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Post in this thread if you'd like your name changed.

Rules involving name changes (these are not all inclusive and will change as I think of them):

1. One change every six months.
2. New members (less than a week old) get one free change on the house during that week.
3. Changes in capitalization or spelling do not count towards your one change.
4. Adding or subtracting any characters does count towards your one change.
5. Keep it clean.
6. Special characters are allowed, within reason.

List of changes and date new change is allowed

The Rhyperior -> N's Rhyperior (January 26, 2022)
Lord o da rings -> Lorde (January 26, 2022)
TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK -> Nick Tornell (January 27, 2022)
Fiery_Lugia -> FrostyLily (January 27, 2022)
Jadethepokemontrainer -> JadeGemTM (January 27, 2022)
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Jadethepokemontrainer -> JadeGemTM

Get this old name outta here. Glad this is happening!