Writing Mysteries of the Forgotten Island (Version Zero) (Chapter 11)

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    idea, title, image, and most of the OP shamelessly stolen from Athena who let me pick up this ball and run with it

    This is an activity that's going to be fun for everyone: me, because I like to write and I like to write battles, and you because you get to see your OCs in action! It can be interesting to see how other people interpret your character and do things, and it's an interesting challenge for me as a writer as well.

    Athena's original story for this had some big plot that I don't have the time to come up with. Maybe in the future I'll flesh it out a bit but for now I just wanna have fun writing.

    The story will be written as a tournament. You'll get a little bit of text, and then a battle for each chapter. Eventually someone will win and then you all tell me how cool of an idea this was. Pretty simple stuff!

    Signups are closed so the rest of the OP is in spoilers to save room

    Here's what I need from you:

    Name: (The name of your Pokémon trainer.)
    Class: (This must be a valid trainer class from the main series of games.)
    Home: (Where your character is from, city/town and region)
    Pokémon: (Choose three. They can be any Pokémon from any generation, including legendaries; provide a gender, and a nickname if applicable.)
    Pokémon's Strength: (Which stat is its best stat? Provide information for each one.)
    Pokémon's Weakness: (Which stat is its worst stat? Provide information for each one.)
    Pokémon's Signature Move: (Your Pokémon's favourite or best move. Provide information for each one.)
    Trainer's Appearance: (What does he or she look like?)
    Trainer's History/Backstory: (Please limit to 1-2 paragraphs.)
    Trainer's Favourite Food: (just one!)
    Trainer's Worst Fear: (dundundun...)
    Battle Style: (Choose one: offensive, defensive, speed, status-changing)


    Q: Alright, so, how does this whole thing work exactly? Are we actualy going to be fighting each other, like an RPG or something?
    A: This isn't a game, it's a writing exercise. Once the characters are made, the tournament story will be updated with chapters. Many of those chapters will be a battle between two of the trainers and their Pokémon, ending in a winner. Some chapters will take place between Pokémon battles, or before or after the story. But, it's just writing, no game elements.

    Q: If it's not a game, how do you decide who wins?
    A: All battles are decided entirely at random. Basically, I roll a dice to determine the winner.

    Q: So what's the point of the moves and stats and stuff you mention above?
    A: To give some flavour and personality to the trainers and their Pokémon. Just like any story, the more detail there is, the more engaging the story is. No one would want to read a story that just consisted of "Charmander beat Pidgey, Charmander is the winner. Next round." And the more detail that's provided by the people who create the trainers, the better I, as a writer, am able to stay true to the intents of the creator.

    Q: If the battle is decided entirely at random, does that mean some trainer with a Caterpie could beat some trainer with an Arceus?
    A: Absolutely! Wouldn't that be amusing to read?

    Q: Are there any specific rules or guidelines for the creation of trainers?
    A: All submitted characters must comply with all Writing Café and general PokéBeach rules. Otherwise, not really, so long as you fill out the entire entry form above. If I have any specific questions or problems with your character, I will ask. Once your name shows in the Opening Post, you'll know your character has been accepted.

    Q: Do I have to make all the details about my trainer public?
    A: Not necessarily. If there's something about your character you'd like to keep hidden from the public, you're welcome to PM the sekrit details to me. However you still must fill out a public form and submit it, even if the information written on the public form is technically incorrect (for example, someone could choose to have their character secretly be a member of Team Rocket; the public bio would be their "cover" story). However, all Pokémon information must be submitted correctly in public; Pokémon information cannot be secret.

    Q: I have an OC trainer that I really super love and have written tonnes of fanfiction about. Can I submit her as a character for the tournament?
    A: Sure! Just make sure you provide all the necessary information in the form. However, be warned that when another author writes about a character that you've created, there's a very good chance that they will interpret that character differently than you do. If you're attached to your character and cannot stand to see them lose (after all, there's only one winner, so the odds are NOT in your favour), or to maybe have them written in a way that you may not like, you're probably better off submitting a different character.

    Q: Did you draw that lovely trainer girl in the banner, it's awesome!
    A: Sadly, no, I can't draw anything aside from derpy dinosaurs and baby dragons (though a friend of mine in college did get one of my baby dragon drawings tattooed on her, so I must be pretty good at those). The trainer image was loving borrowed from Keichan411 on dA.

