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We’ve learned the next League Battle Deck will feature Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR!
The deck will release on May 5th. As usual, it will cost $29.99.



Based on previous configurations, the package should come with:

A full, playable 60-card deck loaded with powerful cards
Foil cards featuring Origin Forme Palkia V and Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR

1 deck box
2 coin condition markers
6 damage-counter dice and 1 competition-legal coin-flip die
1 Pokemon TCG rulebook
1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within
A code card...

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A little disappointed it's not Arceus, I think that'd be nicer for new players since you can pivot the build into various options but I guess it doesn't sell ex cards to play with it as well


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For anyone who is upset/worried about it not being Arceus- it will probably be the focus of the second 2023 deck, since both are F rotation it does not really matter if one released before the other. (Or they do Giratina for the other one...)


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I'm surprised it's not giratina vstar. Giratina seems way easier to build rotation proof with only a 2-2 or 3-3 evolution line. I don't know if I will buy this yet, we will have to see the decklist.


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This sounds great for me. I don’t have yet even single Palkia V or Vstar and now I don’t need to pay much to get them. Probably gonna have 3-3 line V and vstar like Ice Rider and Shadow Rider Calyrex vmax

Palkia is not bad not even post rotation. in the future we can get some good water type ex

I’m happy for this 😃


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They've printed the Palkia and Dialga Premium Collections so the cards aren't completely inaccessible. Can't hate on preconstructed decks of objectively good cards tho


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For anyone that is upset the reason why they Palkia is because they usually release a deck a year from where the pokemon from the battle league deck came from. Like FST (Nov 2021) then Mew VMAX Battle League deck (Nov 2022). Astral Radiance (May 2022) then O-Palkia VSTAR Battle League Deck (May 2023).

And if they do a pair it would be two pokemon that are counter parks or are similar in some ways. We'll probably get ours in 4 months after so around September to August so most likely some deck from LOR (most likely Lostbox/Giratina) or maybe we could get a later one in Nov with Lugia VSTAR (highly unlikely because the new deck engine for it is E-Block)
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