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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Shining Raikou, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
    Shining Raikou

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    Name Change Requests


    Name change requests will be closed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience.



    We have decided to discontinue name changes for the foreseeable future. This is due to an upgrade in forum software and it will no longer be supported, at least for now.

    In light of this, we are allowing a free name change week for all members. All members have one week to change your name, one time. On Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at Midnight EST all name changes will stop.


    Request your name change here! Remember you must log in with your new name after the change, and that your name will be changed exactly as you typed! (Unless it violates the below rules or is already taken, in the case either one happens you will be PMed.)

    Do not ask to be exempted from the following rules or you will be ignored. Rules are rules.


    1. Only one name change is allowed per calendar year. (2011, 2012, and so on) Once a new year starts you have another name change you may use. One letter changes or a simple capitalization of your name is a freebie and doesn't count as your once per year name change.

    2. You must have 250 posts, have been a member for 2 months, and have a 0% warning level in order to have your name changed. If you have been a member for more than 3 years and do not meet the post requirement, you may request a name change. If you are changing your name from a username with characters not on a standard english keyboard, you can request one free change without meeting the requirement. However, your username must not contain any disallowed changes that are outlined in rule #5.

    3. You must leave your previous user name in your signature or user title for 4 weeks where people can clearly see it. This is to allow people to get used to your new name and recognize you. It would be a good idea to do this before having your username changed. (Put "formerly known as *old name here*" or similar)

    4. If you have a trade rep thread, you will need to link to it so it can be renamed with your new username. If I forget to change the name of your rep thread after I change your name please let me or another mod know so traders can find you! Also, if you are playing in a tournament on the forums, please post in the respected thread (or pm the tournament host) to prevent confusion that might occur.

    5. Disallowed username changes:
    • No more than 35 characters are allowed.
    • Only English letters a-z and numbers 0-9 are allowed.
    • Only 4 numbers or 2 standard english keyboard symbols will be allowed in a changed username. (example: Jonny11111111 will only be allowed to be Jonny1111 at most, Jonny!?!?!?!? will only be allowed to be Jonny!!)
    • No x's on the sides or similar in a changed username. (example: xxxxjonnyxxxx would have to be jonny)
    • Any particularly distasteful names will not be allowed. (Potty humor, insults, etc.)
    • You may not use a previously used username of another member or a username that is similar to a current/past name of another member.

    6. Change backs/regrets:
    If you absolutely hate your name change and want to change back/change to something else you can. In order to do so, you must notify us in the thread within 24 hours of your most recent name change. You may only do this ONCE within 24 hours of your most recent username change, so don't ask to try out a bunch of usernames.

    Thanks for reading!

    November 20th, 2011
    * = a minor change/freebie

    Gliscor = Futachimaru
    Sweet Dawn Berlitz = Rainbow Dash
    Guy89 = TheGuy
    Yoshidude10 = The Yoshi
    Pokefan4000 = don()shinobi
    slickmario = ISB
    Bippa201 = Peachy
    PikachewTofu = xxsacredrelicxx
    pokemon99 = Nengeni
    TheDarkLucario = TDL
    glaceon = Glaceon*
    Shadow Arceus = Cinesra
    Azelf Master = doublenikesocks
    Carlitosbob = CarlosDuranJr
    Darkvoid57 = Zorua
    Dark Sonic J = DSJ
    ShadowLugia = Daft Punk
    dragonexpert = King Arceus
    Snivylover555 = Loveshy
    Juliacoolo = JaySee
    The Power of Three = Teapot
    BrOkenICE = Heart
    batui4 = swain
    Rotom-Cut = R-C
    shampoo-thief = Shampoo Thief*
    EspeonROX = Serperior
    Darkrai's nightmare = NinjaSamurai
    Starforce Lv.X = Ysmir
    Captoats = Captain Oats
    eevee = Storm Blade

    November 21, 2011
    Kyroid = Stratus
    aggiegwyn = HolyMackerel
    paddy = Arcavine185
    pokenerd = Argetlam
    FlamingDriscoll09 = Dewtzel
    Richkid50000 = PolarJace
    teeboy23 = Teeboy23*
    FatalAeroX = X-5
    Delta = Uninstall
    syneptus = KrdaxDrkrun
    Rivallz = Cybertron
    Lance and Salamence = Unfallible
    Techdeck101 = Lil Wayne
    Yoda 432 = Slowpr0
    Rivallz = Cybertron