    Q: I have a question about something that's not mentioned in this post, what should I do?!
    A: Feel free to post the question in this thread, or PM me if you'd prefer, and I will do my best to answer it.

    I think that's enough. Signup is exactly 16. If we don't get 16 entrants you may submit a second character, but someone's first will have priority over your second.


    1. rainyman123 - Tsomu (m)
    2. thegrovylekid - Nye (f)
    3. double o squirtle - Cody (m)
    4. Reshiwott - Scarlet (f)
    5. Little Cherrim - Kyro (m)
    6. PikaMasterJesi - Frisk (f)
    7. NinjaPenguin - Alex (m)
    8. Blakers - Rose (f)
    9. GrandPanacea - Jethro Duffy (m)
    10. TheSceptileMaster - Quayle (m)
    11. NotJim - Lenneh (m)
    12. Athena - Kiria (f)
    13. quakingpunch73 - Taikyu (m)
    14. Jabberwock - Eldan (m)
    15. NinJamezor - Thresher (m)
    16. Skyleaf2000 - Windra (f)

    Prologue: Opening Moves
    Chapter 1: The Many Strands of Fate
    Chapter 2: Secrets
    Interlude 1: Deal or No Deal
    Chapter 3: The Blue Ladies
    Chapter 4: Red Passion
    Chapter 5: Feelings for the Eighth
    Interlude 2: Meredith
    Chapter 6: Risk Versus Reward
    Interlude 3: Purple Progress
    Chapter 7: Playing Dirty
    Chapter 8: Wrapping It All Up
    Interlude 4: Pearl's Twins
    Chapter 9: Coming Clean
    Chapter 10: Revelations
    Chapter 11: Shattered Dreams
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    All submissions are to be done in-thread, everything is public

    The only thing you are permitted to send privately is stuff about your character that you don't necessarily want in your public bio

    Also all Pokemon data must be public, no hidden tricks allowed
  3. Nyora A Cat


    Name: Tsomu
    Class: Ninja Boy
    Home: Mt. Lanakila
    Pokémon: Bae the Ribombee (Female), Dialga (Genderless), Venusaur (Female)
    Pokémon's Strength: Ribombee's best stat is its speed, Dialga's is it's Special Defense, and Venusaur's is it's Special Attack
    Pokémon's Weakness: Ribombee's is it's Hit Points, Dialga's is it's Defense, and Venusaur's is it's Speed.
    Pokémon's Signature Move: Ribombee's is Pollen Puff, Dialga's is Roar of Time, and Venusaur's is Giga Drain.
    Trainer's Appearance: Tsomu is 5'2", weighs only 78 lbs, and has long flowing white hair. (Dyed hair of course) His eyes are hazel, and he wears completely black.
    Trainer's History/Backstory: Tsomu is the eldest brother of 4 other siblings. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his father. His mother is living in a big house in Kalos, while Tsomu lives in a small house with all his siblings and a Lillipup and a Purrloin in a regularly sized house in Alola. Ever since he was 4, he had dreamed of becoming a Pokémon master. After getting his first Pokémon when he turned 10, he set off in the world to explore the Pokémon World and eventually possible find a way to help his family. He is a sweet-talker and is able to get many things his way using only his words. However, his 10th grade teacher didn't take any of his sweet-talk. She found it unecessary and sitracting. Oftentimes he got in trouble by the he teacher for trying to sweet-talk his way out of things. At the end of the year, he learned he can't talk his way out of everything, and later on he learned in the Pokémon World one of the main ways people solved their problems was surprisingly by battling. Determined to be able to get out of anything, he spent year sharpening his skills in becoming a great trainer.
    Trainer's Favourite Food: Tsomu's favorite food is the Brownie.
    Trainer's Worst Fear: Tsomu's worst fear is lots of holes, lots of small holes right next to each other, like a whole bunch of bullet holes for instance.
    Battle Style: Tsomu battles defensively.

