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Muddy's Buying Thread Need Jumpluff and More! Help me!

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Ok, so here is what I want:

HGSS Wants:
Any Prime (for a good price)
Alph Lithograph
3 Skiploom SW
1 Jumpluff HGSS
x6 DCE
x5 Pokemon Collector
x5 Pokemon Communicator
x4 Pokegear

Pokemon Dice Bag (Please Post a picture)

Collection Wants
(Do not overprice!!!!)

Wizard Promos
Arcanine #6
Jigglyfuff #7
Meowth #10
Mewtwo #12
Mewtwo #14
Cool Porygon #15 Sealed
Dark Persian #17
Sabrina's Abra #19
Pikachu #26
Pikachu #27
Togepi #30
Cleffa #31
Scizor #33
Entei #34 Sealed
Pichu #35
Igglybuff #36
Misdreavus 39
Pokemon Tower #42
Magmar #44
Scyther #45
Articuno #48
Snorlax #49

Nintendo Promos
Treeko 016
Jirachi 021
Tropical Wind 026
Celebi 029
Mew 040

POP Promos

JPN Promos
Murkrow Magazine Promo
Pokemon Player's Groundon
Pokemon Player's Kyorge
Pokemon Player's Rayquaza
Pokemon Player's Celebi

Sealed Ancient Mew
Gecon Bagon

That is all. Help me to get these.
Also, I only ship to the US and Canada.
PM me if you'd like to trade for these after looking at my Selling Thread.
RE: Cards and Merchandise I Want

What is your price range?
How much to send to Hongkong?
RE: Cards and Merchandise I Want

Would you do:

Salamence PA - $5
Salamence Lv X - $20
Gengar Lv X - $25



Also I am asking around for a Flygon Lv. X to see if I can pick it up at league or through a friend(s). I'll try to get back to you on that soon.
RE: Cards and Merchandise I Want

Ok, thanks guys.
I'll think about the Gengar and Salamences. I have some sales going now and I don't have taht much cash at the moment.

My range for the Flygon LvX is $30-$45.
RE: Cards and Merchandise I Want

I just want to deal for the Flygon LvX. I still have to check shipping for me to see if I can keep up with the Hongkong offer.
No longer need Flygon LvX.
RE: Muddy's Pawn Shop Looking for a Pokemon Dice Bag (Please Post a Pic)

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