New Shiny Pokemon, Great Tusk ex, Iron Treads ex, Mime Jr., and More from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

Encompassing from the whole weekend:

The new 70 HP Frigibax definitely replaces the old 70 HP Frigibax. Will 70 HP Frigibax see play? We'll see. Iron Donk is a thing people are trying, I don't see it lasting long. Matters in Lost Box too, but that deck has to figure out its new identity in this format, whatnot with new cards that make some builds questionable.

The new 90 HP Charmeleon definitely has a good ability, but Evolution TM Zard decks would mix in both this new Charmeleon and the 151 Charmeleon for its 100 HP to survive Radiant Greninja.

Crisis Shot TM is a very cool tech card, and I do think there are decks that can cycle through their cards enough to leave this as a 1-of and see it with decent consistency late game. Worth the spot? Maybe, but I do like the idea of testing that.

Students in Paldea doesn't seem worth it. I don't know what deck can both get to multiple copies in the discard pile early AND need multiple non-rule-box Pokemon that early to boot.

Kilowattrel doesn't sound that useful for United Wings except to prevent Sableye or Greninja from taking multiple prizes later on, and I doubt you get much opportunity to do that late game.

Great Tusk frustrates me because it is a mix of negatives that don't allow you to do much with it well. I don't want to touch a fighting Ancient Paradox deck already, and this doesn't give me much reason to do so now.

The new Varoom isn't worth it compared to other Varoom.
Mime Jr. needs a radically different format to be useful.
Iron Treads desperately needs some kind of energy support.
Maybe TPCi should take a minute to sort themselves out internally instead of trawling fan forums looking for photos of leaks that already have been posted all over social media. This is like the fifth set in a row where cards have leaked far, far in advance.
Yeah, I still don't know what's so difficult about it.

Just give them uniforms with no pockets and make them put their phones in a clear bag.

Cards that fail quality control (LMFAO nothing fails TPCi QC) should just have holes punched through them, before they are taken to discard - or really they should just be recycled immediately.

What kind of braindead controls do they have at TPCi?

But these are the same clowns who oversaw the Van Gogh debacle and nearly went through with their scam sales. The company is completely rotten and filled with incompetence.
I love Kilowattrel's attack conceptually, but in practice it's not that impressive - it would almost certainly be better for United Wings to simply release another United Wings card. I'd love to see that archetype become meta; Mad Party was a really fun deck, and for a while it was definitely one of the best rogue decks of its era, but never managed to reach the meta level. Unfortunately United Wings seems worse than Mad Party used to be for now.

Mime Jr.'s attack is a super funny and interesting design. I hope it's good in something, but even if it isn't, I still appreciate it.

It's good the Paradox Donphans have Ancient and Future cards, but they seem really useless in my opinion...

Lots of great arts! I especially like both Kilowattrel (especially the normal art) and the shiny Charmeleon (Kouki Saitou is my fave).
Great Tusk ex - still stuck on "Fighting decks had no decent energy acceleration" limbo. The ability is only good if you hit had as fast as possible, on which it'll be unlikely. Be glad that Sada fixes one part of the problem, the other part is the damage output. Because you discard cards every end of your turn, you'll lose some important key cards you might next turn, increasing the cause of bricking your turn, why? Double Turbo cuts the damage to 240 and what if you faced a Charizard that lives an atk and probably next turn you'll losing Boss' or 1 Counter Catcher for the endgame, you'll have to divert your strat there.

Iron Treads ex - like F, M still don't have any. Even worse that it costs MMC, MCC just only need 1 Double Turbo and some random M to accelerate, This ain't. Which makes it fell to the Mirage Gate territory. 170 still fell short tho for 3 energy, just saying.

Mime Jr. - decent 1-of inclusion. Best since the existence of Cleffa. Possible comeback card.

Charmeleon - doesn't matter since Stage 1s often gets dumped in Stage 2 decks, unless you're Kirlia.

Kilowattrel - United Wings is a decent deck with a decent dmg output of 240 maximum (not enough to OHKO a Charizard). Sniping would be nice if you can OHKO. Bet it can only OHKO support mons. I love sniping bench attackers so that the opponent will go desperate to retaliate you, especially if the ones get KOed banked energy already.
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