    November 22nd, 2011
    amisheskimoninja = AmishEskimoNinja*
    Spidy Freakshow = Spidy
    P0KEVORTEX = Vortex
    The Assassin = Bravo
    scuba stevee = scuba steveE*
    bacon = bacon-boy
    Riskbreakers = Brisk Cakers
    LillipupFTW = DerpyMartian
    piplup234 = HenryP
    SPM3 = Spammy

    November 23rd, 2011
    MotorRotom = For the Love of Keldeo
    MrWeasley1987 = Coca Cola
    captain.mongoose = Captain Pidgey
    supergamerfreak = Pupper Master X
    r3skyline = Chief Zavala

    November 24th, 2011
    Robot3300 = Robot
    Xdogking = Xdog
    crystaltheumbreon = AmberStar★Umbreon
    chanman45 = Chanman

    November 26, 2011
    Alvin and the Minezumis = Alvin SubClause
    Electric Pokemon Master = ZouX

    November 28, 2011
    Tyraniking = Mr. Tea
    sillykyle! = sillykyle*

    November 29, 2011
    palkia dialga clash = PDC

    December 4, 2011
    Chiraami = Inconceivable
    Pok'eMaster = The Former Player

    December 6, 2011
    GravetheUndead = Queen Excel
    bigpokex = DeepSleepDarkrai
    Hyperbeem = Hot N' Spicy

    December 13, 2011
    shadow_scyther = Shadow Scyther

    December 16, 2011
    Hagane = Dream To Kill
    the aura is with me8 = The Aura Is With Me 8*

    December 17, 2011
    joe = Domo

    December 21, 2011
    SotH = Skymin
    Gleafeon = TheOtterBoy
    Hatman = Imakuni?
    47bennyg = Weihnachtsmann

    December 24, 2011
    legendhunter32 = Legendhunter32*

    December 26, 2011
    Legendhunter32 = Legend
    mlouden03 = Emperor_Gaius
    LuckyPokeGirl = Lucky Fire
    hipoke = Purpose

    December 28, 2011
    mpain0 = Epic Reshiram
    HeatRotomFTW1997 = HeatRotomFTW97

    December 29, 2011
    Mudkip = Mudkip711
    ESP = EspeonShock


    Uninstall -> Delta
    Alvin SubClause -> Alvin and the Patrats
    GREENMONKEYDUMP -> Non Sequitur
    Hot N' Spicy -> Hyper
    EspeonShock -> ESP
    Loveshy -> Spongebob
    Dewtzel -> Nigel
    Puppet Master X -> Excelsior
    Daft Punk -> ShadowLugia
    Weihnachtsmann -> 47bennyg
    Mareepman -> Mokoko
    Storm Blade -> eevee
    Heart -> Keyblade
    Epic Reshiram -> Totoro
    For the Love of Keldeo -> Verbivore
    Queen Excel -> Dragon Master Ryuuji
    MrGatr -> Martini
    minimidget94 -> Cinema
    dolphinluv2010 -> theducktamer
    ZoruaSnivyluver -> ~Passion~
    Tyrant Tyranitar -> Equinox
    The Former Player -> Underdawg
    BlastBurn -> Hydro Cannon
    Mr. Tea -> Ms. Tea
    Azul -> Norman Black
    Eveon -> Naked Snake
    Ms. Tea -> Matryoshka
    AmberStar★Umbreon -> Ice-Dragon★Kyurem
    X_empoleon_X -> Emperor
    Arcavine185 -> Paddy185
    DNA -> Deus: Nightmare Autarch
    Apollo the Incinermyn -> Incinermyn
    T-Peezy - TPZ
    Blah237 -> Blah
    Arceus Of Heaven -> AoH
    Excelsior -> Xcelsior *
    Steadfast -> BreadFat
    JaySee -> Jay
    EonEye99 -> Eon
    Rougechomp -> RogueChomp
    Pok'eMaster Ryan -> Randolfo
    konter_j8902 -> konter5683
    ISB -> Rusticks
    TyphloWolf -> Typhlo Wolf*
    The Aura Is With Me 8 ->Brave Vesperia
    kashmaster -> Ka$h Money
    VictiniMan -> Fluttershy
    Luxray :D -> Cooltrainer Alan
    Twilight ShayminLvr -> Sleepy
    Typhlo Wolf -> Dark Giratina
    Dream to Kill -> Roronoa Zoro
    TDL -> ComfortEagle
    Glaceon -> Glace
    Charizard88 -> Brett
    Futachimaru -> Hope
    Teapot -> One Approved
    olimar1023 -> Keeper Of Night
    tybike -> MonsterHunter909
    LegosLock -> Derp
    Vablakes -> Mayer
    Shinyx107 -> ~Golden Wings~
    (Randy) -> Khalddrogo
    Keyblade-> keybLade*
    wang zitong->Zeto
    Dark Giratina -> Dark-Giratina*
    Guilty spark -> Guilty Spark*
    593462 -> Random Numbers
    Sinnoh_Champion_Ernesto -> Flygon2071
    ShadowLugia -> Some Loser
    Xcelsior -> Chaos Ripper 9
    bacon -> Finch
    TDL -> unsheathed
    Bippa -> Astra