    EDIT: added genders because everyone else is so peer pressure it makes sense.
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  4. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    /in to prove to Rainy I have better bees

    Name: Nye
    Class: Lady
    Home: Celestic Town
    Pokémon: Beedrill (M), Dragonite (M), Musharna (F)
    Pokémon's strength: Beedrill's is speed, Dragonite's is attack, Musharna's is Special Defence.
    Pokémon's Weakness: Beedrill's is Special Attack, Dragonite's is Special Attack, Musharna's is Speed.
    Sig. Move: Poison Jab, Extreme Speed, Trick Room
    Appearance: 5'5", excellent body, blonde hair that comes down to the middle of her back, blue eyes. Wears a white dress with an accompanying large, white hat.
    History: Nye was born to noble family in the Unova region. When she was young, she found an injured Munna outside and raised it back to health, after which she stayed with her. Their bond developed, and late at night the two would often sneak outside. When she was ten, she ran away from her parents after hearing the family was splitting up, unable to take the news. She and Munna ran through a cave and ended up in a snowy region, in a small town nestled in the mountains. She began to live there, travelling away on occasion. Eventually, she added a rogue Beedrill that was attacking her home to her team, and fished up a Dratini. The three of them settled down and lived in Celestic town with the rest of the townspeople, though Nye would travel around the region to battle. With a Fully Evolved team, she feels capable of taking on any foe.
    Favourite Food: Fruit Salad
    Worst Fear: Seeing her Parents or the Unova region again.
    Battle Style: Adapts to counter whatever the opponent is doing.

    Inspiration: That one cave in Unova that connects to Sinnoh.
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  5. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    I'm totally calling a spot to be in this but I don't have time to finish up a character before bed, so I'll post something up tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to this! <3
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  6. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    Name: Cody
    Class: Ace Trainer
    Home: Seafolk Village
    Pokémon: Primarina, Araquanid, Sharpedo
    Pokémon's Strength: Primarina's is special attack, Araquanid's is special defense, and Sharpedo's is speed.
    Pokémon's Weakness: Primarina's is HP, Araquanid's is speed, and Sharpedo's' is defense.
    Pokémon's Signature Move: Primarina's is Hyper Voice, Araquanid's is Liquidation, Sharpedo's is Crunch.
    Trainer's Appearance: He's 5'8, is a little skinny, has fairly short, really dark hair, dark brown eyes, and usually wears a black suit.
    Trainer's History/Backstory: Cody grew up while travelling with parents, both of which loved to study Pokemon. Although this meant he was never really able to live in one place, he didn't mind due to having a love for studying Pokemon and travelling as well. One day when visiting the Wela Volcano Park in Alola, he and his family ran into a rather hostile Salazzle. Seeing as it wouldn't calm down, Cody was asked to stand back while his parents fought off the Pokemon. During the battle however, the Salazzle managed to get past Cody's parents and was now staring straight at Cody. It tried to attack him with flamethrower, but he just barely dodged it. However due to being scared and not having any Pokemon at the time, Cody ran away from the scene. Later he went searching for his parents, but couldn't find them. The event lead to a fear of fire, so he started training water Pokemon to keep his fear in check and to prevent a situation similar to that from happening again. He eventually moved to Seafolk Village, this way he could stay away from fire types and travel to different places, similar to how he did with his parents.
    Trainer's Favourite Food: Strawberries
    Trainer's Worst Fear: Fire
    Battle Style: Defensive
  7. Reshiwott swamp gang


    Name: Scarlet
    Class: Pokémon Ranger
    Home: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh.
    Roserade (Female) - Nickname: Hana
    Pachirisu (Female) - Nickname: Chi-Chi
    Shaymin-Land (I mean, Shaymin is technically genderless, but assume it’s a female) - Nickname: Julia

    Pokémon's Strength:
    Roserade - Special Attack.

    Pachirisu - Speed. Makes use of its small size also.

    Shaymin - Special Attack and Speed.

    Pokémon's Weakness:

    Roserade has an appalling physical defense stat and struggles against flying Pokémon.

    Pachirisu can’t do a lot to Ground types due to having a primarily electric movepool.

    Shaymin is quite frail and vulnerable to attacks, and so needs to attack fast or will simply get annihilated.

    Pokémon's Signature Move:

    Roserade - GrassWhistle. Puts the opposing Pokémon to sleep. (Preferably with more accuracy than the game?}

    Pachirisu - Nuzzle. Deals a slight amount of damage and paralyzes the opponent (guaranteed.)

    Shaymin - Seed Flare. High power grass type move, chance to lower opponent’s SpDef.

