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    I name my decks whatever the heck I want to name them, based on what I feel like. However, if people ask what I am playing, I won't give the custom name for it, usually - I'll give the name that most people are used to. For example, I call Zekeels+Terrakion "Zekkion", but that's not what I'm going to tell people; I'll be straight-forward about it.
    Also when something is implied, like Darkrai in Hydreigon, I won't mention it. If I say I am playing Hydreigon, it is implied I am using the Dark Trance version, and with Darkrai EX. But if I have to explain the name for my deck in more than 30 seconds, it's more worth it to just say the name that people are more familiar with.

    Then again, it is possible to be straightforward and confusing. When I tell people I run Victini Donk (which I do), they are met with a blank stare. (Hint, it's the Psychic Victini.)

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    You're contradicting yourself. They're not asking what the deck's name is; they're asking what you run. You're telling them the cards you run while keeping the name of the deck to yourself unless you happen to run into the scenario where they want the name of the deck, not what is ran in the deck.
    Case closed.
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    That isn't a contradiction >.< Often a proper answer to that question is what the deck is. For example, if I'm playing Truth, I would never answer the question as "Vileplume, Reuniclus, Donphan, etc". I would answer "Truth", because that's an established deck title. That would be a valid answer to the question because Truth is an established deck title. Some people would answer "Shadow Moving Dark Locking Earthquake" to the question when they are really playing Truth. Once again, using deck names that are not established is begging the question. Go around and ask people what they play at a tournament. I can assure you they'll answer with an established deck name, or a very crude description of their deck if they're playing rogue and want to talk (they might not want to talk at all :p).

    The question "what are you playing" is not a very specific question, so it has a multitude of good answers. I'm not asking for the specific cards. Just a brief rundown of your general strategy. An established deck name, a simple strategy, or even a brief rundown of the main Pokemon. A "creative name" has no place in that answer unless you give it as a comedic answer. For example, "I'm playing a gardevoir gallade build... I call it G2 :)". Answering "I'm playing G2" is typically not acceptable because it is still begging the question. "I'm playing Gardylade/Plox" is, however, acceptable because those were established deck names.

    The point is that unless you're an innovator (your decks may eventually make it big), creative names are useless. They may be fun, but useless. If you're good enough to make your decks big, your names might catch on, but probably not. Creative names are fine as titles in the deck corner, but they have no place in any serious discussion about theoretical decks.
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    I'm sorry, what
  5. CodeMonkey Contract? O.o


    Nice cherry picking (you should be a politician). If you read the next clause, you'd find that I said that there are a wide number of reasonable answers to the question. "shrooms", for example, is not a reasonable answer, but there are a multitude of different ways to give a reasonable answer to a nonspecific question.
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    Why should I take anything you say with more than a grain of salt if you outright contradicted yourself? If you ask a non-specific question, then why in God's name do you expect a reasonable answer?
    This is stupid. I've said all that needs to be said.
  7. CodeMonkey Contract? O.o


    There is no contradiction. I think you're getting terms mixed up >.< I expect a reasonable answer in the sense that I expect you to answer the frickin question. For example
    A - "Tell me about yourself."
    B - "Bananas"

    This is an example of a nonspecific question and an unreasonable answer. Get it?

    A - "Tell me about yourself"
    B - "Well I was born in Mexico, but quickly moved to California. I am interested in Music and Classical Literature. I eventually went to Harvard Law School to study criminal law. I currently work as a defense attorney. I have a wife and two kids. My son goes to high school while my daughter is in middle school."

    This is a non-specific question with a long, but good answer. See how that works?

    A - "Tell me about yourself"
    B - "My name is Steve"

    This is a non-specific question with an answer that, while true, doesn't actually answer the question. This is a bad answer. It doesn't tell us anything about B except for his name which is absolutely arbitrary.

    A - "Tell me about yourself"
    B - "My name is Steve. I'm a defense attorney."

    This is a short, sweet answer that very quickly gives a tidbit of information about B. This isn't as much as the second example, but it works to answer the question.

