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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Amphinobi, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Amphinobi Aspiring Trainer


    I got some information from a guy who worked for the local translation team.

    I didn't trust him so much until some information confirmed real, So now I wanna share it here.

    The confirmed ones:

    --There is a pokemon similar as pikachu

    --The mascot legendary will be a lion and a bat.

    --The regional bird is a woodpecker.

    The unconfirmed ones:

    --Mudsdale, Drampa have pre-evo.

    --Bruxish, Mimikyu and Togedemaru have no evo or pre-evo.

    --Rockruff has three evos depending on the starter you choose.

    --A pokemon is based on shovel.

    --Wimpod is the Gyarados/Milotic line of this gen and evolves into a chimera of Scolipede and Kabutops.

    --Cutiefly will evolve into a hummingbird moth.

    --Salandit has two different evos depending on gender.

    --Three pokemon are based on rock-paper-scissors.

    --Hala will be one of E4

    --Lillie is the key to main plot and perfect Zygarde.

    --Besides Zygarde, eight legendary pokemon for main plot, others are event legendary pokemon.

    --Tapu No.3 looks the same as THE strange souvenir.

    --There are 120+ pokemon.

    --Full Metal Body and Shadow Shield are not just Clear Body and Multiscale.

    --There is a pokemon more powerful than Arceus on stats.

    --New mechanic: merge battle, two or more pokemon on battle field to merge together to battle in duo or trio battle such as Tapu family.

  2. garbodorable Aspiring Trainer


    So if I'm getting this timeline right: he knew the version legendaries before they were revealed, which they were back in May. Yet all the other Pokemon he had to talk about were either ones we know about now, or related to them, except for the "shovel" and "rock-paper-scissors" ones? That sounds suspicious to me.

    The rest of it sounds plausible enough without being too expected. Though I can't see how merge battles would work for anything that isn't the Tapu family. But the Rockruff evolutions would be very interesting. I assume it would become Rock/Grass, Rock/Fire or Rock/Water to balance out the weakness of your starter? I don't necessarily get that from looking at Rockruff's design, but it could be another Eevee-ish family of pokemon. I wonder what would happen if you traded it before it evolved? But everyone's Pokemon game has data for what starter they originally chose, so GameFreak definitely could introduce an evolution mechanic like that.
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  3. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Classic leak where the leaker talks about how he either is a guy or someone who knows a guy on the inside. Claims to either have exclusive info or has been sitting on it waiting for things to reveal until some things were confirmed, then spams a whole list of garbage with the confirmed stuff listed to make it sound more legitimate.

    Real leaks will speak in details and have photos to prove it, and even then they will be accused of being shopped.

    All of this is fake and you're being had. 2/10 bait made me reply.
  4. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

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    I love how this source gave you the names of the legendaries' Abilities, but not the names of the legendaries.

    Accurate chronology does wonders for the credibility of sources, no? :p
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  5. KiKi Team Harmony


    I feel like a lot of this is plausible. I always take everything with a grain of salt when reading "leaks".
    My thoughts :

    But they did say there was something special about the starters and Rockruff, so I could see its evolution being tied to which starter was selected.
    Mudsdale and Drampa having pre-evos is kind of a given. Except in the cases of Tauros, Miltank and Bouffalant, most quadrupedal, bovine like creatures evolve from or into something.
    Bruxish, Togedemaru, and Mimikyu not having evolutions also doesn't surprise me. Other than the Pikachu family, Pika-clones don't evolve. Sadly. I was hoping for one for Mimkyu, but I can see it easily being a standalone Pokemon.
    I can see Wimpod being like Gyaragos and Milotic; it being a bug type is strange tho, because it doesn't look a thing like a fish, like Magikarp and Feebas.
    Cutifly doesn't surprise me and is very plausible.
    Salandit is interesting. I wanna see that confirmed.
    Pokemon based on a shovel and Rock Paper Scissors.....
    Hala and Lillie info doesn't surprise me.
    8 Legendaries, plus mythicals? Hmm....
    Tapu Koko having relatives, yeah we know. Something had to look like the Strange Souvenier, right?
    Really hoping that 120+ new Pokemon this is true. Last generations amount was disgustingly low.
    A Pokemon more powerful than Poke God? Nao that I wanna see.

    All in all, all will be revealed in 3 1/2 months time, and while that doesn't seem like long, when you only get info every couple of week, or once a month, it's like an eternity. This happens every time a new generation is released, so we will have to see in time what all is true, and what is false. That's one of my favorite things about new games/generations is comparing and contrasting rumors and leaks with the game when it's finally released.
  6. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    They mean that Wimpod is a weak Pokémon that will evolve into a strong Pokémon a la Magikarp/Feebas into Gyarados/Milotic, not that it turns into a serpent/fish/dragon (like they said, a mix between Scolipede and Kabutops) ;)
  7. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Mudsdale has a confirmed pre-evolution.
  8. yammark Aspiring Trainer


    Pokemon base on shovel is already confirm = Sunabaa ,Shirodesuna (Ground/Ghost) a sand castle Pokemon that just reveal in CoroCoro that leak on 9 aug 2016

    About the Pokemon that base on Rock,Paper,Scissor . You know Masuda said many time about the starter Pokemon is base on Rock,Paper,Scissor game . Rock win Paper = Grass win Water,Paper win Rock = Water win Fire something like this . Ken sugimori said that Gen 7 will revert back to simplicity, in part by using elements found in Pokémon Red and Green and we see so many thing that base on Red/green . For example Alola form is base on Pokemon from Red/green . So it is possible that they will pull Rock,Paper,Scissor concept to design a Pokemon.
  9. Trainer of Shadows "But... Why?"
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    There's a big difference between a Pokémon with a shovel in its design, and a Pokémon with its design based on a shovel. I don't think anyone would look at Sunabaa and/or Shirodesuna and think "Yep, that Pokémon is based on a shovel."
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  10. yammark Aspiring Trainer


    That's why it's call '' Leak '' . The leaker can just tell the detail they want to say . This is not official announcement .
  11. Bonnettenotbunny Aspiring Trainer



    I like Rockruff's design and I guess that's why I like Rockruff in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon even more. How can I evolve Rockruff into Dusk Lycanroc? Are there any tips how to do it quickly?

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