2x Darkness Energy

I realize the deck only has a 1-1 line of Garbodor, no Field Blowers, and no Team Flare Grunts, which is what I feel like should be added in but finding room for Noivern decks seems to be the challenge around here. I'm here to ask of your thoughts of this idea and my tech choices, as well as what could be done to improve it (Other than "Don't play Noivern" of course). This Pokemon was trash when Burning Shadows came out (or specifically when Primal Clash through Ancient Origins was rotated), but now that Gardevoir is starting to get less dominant in the format and there's a bunch of decks that are DCE reliant, I want to ask your thoughts. Anything is welcome, thanks in advance!


Aspiring Trainer
- 1 Choice Band
- 3 Devoured Field
- 2 Counter Energy

3 Choice Band suffice for specific needs. You're already 2HKO'ing the meta, no matter what.
Same concept applied to Devoured Field, which only really softens up 250hp Pokémon. Choice Band will work that out, aside from the fact that Devoured Field just isn't very good.
Counter Energy are only useful to Cobalion. Save them for it, don't make them core.


+1 Trubbish
+1 Garbodor BKP
+1 Team Skull Grunt
+2 Team Flare Grunt(Plumeria)
+1 Field Blower

You said it yourself: you need more Garbodor.
Team Skull Grunt is a great early game piece, after your first hit with Noivern, to control pacing.
You said it yourself: you need Team Flare Grunt. Plumeria has its merits, preference issue here.
You gotta run Field Blower. It's that simple.

I like where you're going with this. Other stuff I'd consider, given room for it, would be extra Blowers, extra Flare Grunts, Professor's Letter and Parallel City.


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I feel Noivern GX only really has a home in Expanded. Think about it; around 70% of Expanded meta is focused around special energy. Also, Fight Song Altaria might be a good idea to create whopping numbers. If you try it in Expanded, drop the cobalions, Gardi is not too bad of a problem.


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Why are you using both type of energy when you have rainbow? I know you may be scared of e hammer, but most people only use 1 copy, if any.
I would remove the two psychic energy, as you need dark for the first attack, and with the extra space, add a rescue stretcher and a skyla, as this will help with consistencie. I also agree with K-Genesis, about the cuts.