Next Pokemon Anime Series Titled 'Pocket Monsters,' Features All Regions

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Water Pokémon Master, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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  2. im dissapointed :( was really looking forward to a full season of Galar
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  3. ABSOLutely Aspiring Trainer


    It probably wont happen, but I reeeeeeally hope they ditch Ash.
  4. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Well, since it's a new series from Kanto to Galar, it could possibly be about new protagonist/s. So we might get characters with lasting development this time! (lol not really)

    Still, the series really might not have Ash in it. Fingers crossed!
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  5. Raven Zombie Dark/Ghost Trainer
    Raven Zombie


    Probably a Pokemon Masters series...
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  6. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    I honestly want Ash to still be the protagonist. Him re-visiting regions is interesting to me. (Battle Frontier is probably my favourite season, in part for this reason, even if it didn't really go too in-depth with that aspect.)

    I just hope it has a linking story arc, and isn't just Pokemon Generations v2 with what are basically self-contained episodes jumping around the world. (Don't get me wrong, I like Generations a lot. Fleshing out the game storylines is awesome. But it doesn't work well for a main series anime, and is more suited to shorts like Generations did it.)

    Seeing how the anime characters Ash has interacted with over the years have changed would be cool. He's promised to go back and battle/visit so many characters, it's about time he actually went and did it. Some characters (especially the Kanto Gym Leaders aside from Brock and Misty) sorely lacked character-building, this would be an easy way to fix that. Also gives them the excuse to introduce game characters to the anime canon that are yet to appear in the anime, such as Janine or other protagonist characters.

    It would also give them an excuse to have him use his old Pokemon again, which he hasn't done since what, the Unova League? Another reason I liked Battle Frontier, along with the fact he was more competitive in those battles since the opponents were supposed to be tough. (They didn't have to rubber-band his strength like they did in some other regions. Which I'm fine with, obviously him sweeping Kalos's gyms with Pikachu would be super-boring, but seeing him at his best tends to give us his best battles.)

    This series will either be amazing or terrible IMO. There's no real in-between. If they handle it right, it will be very cool. And hey, if Ash IS still the protagonist, at least there'd be an excuse to have him go and get back his Pidgeot and Primeape like he said he would.
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  7. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    [chanting] Ditch Ash, ditch Ash, ditch Ash[/chanting]
    They kind of ruined him during SuMo, so it’ll be nice to see if it’s still the 6 year old version of Pokémon (SuMo style)
  8. iGeek256 I only use Electric types. Help me


    There will be multiple Ashes: Gen 1/2 Ash, Gen3/4 Ash, Gen 5 Ash, Gen 6 Ash, and Gen 7 Ash. And then we can have 5 Ashes at once all wanting to be a Pokémon master.
  9. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    I wish this is true.. Might start watching pokemon back
  10. Volkner123 Better Pokemon trainer than Ash will ever be


    It could be like a more in-depth version of Pokémon Generations which is still my favorite Pokémon series
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  11. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    I hope they ditch Ash and go with a Pokemon Origins/Generations sort of anime.

    I got sick of Ash since the Black & White anime and I haven't bothered keeping up with it since then. I especially disliked the art style that the Sun and Moon anime used.

    On the other hand, Pokemon Generations perfectly captured small segments for the games, while Pokemon Origins did an excellent job displaying the main characters journey through Kanto, with a little twist with Mega Evolution. It even showed the main character focusing on completing the Pokedex which was neat.

    If they ditched Ash (or at least reinvented him) and then adopted a style similar to Pokemon Origins/Generations, then I quite honestly would probably start watching the anime again.
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  12. Sharkrai Aspiring Trainer


    Maybe Ash will win the alola league and they'll either take him back to other leagues, reboot, or have a new protagonist?
  13. zzzeraora Aspiring Trainer


    maybe ash will win the league and 10 years later he's the champion of every region, and we get the kiddos from Masters as the main characters??? I dunno, that'd be fresh
  14. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

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    Here’s hoping a new protagonist...namely, the rude Scottish Galar girl meme
  15. Raigetsu Lightning Trainer


    I know they'll include Ash, because i'm not allowed to enjoy the anime anymore
  16. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

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    Here's my guess:
    Ash wins the Alola Conference then plays playoffs against the winners of the Leagues in all the other regions, in an anime season that features all regions, then STILL manages to lose in the finals.
  17. paulyd84 cooltrainerpaul


    This to a certain extent i believe he will become the 1st alolan champion and get some sort of 'mysterious invite' to a competitive series across all regions, it will only last a season, tie in with all the regional revisits we have had in tcg and then prob next summer ish roll into a new galar adventure with perhaps a new main character, prob a girl as just cos
  18. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Man you know the pokemon anime is stale when people hate the protagonist this much. Meanwhile I'm ready for 10 more years of straw hat action
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  19. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Now Ash can lose to Gladion. Who cares if Ash win, no Galar ticket if it happens. He won't see the cute little Sobble
  20. John Wick Aspiring Trainer
    John Wick


    My guess, and there's 100% accurate.

    Ash wins Alolan League, about to receive trophy, breaks apart right in his own eyes, gets so embarrassed that he has to go back to Kanto and redo everything under a new name. After all, he's immortal.

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