New Forum Suggestions

Suggestion: Make it so it doesn't put your account in awaiting activation if it fails the email. I've had this happen to me not once, but twice so far. At least one of these was due to a problem on PokeBeach's end, not mine. If the person is a subscriber, they also lose access to that forum until they get put back into the appropriate usergroup.
The feature's there to prevent spam because spambots don't put valid e-mails in.
Now that I have my account back without issues, I can respond. Email verification really doesn't stop a lot of spam bots. Captchas also are a waste of time and are actually more of a pain for real users to get through. I can tell you some captchas were hard even for me to get the correct letters. What does work is using a registration question that only a legit user would know such as "What type is Blastoise?".

I don't know if you guys remember back when I installed Registration Question how many spambots it blocked. Without it at least 5-10 spambots daily would be registered.
We get spambots very rarely with the current system, so it seems to be doing the job just fine.
Uhm... don't know if this has been reported=answered, but when the site is down (something that for reasons is happening often) does this happen on purpose for maintenance or because of the server issues? If so, can it be fixed?
For more information about the errors and downtime, you can check this thread here.
I have a suggestion for the Pokémon un/Moon threads.

What if you had a thread for rumors. The way it would work is that you have one or two rumors in discussion. If it's confirmed fake it goes in that thread but if it's to be decided it goes in a TBD thread. And if it's confirmed it goes in a confirmed thread. Once all rumors have found a proper thread the rumors thread get's wiped so new rumors can easily be seen. Add 3 more threads. (this would hopefully knock the trademark confirmed and Pokémon direct threads off the first page making room for the threads. Rumor thread would have all but it's OP wiped. meaning newest discussion would always be on the first page of the thread while keeping the thread intact.
Confirmed true would be like the opposite of confirmed fake thread. The TBD will be there where people can discuss these rumors and do some digging to see if they are fake or not. With this you have four threads that work with each other to incentivize posting, digging and discussion. To make room you could delete the two threads about the exact same thing. Merge them into a region megathread and you will have another thread slot. Just my idea for how to easily go through leaks.
I was wondering just now, is it possible for you guys to have some gallery feature added? Like, if someone added a gallery to their thread, it could show an organized collection of thumbnails and behave like the images of cards up on the front page. I feel like this would really help when someone has a lot of images (or even just a few big ones) they want to share.