    Also, don, I'd like to point out that you've successfully taken quite a few things out of context without actually added anything concrete to the conversation. I'd highly recommend you actually read what I say instead of looking at the first few words of each paragraph. You might actually find something. >.<
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    Why should anybody listen to you when you don't counter points, but attempt to win the argument in "cheap" ways? I couldn't help but laugh at the post you made before this; you removed a lot of very relevant context and anybody who actually read through the thread would find it ridiculous that that's all you could say in response to CodeMonkey's previous post. If anybody skimmed through the entire thread, but then fully read that one post of yours, you probably convinced them you're right regardless of whether or not you are. Congratulations. But if they're skimming, they probably don't care about the topic anyway.

    I can do what you just did very easily.
    Wait, so apparently you think that the basic concept you're arguing to be a good thing is stupid. Because those two sentences, both of which you wrote, clearly contradict each other. Now everything you've said is automatically invalidated because of one out-of-context contradiction, right?

    With regards to this, why shouldn't you? A reasonable answer does not have to be a specific answer. I could ask, "What do you like?" This is a very non-specific question. However, "I like sports", despite not being an incredibly specific answer, is a very reasonable response. "I like playing left outside midfield in soccer" would also be a reasonable and more specific response. Both answer the question. A non-specific question can have multiple reasonable answers.
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    I agree people need to be less ordinary, I have a friend who is GREAT at naming his decks he had, and No copy writing a Fighting/Flame deck, and he called it Fossilized Flame, he is Great I try to name my deck sort of like that, Like My Drednaw and Wailmer Deck I called Giant teeth, obviously because they both have big teeth. my best deck though, my Obsatgoon and Sableye V deck, I am still working on trying to find a good name for it if you guys could find one good, like the info that I gave that'd be AWESOME!
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    He says to answer truth and I completely agree besides for example the Fossilized Flame deck is a great name because really the only thing that they can guess about your deck, if you tell them the title is, that it is some sort of Fire Type Deck, this is strategic because then they don't know what to expect, so they can't guess what cards you're gonna have in play.
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    Dude this thread is over 8 years old
  12. JaxuTCG i love swinub


    Thanks for reviving this lol. Anyways, I think the names should be simple enough for newer players to understand. If i say someone who has never played the TCG "Hey, do you want to play against my ADPZ deck" I dont think anyone is gonna get it. I think Creation Zacian is a better name :)
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    Yes I understand it is an old thread but it is still cool to name your decks creatively. Right now on DeckTrio, try it out a deck making website, I am working on making a Fire/Water deck and can't find a good name for it pls let me know if you get a good name for it! Also my Sableye/Obstagoon deck as well, I don't want to name it the popular Sablgoon deck because that's just dumb, so I am trying to find a good name.

    I have some name Ideas but no copy writing this is only to give you guys a more creative look on how to name your Pokemon TCG Decks, My friend named his Fire/Fighting deck Fossilized Flame, and his Solgaleo and Necrozma deck Total Eclipse, I named my Drednaw and Wailord Deck Giant Teeth, I'm sure that there is a better name then that, and my Breloom/Vileplum/Tapu Bulu Powder Power, maybe you could name a deck of the expansion packs that they make, like my Sableye/Obstagoon deck you could name Dark Secrets, no copywriting that is my name, or a Pikachu Zekrom, High Voltage, there is plenty of Space for good creative names for your decks.

    Also my Togekiss V and VMAX deck that I made, I named it Kiss-Kiss Goodbye, this is decently creative but not my best piece of work

    So far I dont have a good name for my Mew and Mewtwo Deck but I called it Team DNA

    However my Empoleon and Starmie GX deck I called Royal Stars, reffering to how empolean is royal and Starmie well obviously is a giant sea star

    Oh and my Fire/Grass deck I have called Forest Fire
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    Hmmm. Reading Togekiss just reminded me of song lyrics, "throw a kiss, fire a gun". I might name that deck Togekiss fire a gun".

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