Pokemon Mystery Behind Ash and Red?

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    I personally don't feel Red and Ash are one in the same. I don't think they look all that similar though they do share some physical similarities. I just think that they are two separate characters in two different cannons in which one inspired the other. I enjoy a good conspiracy theory though. I prefer Red as a trainer. As someone who has played the games since they first came out, I relate to Red and his goals because ours were one in the same, our bonds with our Pokemon were one in the same. Ash is just a person I watched on TV as a kid (and adult) that I wound up being aggravated at him more than half the time for not catching anything and doing what Red and I did in the games. I think Red has the stronger Pokemon because he's accomplished a hell of a lot more than Ash for one thing, and he has a wide variety of Pokemon and types to choose from in battle. He's smart to know type advantages and disadvantages but also doesn't let that stop him from still using his favorites.

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    I don't think they are related in any way. Both of them met Gary, which means they are from different dimension/universe but I noticed something Ash doesnt age O_O, also if they were related or in the same dimension they would have at least met each other once or twice.
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    I believe that the Anime and the games are separate timelines, Ash is Red, and vice versa, but the different timelines create different paths.
    I mean, if you watch Pokémon generations, you know that Red goes across the whole world, much like Ash in the anime.
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    The way I've always looked at it is that Red, Red, and Ash are all separate entities that are dimensional equivalents.

    The first Red is the OG Red from Red and Green in Japan. He (and by extension Fire Red) is quite plain, as he is an avatar. His most notable appearance outside of his game is in Gold/Silver/Heart Gold/Soul Silver, at the top of the Mountain, while his most recent was in Sun and Moon. I would go as far as to say that the character Pokémon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the one in the background controlling Charizard in Sm4sh, is the same Red as this (specifically his Fire Red era).

    The second Red was Ash Ketchum, who was introduced to the canon 1 April 1997 in Japan. He's the one that everyone knows. He's had the most changes over the years, due to the never-ending nature of the anime. He's largely confined within his own universe.

    The third Red was Red from Pokémon Adventures, aka PokéSpe. This one is personally my favourite Red. He has, by far, the most character development of them all. We also see him age from 10 up through til the age of 20. While he isn't the main focus of the series (as it shifts each generation), he's a very important character in the canon.

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