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Standard Necrozma GX/Malamar

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by TSA123, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. TSA123 e


    So, I was testing with Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar, and to be quite honest, I really did not favor its inconsistency with getting metal into play. So, I made the switch to Necrozma GX/Malamar and began testing online, and here is the list I've been playing:
    4x Inkay FLI
    4x Malamar FLI
    2x Necrozma GX
    2x Dawn Wings Necrozma GX
    2x Tapu Lele GX
    1x Mewtwo SMPR
    1x Mew FCO
    1x Giratina XYPR

    4x Professor Sycamore
    3x Cynthia
    3x Guzma
    2x N
    1x Brigette

    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Mysterious Treasure
    4x Float Stone
    3x Max Elixir
    2x Field Blower
    1x Rescue Stretcher

    2x Parallel City

    10x Psychic Energy

    Edit (6/14/18): Since Mewtwo GX is primarily a tech against one attack (and you can just Guzma around Moons Eclipse), I have decided to drop it in favor of Mew FCO.
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  2. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    Nice list; it seems solid for the most part; I'd can only offer perhaps a few tweaks for your consideration.

    IMO, the 4-4 Malamar line is quite excessive and not realy needed. Consider reducing this line to just 3-3. In freeing-up 2 deck slots, I'd suggest you consider filling those slots with other attacking Pokémon (e.g., DW Necrozma GX, Tauros GX, etc.). Further, by reducing your Inkay count, this reduces your chances of starting with it. Psychic energy should also be considered as a viable replacement too; this would increase the effectiveness of your Max Elixir play.

    What is your "hit rate" on the Max Elixirs? I use a metric of "90%" meaning I'd want to hit a successful Max Elixir play 90% of the time acoss a minimum of 10 games. So, in your particular case, that would mean playing the 3 Max Elixir 30 times and having 27+ successful outcomes. If I don't achieve this objective, adjustments (e.g., more Basic energy, more deck "thinning-out" cards, etc.) are needed in order to achieve this objective. Lastly, do you really even need the Max Elixirs given Malamar's Psychic Recharge Ability?

    With 4 Ultra Ball and 4 Mysterious Treasure cards, 4 Professor Sycamore seem excessive. Consider replacing 1 Professor Sycamore with another Cynthia.

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
  3. TSA123 e


    Thanks for the reply!

    4-4 Malamar is absolutely necessary in this variant, as your ideal board state wants at least 3 Malamars on the bench. The 4-4 Malamar line ensures this board state.

    Max Elixir is also absolutely necessary if you aren't hitting the numbers you need. 10 Psychic Energy ensures that 1/6 of the deck is energy, so you should be hitting the Elixirs at least 80-90% of the time.

    Lastly, Professor Sycamore is preferred in this list to Cynthia because it has more consistent draw than Cynthia and gives you the ability to discard Psychic Energy.

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