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Standard My Solgaleo GX Deck (With new Solg GX)

Nick Tornell

Haha, art go brrrr
So this is a deck that my good friend Pokemaster26 made the baseline for and I built off of.
Pokemon (16):
4x Cosmog SUM
2x Cosmoem SUM
2x Solgaleo GX SUM
2x Solgaleo GX New
3x Tapu Lele GX GRI
1x Vulpix-A GRI
1x Magearna EX STS
1x Registeel CRI
Energy (12):
9x Steel Energy
3x Double Colorless
Trainers (32):
4x N
3x Prof. Sycamore
3x Guzma
2x Skyla
2x Brigette
4x Rare Candy
3x Field Blower
3x Max Potion
3x Choice Band
3x Ultra Ball
2x Prof. Letter
Let me know what you guys think.


Aspiring Trainer
I like your list overall, but I would make a few changes! 4 Sycamore and 4 Ultra Ball are musts, at least in my opinion. I don't think Professor's Letter really does anything for you because you can't accelerate Energy from your hand. You're running a total of 12 Energy in the deck so you should be drawing into them consistently. Plus you have access to Sol Burst if you really wanna get Energy on the board quick. I would remove both Professor's Letters for a fourth Sycamore and a fourth Ultra Ball.

The only other change I would consider is removing the second Brigette. That's totally preference though. If you did remove it, I would recommend a third Cosmoem or fourth DCE.