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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by TheWicky, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. TheWicky Random and evil: first one, then the other


    I had a passing thought that I wound up getting really interested in. What do you think about the synergy between SceptileEX and Ninja Boy? On paper, it seems to make sense to:
    -Have FOGP and one Sceptile on the field
    -Get at least one M Sceptile and a Spirit Link in your hand
    -Ninja Boy your active away to a second Sceptile in the deck
    -Switch Active Sceptile with Benched Sceptile
    -Mega Evolve your new Active Sceptile
    -Begin Healing Loop

    I think Ninja Boy would provide more consistency in setting up as needed, but would appreciate thoughts/concerns.

  2. Chancewoot Aspiring Trainer


    Aye, that's pretty good. I am going to test out Ninja Boy in my Sceptile Variant to see how good it is. I can imagine in a quicker Mega Sceptile build with more Item based draw support that Ninja Boy would work really well especially when dealing with Shaymin-EXs that are either your active/bench just waiting to get KOed.

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