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Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum but have been a long time fan of Pokemon. Mostly games and anime at first but later on expanded to the TCG.
I recently found my old collection of Pokemon VG. I do not really play most of them anymore but almost all work and have good batteries (tested them).
I am curious what the value of them is. If they're not much I will just keep them as they have a special spot for me. I figure most everyone on here is far more knowledgeable in this area than me. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts as well, even if you don't know the answer to my questions.

What are these worth? Where is best to sell them?

Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Crystal (2)

FireRed, Emerald, Ruby (2)

Pearl, Diamond, Black


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I dont know about where you should sell them but I do know when. And it is now. From what I understand the value of these games has been growing recently but the value is already starting to slow down. There is a lot more information on videos from Youtube that I think you can use.

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I don't know about most of these games but Black is the exception. I received a pre-owned copy of Black for my birthday this year, and it was apparently hard to get. Looking at eBay confirms this, pre-owned copies are regularly over 70 dollars, and the lowest I could find was about 60. Maybe it's because Gen 5 is nostalgic or is a good generation or something, but if they're over 70 dollars and have RARE in their listings I'd say go for selling them.

I looked into the other games, too. The lowest and average prices for ALL of them, without shipping, at the moment are:

Black: 59$, 80.25$
Pearl: 21$, 45.80$
Diamond: 36$, 47.75$
FR: 25$, 39.80$
Emerald: 89$ (with a dry battery), 135.50$
Ruby: 28$, 59.60$
Red: 43$, 52.66$
Blue: 3$ (but I don't trust it), 29.25$ (but excluding the 3$ outlier, 38$)
Gold: 70$ (I only found one listing as most were cards)
Silver: 33$, 71$
Crystal: 85$, 101.66$

I did a lot of work, tldr sell them asap for beeg bux