Most and Least Interesting Female Protagonists?

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    Who do you find the most interesting? Personally, I think May is, because she grew a lot more than other characters, like getting over her fear of bugs and went from mixing up attack names, to improvising due to Harley's interference.
    She also had the best rivals of all female protagonists, like Harley and his sassy attitude towards her.

    For me the least interesting female protagonist is Iris, because she didn't really develop so much, as had stuff happen to her. Like when all of her Pokémon disobeyed her (excluding Axew) she didn't really change at all when they decided to start listening.

    The Second least interesting for me is Dawn, because by the halfway point of DP, she went from girly water-type lover, willing to try Gym matches, to Piplup's handmaid. Really, there's nothing to her but Piplup and Contests after a while.
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    I haven't seen too many seasons of the show, but I really like Serena in XY a lot. She started out very indecisive and uncertain, then recognized that problem in herself and began to search for a goal, eventually deciding on becoming a Pokémon Performer. We see her progressing through loss (such as her first performance) and also to work through her relationships with others (including a surprisingly complex relationship with her mom). Her character progression has been slower than many other characters, but it's rich and rewarding. Serena-focused episodes have generally been my favourite for the XY seasons so far.

    As far as least interesting goes... Definitely Iris. She's abrasive and arrogant and just unfun to watch. Despite being an experienced trainer and a Dragon-type master, neither of those attributes were really used properly. I like the game Iris so much better. >_>
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    Dawn for me. My favourite of all the poke-girls in Ash's team. We've seen a looooot of her character in the series and she had amazing personality. The least interesting for me is Iris. I just hate her. She wasn't given a deep character and was annoying.
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    Keep in mind we have to split Misty into two characters here, since Kanto/Orange Misty is a lot different than Johto Misty.

    For me:

    May > Dawn > Kanto/Orange Misty > Serena > Johto Misty > Iris.

    Had Togepi not drained away most of Misty's personality in Johto she would probably rank a bit higher. That and Misty didn't have any real goal to follow and she rarely battled or caught pokemon, it honestly felt like the writers gave up on Misty in Johto instead of giving her proper development.
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    That's kinda what they do when they get to the end of a season a lot of the time.

    It happened to Dawn multiple times (second half of Sinnoh and Unova)
    It happened to Brock in Sinnoh
    It happened to Iris and Dent after Ash got all of his badges (their rivals even stopped showing up!)
    And it'll probably happen to Clemont and Bonnie in about 3-6 months time!
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    Well yes, but it felt worse with Misty due to the sheer mass of time she was on the show. The Johto saga was 156 episodes long, can you believe Johto alone was almost as long as the AG and DP series altogether, which were both 191 episodes?

    Misty was in the anime for 275 total episodes, which is roughly 90 more episodes than May/Dawn got. And all that "extra time" Misty had on the show was wasted because the writers kept her in the background with Togepi in her arms aside from the few episodes that were water-pokemon centered. Unless the episode was about water pokemon, Misty did virtually nothing in all the other Johto episodes but join Brock on the sidelines.

    In some ways I feel like Misty was the most screwed over female companion of the entire show. Its probably because the entire OS was centered around Ash, and back then the writers didn't think about giving his travel companions their own goals or plots.

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