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A new blister pack is now available at Tarjay and Walfart for $9.99.


It comes with exclusive holo versions of Snorlax from Sword and Shield and Applin from Rebel Clash. It also includes SWSH031 Morpeko, which was originally included in the Morpeko Pin Collection.
The blister pack also includes a Battle Styles booster pack, a Darkness Ablaze booster pack, and an Alolan Raichu coin.
As usual, we don’t learn about store-exclusive items until they hit store shelves. This is because TPCi works directly with the stores...

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I'm interested by the selection of PROMOs. Also by the fact that Applin appears on the Morpeko card and the Morpeko pin collection was released alongside a Snorlax pin collection.
Is anyone else getting the impression that we've received an astonishing quantity of unannounced boxes and blisters since the beginning of the SWSH era? The two-for-the-price-of-one blisters? The 2020 holiday season boxes? The Costco box over in Canadia? (Yes, Canadia, not Canada.) And now this? I feel like I'm forgetting something. It's curious, isn't it? Where are all these boxes coming from? And where are they going? (Okay, fine, those last two sentences were just there for the dramatic effect. They come from factories and go into houses... or scalper's basements.)
The plot thickens...

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Bahaha, this is hilarious. If I had to take a wild guess, when they screwed up with the Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes a few weeks ago and sent out those neat blister packs with booster packs, the 3 bird cards and a coin, the printing company simply formed way too many of the plastic molds and cardboard cut outs and so Pokemon Company was like, eh, screw it, let's get rid of some overstock booster packs and ship 'em out. It's odd to me that they're still using everyday normal half-art holographics as promo cards in blister packs. Seems so boring with where we're at with full arts, and the ever-gorgeous alternative artworks over the past ~year.


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Are you sure this is really new? I bought 2 from Walmart on July 12th so it's been out for weeks at this point.
They have been out for a little while yes. As mentioned in the article, these store-exclusive products are only discovered by customers, they are never publicly announced or advertised by TPCi.

Here's another exclusive product I recently discovered a month ago. I was just browsing ebay for a certain blister pack and this Dragonite one appeared as a recommendation. Upon searching it I found it was paired with a Machamp blister as well. The come with cosmo holo exclusives of Sun & Moon Dragonite and Guardians Rising Machamp. The blisters contain 2 random dollar-tree (3 card) packs. From what I can see from searches; the packs could be from Evolutions, Sun & Moon, Guardians Rising, Lost Thunder and Team Up. The pack selection is quite old and so are the promos in which sets they originated from, so I'm unsure if these are from 2019 or if they're actually more recent. I'm fairly certain they have never been mentioned here or any other site/group/page that I visit.