New Layout


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I actually really like the current layout. All I can suggest is perhaps changing the colours or background, but it would be nice to keep the beach theme, and one of the columns should be kept.

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I think you should add a link for wallpapers, of a bunch of pokemon in one picture.


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I personally like the current layout of the site, keep it! ;) As for scans, I'm a bit confused about what you are requesting because it looks like you have scans from HL-HP up already. I'm not too worried about older sets being scanned and put up.

As long as there are current scans for the current tournament OP format each year, I would prefer scans from those sets be put up and kept up. If you have to get rid of scans each year to save some bandwidth, an idea would be to get rid of scans that are no longer in the current tournament format.

As for apprentice, it seems as if every time I download a new patch the software doesn't like my official theme which forces me to uninstall apprentice, re-install it, then re-install my theme in order to "update" it per se. Perhaps something can be done to improve the new patches so that they don't screw my current program up???

Other than those suggestions, keep up the great work on the site. I always look forward to your news updates, and hope that you will have the time to keep updating the site with news updates. Oh, and keep the cartoon episodes going the way you have, it's great to catch up on these since I am stuck at work all day Saturdays! One of my most favorite site features indeed!


As a few others have said, a sea background could be nice... if you tinted it like, 80% white, it would be pale enough to read the text. The Blastoise you have in the background... could that just be the original image at low opacity? Gah, being unable to use .PNGs must suck. =X


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I like the current layout more than the one you've just created. It has a nicer structure. It's just more pokebeach :)


I like the layout a lot expecially that Sugimori Blastoise pic in the Background. But personally I feel PB needs a sleeker logo to go with the new layout...


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i think u should change the backgound theme?the old one actually looks better than the new one????and yeah you should get a new logo....why not put up some wallpapers for pokebeach users to download?