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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Twisty, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Twisty Aspiring Trainer


    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, this is my first post but I've been playing for a little while.
    Anyways, I'm playing in a tournament that has rules where you can't play any GX or EX cards. I'm stumped over here I was thinking about playing maybe like a Mismagius disruption deck or Empoleon maybe. What would you guys play?Or do you guys have any ideas or suggestions ?Im glad to be a member on pokebeach and thank you guys for having me.

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    Hello, Twisty. Welcome to PokeBeach! I hope you can enjoy what the forums have to offer.

    As for your question, here is a thread that contains many "budget" decks, which usually do not use EX's or GX's (aside from Tapu Lele GX).

    Personally, I would recommend using an Empoleon list. Its raw damage output is powerful, and its synergy with brooklet hill helps make it decently consistent. Here's a sample one that you could start from (This is by no means the best list out there):
    Pokemon 16
    4 Piplup ULP 32
    2 Prinplup ULP 33
    4 Empoleon ULP 34
    2 Remoraid BKT 32
    2 Octillery BKT 33
    2 Alolan Vulpix GRI 21
    Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums 32
    4 N FAC 105
    3 Cynthia ULP 119
    2 Professor Sycamore BKP 107
    2 Guzma BUS 115

    4 Brooklet Hill GRI 120
    4 Ultra Ball ROS 93
    4 Rare Candy SM 129
    4 Aqua Patch GRI 119
    1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
    1 Pal Pad ULP 132
    3 Float Stone BKT 137

    Energy: 12
    10 Water Energy
    2 Counter Energy

    Other strong decks to note would be Alolan Dugtrio, Garchomp/Lucario, and Greninja. Greninja is especially a powerful choice given it's constant appearance in the meta and its ability to snipe non-GX/EX Pokemon with an ability.

    Is there a format for this Tournament (eg. Standard)?
  3. Simple. play greninja Break.
  4. Serperior 87/550

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    You could go for Rainbow Road route also. While you lose Volcanion-EX, you can add in Bisharp or Galvantula (that can snipe Froakies!) to compensate. Joltik has free Retreat which is nice. Bisharp doesn't really have any great type coverage but is a dual-type nonetheless. You could even include Counter Energy to utilize some of those randomly-typed Pokémon you choose to include (like Shaymin, Cobalion, Sudowoodo, etc.).

    This sounds like a fun tournament! Good luck!
  5. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Just use frogs. It's not even a question, there is no better deck that doesn't use 2-prizers.
  6. uncleyuri


    Is it standard format only? It’s it’s expanded you could look at gyarados. It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t need much set up to take out non EX/GX with smaller hp numbers.
  7. Kietharr Aspiring Trainer


    Either Greninja BREAK or Empoleon, Garchomp might be nice too.
  8. KK-Swizzle Aspiring Trainer


    passimian-mew with counter energies and fighting fury belt could be good right now, imo. also a super fun archetype to play fwiw!
  9. Laurier_Ex Ninja master


    I would play Lucario/Garchomp and add in Giratina to counter Greninja Break since it's an obvious choice for most people.
  10. OppositeAttract Aspiring Trainer


    Lots of good options have already been suggested, but Xerneas break, Koko spread with Honchcrow and baby lele, are also decent options.

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