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We love Huntail
Howdy! This thread is meant to keep track of the cards I've made. Larger, full sets will have their own thread that will be linked in here. Individual cards and minisets will posted directly in this thread. Here's what I've made so far!

Full Sets:​

Fusion Saga (ex-era):
The International Police have given their Special Agent a new mission in Cascade City, where it's said the rain never ends. Interpol's insiders say that Helix Co., the leaders in genetics research, are developing something sinister—and it's up to Looker to find out what. Little did he know how deep the case went...


Mini Sets:​

nothing yet!


[ENERGY] Remnant Energy [C]
Special Energy Card

illus. NinJamezor

Remnant Energy provides [C] Energy. If the Pokémon Remnant Energy is attached to is Knocked Out, you may put Remnant Energy onto your Bench as if it were a 40 HP Basic Pokémon. While in play and not attached to a Pokémon, Remnant Energy counts as a [C] Pokémon (as well as a Special Energy card). Remnant Energy has no attacks of its own, can’t retreat, and can’t be affected by Special Conditions. If Remnant Energy is Knocked Out, it doesn’t count as a Knocked Out Pokémon. (Discard it anyway.) At any time during your turn before your attack, you may discard Remnant Energy from play.

[Poké-POWER] Wail of the Fallen
Once during your turn (before your attack), if Remnant Energy is your Active Pokémon, you may put 1 damage counter on the Defending Pokémon. You can’t use more than 1 Wail of the Fallen Poké-Power each turn.

[NJPR02] (Pr) {ex-era}
[STAGE1] Weavile HP100 [D]
Evolves from Sneasel

illus. Ken Sugimori

NO. 461 Sharp Claw Pokémon HT: 3’7” WT: 75 lbs.

[ABILITY] Villainous Tactics
You must discard a Pokémon from your hand in order to use this ability. When you play this Pokémon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokémon during your turn, you may attach an Energy card from your discard pile to it.

[D][C] Nasty Vengeance 40
Search your deck for a card and put it into your hand. If any of your Pokémon were Knocked Out during your opponent’s last turn, instead search for up to 3 cards and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

Weakness: [G] x2
Retreat Cost: [C]
They attack their quarry in packs. Prey as large as Mamoswine easily fall to the teamwork of a group of Weavile.
[NJPR04] (Pr)
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