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    I agree with most of those, the only ones I'm a bit leery of are the ones about side missions and mini-games. I'm fine with adding them in for players who enjoy them, but please, for the love of Arceus, don't force players into them to progress the story; looking at you ORAS. I personally do not care for contests, at all, and when I was forced into performing one in ORAS I lost on purpose because I was ticked off and wanted to get back to trouncing every trainer in my path. I know they don't take that much time, but please don't try to ram the extra features down our throats. Put them in to be sure, let the players know they're there, but don't make us participate in them to advance the plot, because a lot of players don't care.

    On a more constructive note; improved wild Pokemon diversity is something I'd like to see added before the end of the game. To elaborate; the early routes are always full of low-level repel fodder that after passing through initially you'll really never revisit unless you need one or two exclusive things for your Pokedex. Recent games have gotten better at this; adding in hidden Pokemon after the game is over in the DexNav and such. What I'd like is for the system to be expanded on, and for you to be able to find a far more diverse pool of Pokemon right off the bat. Because who wants to visit a route with nothing but Poochyena and Zigzagoon? We know all the Pokemon are programmed in from the start, so why can't we go and do a runthrough with our favorites without having to trade? Perhaps make it similar to the PokeMarts; where more items are unlocked with more gym badges, only more badges also cause additional Pokemon to appear on routes, giving you more incentive to explore and capture. They could also have earning badges increase the level of wild Pokemon in previously explored routes so there's a bit more of a challenge. Just a thought.

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