  2. Futa Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Please change to Futachimaru.
  3. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    RE: Name Change Requests

    1 year huh? Okay, I'll finally be able to have a username I'll be comfortable with.

    I so totally want to be called Rainbow Dash, it only makes sense. :3

    Thanks in advance when you get around to change it.
  4. TheGuy Member since '09


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Requesting Change to TheGuy

    "Nickname" is the word to PM.

    Clue 5: I use Google Chrome!
  5. The Yoshi Wumbo
    The Yoshi


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Please change to Yoshi. Thank you!

    (Question: If I change my name on December 31, can I change it on January 1, or does it have to be a full year?)

    Edit: Rep thread is in sig.

    It's once per calendar year. So yes. - SR

    The name Yoshi is already taken, please choose a different name.~de
  6. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Gah, I've been waiting for this for SO long~

    I'd like my username to be changes to the phrase shown below exactly, please~


    And here's my rep thread.

  7. Rusty Sticks ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
    Rusty Sticks


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Requesting change to ISB.


    EDIT: I don't trade anymore, but maybe I'll get back into it (rep thread)
  8. Spiky Finned Mudkip I'm a Brony :D
    Spiky Finned Mudkip


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Sorry, please see updated rule #1. - SR
  9. RE: Name Change Requests

    Please change my username to Peachy.
  10. cataha :-)


    RE: Name Change Requests

    my name from now on shall be

  11. Nengeni Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Name Change Requests

    I would like mine changed to Nengeni whenever you get a chance.

    I'll update my sig when I feel like it (within a day or two.)

    You better! >:p - SR
  12. PG24 <Pride> I'm my wildest fantasy

    Badges Staff Advanced Member Member

    RE: Name Change Requests

    Change me to TDL please. :)
  13. Nengeni Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Name Change Requests

    ^ ^

    Can't you change yourself???

    Only Super Mods can. - SR
  14. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Name Change Requests

    Could you capitalize the "G" in my name? Thanks.

    (rep thread in sig)

    This counts as a freebie since it's only one letter, so you still have another name change to use for this year if you wish. - SR
  15. Cinesra Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Name Change Requests

    I feel so stupid for not knowing that you were sacred relic...
    I'd like my name changed to Cinesra

  16. doublenikesocks uhhh idk


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Had a dream about this last night.
    Name please change to doublenikesocks
    Thanks in advance.
    Rep thread:
  17. CarlosDuranJr Carlitosbob


    RE: Name Change Requests

    requesting name to be: CarlosDuranJr

    rep thread in sig
  18. Shining Raikou Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!
    Shining Raikou

    Forum Head Badges Head Chat Room Head Website Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    RE: Name Change Requests

    Please update your signatures with your former name (formerly known as ____ ) or I will change your name back!
  19. Zorua Zedd

    Advanced Member Member

    RE: Name Change Requests

    Userbar says previously Darkvoid57

    Please change to: Zorua

    Gracias mi amigos

    Rep thread in siggy
  20. Cinesra Aspiring Trainer


    RE: Name Change Requests

    Can I do it in my usertitle?
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