Faceless Wonder

Eevee enthusiast
Gotta love those ancient looking books with the cryptic engravings of Koriadon and Miradon, even though from the trailer everyone and their uncle owns one or the other. Lol
They’re acting like there’s actually something special about them


Aspiring Trainer
Ah, so they've finally revealed the first Paradox Pokemon. I am SO unbelievably excited to see what they do with Gallade, Tyranitar and Volcarona! This is probably the most excitement I've felt for a Pokemon game ever : ']


Missingno Master
Haven’t placed a pre-order because I still don’t know what version I want… Aheh

But does anyone know if GameStop typically has copies in hand on the day of, and following release? Or do pre-orders snatch them all up?
We usually have a large number of extra copies. At least at launch, in the days following, no.


Aspiring Trainer
Oh my god I can’t stand it that future donphan looks so bad, doing a futuristic design is wonderful on miraidon, why they do that? If someone have seen leaks of paradox mons from future, most of them suck, that’s sad af, scarlet for life