    Trainer's Appearance: Just imagine Eunha in a ranger uniform and with some pokemon honestly.
    https://s-media-cache ak0.pinimg.com/236x/59/37/ac/5937ac696d24c145799d819f4b8b42e0.jpg
    Trainer's History/Backstory:

    Scarlet has lived in Snowpoint City since she was born. Since she was very young, she had always wanted to explore the Sinnoh region in full, but was limited by her age. At 15, she began to help her parents as a Pokémon Ranger, meeting lots of different types of Pokémon upon the way.
    A special case led her to Route 224, where her mission was to protect a very special Pokémon known as Shaymin. She had to calm and successfully capture multiple Magmortar in order to protect said Shaymin. Upon doing so, Scarlet decided that she should catch the Shaymin to protect it from further harm. The two formed an everlasting bond and work so closely in battle, they could be using telepathy!

    Trainer's Favourite Food: Cookies? Like, actual cookies. Not biscuits. Cookies.

    Trainer's Worst Fear: Spiders.

    Battle Style: Inflict status conditions (paralyze/sleep) -> sweep with primarily special attacks.
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  8. Little Cherrim Political Obsessor
    Little Cherrim


    (Sorry if it is hard to read)
    Name: Kyro.
    Class: Fossil Researcher.
    Home: Hundreds of miles north of Unova, in another Region

    Pokemon strength:
    Archeops: Attack and Speed.
    Anorith: Defence and Special Defence
    Clefairy: Attack

    Pokemon's weakness:
    Archeops: Special Attack.
    Anorith: Speed.
    Clefairy: Special Defence

    Pokemon's signature move:
    Archeops: Aerial Ace.
    Anorith: Mud Slap
    Clefairy: Cosmic Slam (Meteor Mash/Moonblast Combo)
    Appearance: A small teen.
    Barely scraping the five foot mark. He has icy blue hair that curtains over the sides of his face down to his neck
    Wears full blue trackpants and a blue long sleeve sweatshirt. Eczema all over his hands.


    Was born on a cold December night under a full moon. That same hour, Cleffa (now a Clefairy), was born.
    He spent his childhood years in school, and acquired an interest in palaeontology.
    Secretly revived Archeops and Anorith behind the backs of security guards.

    Trainer detail.
    Loves starry nights, palaeontology, geology, music, and roleplaying.
    Kyro is Friendly, but not very in sync with trends.
    Isn't great in mathematics.

    Travels on a journey with his Pokemon for the sake of adventure!
    He can be seen awake some moonlit nights, sitting under the moon's white light, Pondering.
    His reasons stay hidden

    Pokemon details.
    Archeops: Is Kyro's go-to fighter. His aerial ace and Head smash make a deadly sky battle combination. Loves Jazz music.
    Clefairy: Likes destruction. Great at impersonation. Has a secret crush on Archeops.
    Anorith: -Isn't the most fond of battling. Prefers relaxing in the water. Builds sand castles often.

    Favourite food:

    Spaghetti, chocolate ice cream.

    Worst Fear:


    Battle Style: Offensive
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  9. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past



    I'll be using a character I've been trying to figure out how to write for a while: my take on Frisk from Undertale, Frisk Achra. I don't really know what direction I want to take with this, so how you write them will be of influence. ^v^

    Name: Frisk Achra
    Class: Uhh... Wanderer, since she doesn't really have a home. (It's fitting. It's also something only people who played Colosseum or XD will know.)
    Home: Currently residing on the streets of Jubilife City in Sinnoh. (She's a traveller trying to find a place to permanently settle and primarily stays in Onett, Eagleland.)
    Pokémon: Marowak-A (nicknamed Sans), male; Magearna (nicknamed Mettaton), genderless; Rapidash (nicknamed Toriel), female
    Pokémon's Strength: Marowak-A/Sans specializes in Sp. Defence; Magearna/Mettaton in Defence; Rapidash/Toriel in Special Attack
    Pokémon's Weakness: Marowak-A/Sans's worst stat is Special Attack; Magearna/Mettaton in Speed; Rapidash/Toriel in Attack
    Pokémon's Signature Move: Marowak-A/Sans's signature move is Shadow Bone; Magearna/Mettaton's is Fleur Cannon; Rapidash/Toriel's is Fire Blast.
    Trainer's Appearance: I've been using Frisk in my avatar lately. She has short brown hair that goes down to her neck, with a blue and purple striped long-sleeved shirt similar to Ness's. She wears grey jogging pants, and shoes that have a red heart on the front.
    This is the only image I have.
    Trainer's History/Backstory: Frisk is a teenager from an unknown human village who once fell into the Underworld––the world of monsters––when she was young. Although she was able to escape, she found herself in a place completely different to where she had lived before, and her experiences and actions while in the world scarred her to the point where she couldn't be brought to speak of the event. Despite that, in the world, she made a few close friends, and they keep in contact through the online world. While on a long trek to find a permanent place to stay, she met the Pokémon she battles with, and while she doesn't expect she'll have them for long, she hopes to have a little fun and do the best she can to make them happy.
    Trainer's Favourite Food: Cheeseburgers.
    Trainer's Worst Fear: Plant life, especially flowers.
    Battle Style: Defensive.

