'New Pokemon Snap' Releasing April 30th, New Trailer!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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  2. bunnybird12 Don't be sad- be hoppy!


    If only the main series games looked this good!
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  3. Winkachu Aspiring Trainer


    If only they made Pokemon MMORPG with an open-world style game for a proper PC 1080p-4k. Oh, maybe I'll be 40 when Pokemon company get their balls together and really push for it.
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  4. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Is mirror the name for a tree!?
    All jokes aside, this looks awesome!
    Can't wait to play it.
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  5. MuhQ Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah that's the dream I believe of so many people, how can they not see that!? Or maybe they can but they don't do it because it wouldn't make them as much money? Or so they think..But yeah I don't mind if we get it when I'm 40, I take it anytime!
  6. Animegamer420 Aspiring Trainer


    i wish they chose an already established region so we could see them in higher detail. i feel they are making a new region because they dont wanna have to follow a template from previous games, so theyre taking the easy route.
    i get they can choose more of a variety of pokemon with a new region but there are plenty of regions that have a big enough variety of pokemon already, cuz ya know they arent putting all 800 in anyway.
  7. Ilexon Aspiring Trainer


    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get the Vivillon forms in this game or at least some of them, there are 3 featured on the front cover
  8. SweetPikachu Aspiring Trainer


    I wish they released some card promos for the new game!
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  9. Z_dude Aspiring Trainer


    this just destroys my theory that ash will become a pokemon professor because his name is a type of tree
  10. Hydroi-gon Casual Player


    I feel like this year this gonna be good for Pokemon, especially since they're celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

    Also, I'm glad we finally got some news for New Snap, might as well buy it when it comes out!
  11. Hongo Aspiring Trainer


    Throw in a new Pinball and you have given me a solid 25. This looks great.
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  12. what are you all talking about? mirror trees are a type of tree
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  13. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    "[...] by taking photos of over 200 Pokemon"
    So, 202.
  14. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

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    That feels like such a strange choice to me... professors are *always* trees, why does this one need to be different? Very curious.

    I don't know this will be a $60 purchase from me, it's very cool looking, but also feels like it'll probably be a relatively quick price drop to the $30 range where I'll be happy to enjoy it!
  15. hervul Aspiring Trainer


    This is how the main games should look like.
  16. Mistwalker Master of Martial Arts


    This look fantastic. Let's just hope they take some notes from this and apply them to the mainline games. Also anyone geek out over that Pinsir and Heracross fight?
  17. treeckonation Treecko is a good pokemon


    they should because they did it with the original one it would be nice i hope if they do it everyone can get them and not just the people that submitted the winning pictures
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  18. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

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    The game looks really awesome. Bright, colorful, and should stand on it's own. Now, I'm still mulling over the decision to get a pre-order.

    I'm always looking for new games to play on my Switch, and being someone who enjoyed the OG Snap on the N64; there should be no doubt that I'll enjoy this one too. With online functionality, having weekly (or monthly) competitions can get the whole playerbase down for snapping some pics.

    Like, competitions to get the best picture you can of a specific Pokemon, or legendary; for example. Those who score the highest points get the highest amount of myNintendo coins. But, to encourage more to take part; giving out coins to everyone who participates, regardless of how many points they scored, would help the game grow, and also subtly remind some players that myNintendo coins exist.

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