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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Lucky Dan, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Ok, I know you can double up on burn and sleep etc, but what happens if your opponent is asleep and you hit it with confuse or vice versa? Does the new condition take over? Does the old one hold precedence like in the VG? My google-fu is failing me, because I can't quite seem to find an answer. The official rules just say "Only one of those conditions at a time".

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    "Only one of those conditions at a time"
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    New conditions overright old ones you are changing there status regardless if they allready have another one or not and obviously you cant be asleep and confused at the same time because there based on card direction
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    As a way to remember this, consider that burn and poising have markers that can both be placed at the same time. Other conditions require you to turn the card, and you can only turn the card one way- so one condition at a time. That's how I remembered, anyway. Now that I write that out it sounds complicated.
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    Alright, so it gets whatever you hit it with last irregardless of what status it has now becomes the new relevant status?

    If it was asleep, and you hit it with confuse, it wakes up and is confused?
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    yup as others have said asleep/paralyzed/confused share the same condition marker while poison and burn have their own markers and the newest application override each other.

    another thing to be aware of is that stronger/weaker versions of a condition can also be overridden, ie a poison that does 4 damage between turns can be overridden by the regular 1 damage between turns and vise versa.
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    Only one of the conditions at once.

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