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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by NinJamezor, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!



    This is a thread for my art, which will probably be mostly Pokemon.

    Here's my entry from @Dusk Form Lycanroc 's Fakemon Contest.

    Reapon (on the right in the picture)
    Macabre Pokemon
    HT: 2'3" WT: 4.0 lbs
    Reapon are sometimes spotted around graveyards at night. It's said the mask they wear hides their horrific true face.

    Grimatos (on the left in the picture)
    Guiding Pokemon
    HT: 5'6" WT: 94.5 lbs
    Folklore tells to beware Grimatos, because it brings tragedy along with it. The fabric of its cloak is sought after by Dusclops.
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  2. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    Here's a digital Sandygast drawing.


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