    I feel really bad using Magearna, as it's a Mythical Pokémon, but it was the closest thing I could find to a robot.

    EDIT: Whoops, forgot to change the move for Marowak-A. Fixed now.
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  10. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Name: Alex
    Class: Rich Boy
    Home: Opelucid City, Unova
    Pokémon: Empoleon, Female; Oricorio-Sensu, Female; Heliolisk, Female
    Pokémon's Strength: Empoleon's is Speed, Oriciorio's is Special Defense, Heliolisk's is Special Attack
    Pokémon's Weakness: Empoleon's is Defense, Oricorio's is Attack, Heliolisk's is Attack
    Pokémon's Signature Move: Empoleon's is Drill Peck, Oricorio's is Feather Dance, Heliolisk's is Parabolic Charge
    Trainer's Appearance: He's just tall enough to be imposing, while not being intimidating. He has brown hair, and green eyes. He always wears a suit or something formal. Whenever he does anything, he does it with an air of finesse.
    Trainer's History/Backstory: Alex was born into one of the richest families in Unova, but he's always had a strained life. Since his birth, his parents have always been threatening a divorce, but have backed out of it many times to save face. When he was a toddler, his parents' fighting was particularly bad, giving him a terrible habit of crying whenever somebody raises their voice too much. When he was four years old, he found his passion: Pokemon. His parents gave him a baby Piplup (which they imported all the way from Sinnoh) for his birthday, and he's cherished it ever since. Whenever he went to school, he would show off his trained Piplup, when he by then evolved into a Prinplup, to his classmates to remind them of his superiority. At the age of seven, his parents gave him another Pokemon, an Oricorio. It was then that he began to battle competitively. He quickly rose to the top of his class, and was shipped off to battling school. Just two weeks ago, to commemorate his success, he was awarded with a Heliolisk, bred by the finest competitive breeders in their entire Unova region. He has still not had the time to fully get used to it.
    Trainer's Favourite Food: Grilled Slowpoke Tail salad, served with a Sitrus Berry vinaigrette
    Trainer's Worst Fear: Loud Noises
    Battle Style: Status-changing
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  11. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    I'm gonna take a shot at this. I've never done anything like this, but this looks pretty cool!

    Name: Rose (Age 17)
    Class: Pokémon Ranger
    Home: Formerly Goldenrod City, but is currently traveling as a Ranger
    Pokémon: Talonflame (male), Lucario (male), Gardevoir (female)
    Pokémon's Strength: Talonflame specializes in Attack and Speed, Lucario as a hybrid attacker (Attack and Sp. Attack), Gardevoir in Sp. Attack.
    Pokémon's Weakness: Talonflame's is Sp. Attack, Lucario's is HP, Gardevoir's is Attack.
    Pokémon's Signature Move: Talonflame's is both Brave Bird and Flare Blitz, Lucario's is mainly Aura Sphere. Gardevoir's is Moonblast and also likes to use Psychic.
    Trainer's Appearence: She has short, wavy red hair and green eyes. She's average height and very skinny. She always wears short clothes that she can run in. Though she isn't particularly strong, she's more athletic than most people.
    Trainer's History/Backstory: Rose grew up in Goldenrod City, and always loved to visit National Park, which was just outside the city. One day when she was eight years old, she came across a Fletchling on Route 35 that was injured. She took it home, and nursed it back to health. Fletchling wanted to stay with her, so her parents let her keep it, and she enjoyed using it to battle the wild Pokémon around the area. When she was 14, she went off to Pokémon Ranger School with her newly evolved Talonflame and quickly proved herself as a capable Ranger. A year and a half later, she graduated and became an official Ranger. Along her travels, she was joined by a Lucario and a Gardevoir, both of them joining because they deemed her a great person who they would be happy to travel with and protect. She is still traveling as a Ranger and battling in the occasional competition to this day.
    Trainer's Personality (Just something extra I decided to include): Rose is very athletic, and loves being outside. Due to her competitive nature, she also loves battling and thus has strived to become a very good trainer. While she doesn't like losing, she can accept it. She is also very honest and kind and puts a lot of trust in her Pokémon.
    Trainer's Favorite Food: Chocolate
    Trainer's Worst Fear: If something were to happen to her Pokémon
    Battle Style: Offensive, switches Pokémon based on advantage.

