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We can exclusively reveal additional products that will be releasing for our special English set in January! (Our set will be based on Japan’s Shiny Treasure ex, which features shiny Pokemon.)








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No big surprises here, though it will be interesting if they take out the Starter lines and put them in the Premium Collections. It would be pretty rad, too, getting three guaranteed Shiny cards as promos!


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I wanna see Mew ex and I will be extremely happy 😄 I would want him and all basic starters from this set


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Not only do the starters outside the fuecoco have lame-brain sun bleached shinies they are sticking with the the teal outlines on the mons themselves. Did having silver outlines that blended well with all colors just make too much sense for TPC?

Having the same exact gimmick every year is one thing, but if they're going to be basic about it they should have equally basic good taste.


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I've been really unimpressed by the English products the last few years, especially those for the special sets. We've had a few good things like the binder collection for 151, the Celebrations UPC, and I really enjoyed a lot of the things for Shining Fates like the tins and boxes. As someone who got back into the TCG in 2021 I look back at products from the X&Y and SM eras and feel like we could be getting much better products. I could be out of the loop on why we aren't getting things like the Shining Legends Super Premium box or other cool products from the Tag Team era, but it feels like a really empty time for collectors right now. Does anyone else feel this way or am I in a silo here?

Edit: The previous ex era seemed to give us a lot of cool stuff. Maybe the current eras packs are just underwhelming to me too. Another product I remember recently was the Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon collections. Those were sick. More things like that please.