Collecting Mythical Mew Collection: My Quest to Find One

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Purrloin, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. I've been having a devil of a time finding a Mythical Mew Collection box. None of my local stores have sold it, and now that we're in March, Mew's time has passed in favor of Celebi.

    Is the Mythical Mew Collection box rare? It's even going for $30-40 on most online retailers, which is an over 100% increase from the MSRP. Has anybody else had a hard time finding one in stores?

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    I have seen plenty at my local EB games stores in Australia, going for around $25 AUD which is around $18 US.
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    They do seem to have had a somewhat small print run. I know a lot of people in the US who have had problems getting them. I had no problems preordering mine, but the store I purchased mine from is already sold out, and on local amazon it's only available from resellers for €35 (about double MSRP).
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  4. I wonder why they'd do such a small print run when they've been hyping up the 20th Anniv. so much. Odd decision.

    Not wanting to risk having this happen again, I just preordered every single Mythical box for $13 each. I didn't really want to pay shipping 10 times but I figure I'll save in the long run if this supply:demand ratio continues into the future.

    Meanwhile I will continue to try to find a Mew box... @Celty told me her Target has them so I'm going to be That Guy and tell them to look in back for one. :p
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    One of the reasons why they're so limited is because each store is only allowed to order up to 6 of 'em (4 if we're talking about GameStop), that usually means they're snatched up in a matter of days if not the day they're taken out of the case.

    The good news is that most stores seem to be learning how limited they are and restricting them to one-to-two per person.
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