    - Brave Bird
    - Flare Blitz
    - U-Turn
    - Acrobatics

    - Aura Sphere
    - Close Combat
    - Extreme Speed
    - Dragon Pulse

    - Moonblast
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Shadow Ball

    Hopefully I did everything right!
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  12. PMJ happy thoughts

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    *destroys like button from smashing it so hard*

    Don't worry about this. (This goes for all of you.) If you think it fits with your character, then use it. Randomization is the great equalizer; if you get tails for a match then your uber robot is going to get taken down by, I dunno, a Rattata or something. That's part of what makes this activity so interesting. Even if you should have the advantage, you might not anyway. :p
  13. Nyora A Cat


    What happens if it's a Cosmog v Cosmog? Actually don't tell me I'd imagine it's be weird. :p
  14. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Oh, it's luck-based?

    RIP me then.
  15. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    PS your Pokemon's signature attack can be a combination attack (this is anime-style battling, after all) but they have to be based in moves your Pokemon can actually learn. For example when I submitted a Skuntank for Athena's story I had its signature attack be "Smogscreen", a combination of Smokescreen and Poison Gas. So you're welcome to be creative in that manner if it suits you.

    Things like that won't happen because each player has three Pokemon, and I'm writing what happens. In Athena's version, one would probably get tired out or something, or the trainer would scoop because of how boring it was.
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  16. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    By the way, did Athena ever actually do something like this? If so, does anyone know where I can find and read it?
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  17. PMJ happy thoughts

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  18. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    On 2017-02-21, at 6:49 PM, Jabberwock wrote:
    > gonna watch some Doctor Who; someone tell PMJ I'm in and will post in the morning
  19. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

    Forum Super Mod Badges Staff Chat Room Staff Advanced Member Member

    Jethro Duffy, Age 25.
    Outskirts of Goldenrod City, Johto.
    Umbreon, Male, Prince. Hydreigon, Female, Aisling. Luxray, Female, Ennis.
    Pokémon's Strength:
    Prince: Special Defense. Aisling: Special Attack. Ennis: Attack.
    Pokémon's Weakness:
    Prince: Attack. Aisling: Attack. Ennis: Speed.
    Pokémon's Signature Move:
    Prince: Dark Pulse. Aisling: Flamethrower. Ennis: Wild Charge.
    Trainer's Appearance:
    Jethro has bright red hair that reaches his shoulders. There's no particular style to it, other than it covers his right eye. Over his right eye is a black eye patch decorated with a yellow ring (like an Umbreon). He's 6' tall and is fairly lanky. He wears dark blue jeans and a black cloak with a red interior. Beneath the cloak he has a light blue tank top on. The one eye he has showing is a brilliant emerald green. He wears a pair of sturdy black boots. He has a messenger bag that he keeps under his cloak, to avoid pick pockets.
    Trainer's History/Backstory:
    When Jethro was young, he had terrible insomnia, so he would lay awake during the night, staring at the moon. When he got older, he started venturing into the nearby forest at night with his companion Eevee. One fateful evening, when he was 13, Jethro came across a couple of Team Rocket Grunts who were up to no good. He tried to stand up to them with his Eevee, but he was beaten without mercy, and one of the Grunts then beat him up. Eevee evolved into Umbreon at this time to protect him.
    When Jethro was 15, he left Johto for Sinnoh. He spent two years here exploring the region, making many friends and Pokémon partners along the way. He then went to Unova for further exploration. His fear of bugs stems back to his childhood, when he ended up getting surrounded by a swarm of angry Beedrill. While he never took on any League challenges, he is a competent trainer, and never backs down from a fight.
    Trainer's Favourite Food:
    Rice with honey.
    Trainer's Worst Fear:
    Battle Style:
  20. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    I actually considered naming my character Aisling! And our characters are from the same area, and both have red hair. Talk about coincidences!

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