Monday, 7/17, Lots of News


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Member the names of the new theme decks....hope they are good....
and roselia evo?....o_O how would it look like i wonder...


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Whow, Blastoise and Venusaur Deck?
Cool, I want the Venusaur one!

about the starter, now it's good, not another Fire, Water, and Grass again.
I can't wait to see who will be the starter!


I kinda don't like this whole thing where Physical Attacks and Special Attacks are going to be classified differently. That's going to take a lot of getting used to. Now all of my Slakings, Explouds, Rayquazas, etc won't be able to do as much damage. If they do end up doing that, I'm sure they'll make another move equal to hyper beam with damage and effect that is a Physical move, just so the powerhouses can stay as strong.


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man, lots of new today!:D anyway, first off:

the new CG theme decks look fantastic, it only is that if I click the ''storm surge'' thumbnail, I still get to see the ''green storm'' theme deck fully...!:p Bus as always, I think they are good theme decks to help improve the gameplay!:D

and now for my favorite part: D/P news!:D

man, forever since I've found the D/P games (well, the pictures, the resources, athe information and etc. that is!) I've been dying inside of me, since I can't play them! I've noticed that I eat less, sleep less, and even get drifted away in my thoughts on the day about D/P too! anyways, having heard all the new news, i'm going to discuss it per part that it has been revealed(even though it isn't confirmed jet)!

- Roselia may have an evolution

o_O just... great... another creature that gets an evolution... even though I wont train it unless it's very, VERY good! I hate roselia, they always refuse to get caught on my sapphire game... Yes, i have personal issues with roselia, so that influences my opinion about it.

- Shino may have an entire underground world

o_O that would be... great! just imagine yourself, a whole world featuring a whole underground world! it would mean that you can discover and explore two worlds in one game! the only thing I hope about the world IF it will be there, is that it also have towns, or a sort of place where you can go to a Pokémon center, and that you not only encounter ground/rock type based Pokémon (or you atleast get the idea)!

- The three starters may be Psychic, Darkness, and Fighting types

in one word: Fantastic! It would really make D/P interesting, since it doesn't follow the standard pattern of Grass, Fire, and Water types! I myself thought that there were not so much darkness types, so I'll defenitely choose the Darkness type as my first choice, but sinds I will trade with a friend of mine to get both all three starters, I guess it won't bother which one I'll choose, except that it wil have an influence on my opponent's starter... Oh well, I will see!:D

- Physical and Special attacks might be based around the attack themselves.

well, what can I say? I guess it only makes sence indeed, but I never saw it as a big deal anyway... what can I say...? Have fun with it...?:p

And I am UBER curious about Parukia or Palukia, which one will it be...?! which one will it be?! I must know! (it's the Pokémon I want to get, so I choose Pearl, and my friend choose diamond! so how Parukia/Palukia will be named is VERY important to me!):p


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Uh...DP is getting weirder and weirder everyday. o_O

I don't like the change of the starters...They are like the traditions of the Pokemon games. -__-
And the name Palukia is not pretty.^^

For the starter decks, I've never really cared about them until now...I just want to know what trainers they put inside.^^

YAYAYAYAYYYY!!! TFG in America means TFG in Malaysia~!! *Ready to quit TCG*^^



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Awesome! Blastoise and Venusaur theme decks:D Different starters? Very nice. But what about the fact that Psychic can't hit Dark, Dark barely touches Fighting, Fighting kills Dark, Fighting barely touches Psychic, Dark kills Psychic, and Psychic kills Fighting?

I think there's a mistake.


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yeah, WPM the theme deck links are messed up. they both take you to the venasaur deck.

getting to the news: new starter types... yay!! undergroung area of region.. cool but depends on how they do it. the attack thing... big deal. roselia evo... um roselia might accually be usable now.:p

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Blastoise deck says it's Water/Electric well Venasaur's says it's Grass

And IF the starters are going to be Dark, Psychic, Fighting. your will need to have other pokemon no duh when you face your rival for the 2+ time.
The Underground world would be the coolest especialy if they have some gyms down there or the Elite Four or just any sign of communities down there.
Roselia evolution would be cool if it had very high Special attack
Sunny Day then 4 Solarbeam's ouch if your damage isn't majorly cut down.
P.S. 5 bucks say that Diaruga learns or haves Recover


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Roselia evo= SWEET i love it when they give old pokemon new evos, that made the second gen my favorite. I think this gen will be my new favorite because out of all the pokemon released so far i like all but parukia & Dorapion.

New Starter Types= NOOOOOOOOOO! Not a good idea stay traditional please! Especially dont use dark, use lightning instead if they must change the types.


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also, I'd like to ask you all what the Trading Figure Game thing is...? I might be asking a dumb question, but I really have no idea of what it is...! so could any one please tell me what that's all about...? Thank you!:D


RE:  Monday, 7/17, Lots of News

Awesome! Blastoise and Venusaur theme decks:D Different starters? Very nice. But what about the fact that Psychic can't hit Dark, Dark barely touches Fighting, Fighting kills Dark, Fighting barely touches Psychic, Dark kills Psychic, and Psychic kills Fighting?

I think there's a mistake.

mabey the starters will have second types like they did in R/S


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all i have to say is the two legendary’s look sooooooooo much better mainly Diarugia it look's more reptilian making it cooler.


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I like the idea of changing the starters in D/P . I hope they won't screw up with it. The theme decks also looks good. I hope this time they have some decent cards in them.


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@Cards: Ohnoez! Charizard doesn't get to star in a deck!! (Probably will be implied in Storm Surge with Electric Charmander and Charmeleon, though.)

+ Roselia may have an evolution.
+ Shino may have an entire underground world.
Double cool.
+ The three starters may be of the Psychic, Darkness, and Fighting types.
Insanely cool.
+ Physical and Special attacks might now be based off the attacks themselves, not the elemental type they are classified as. For example, Hyper Beam may now be considered a Special attack, while Thunderpunch may be a Physical attack.
Potentially the greatest failure of all time.


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You know there is another type Triangle besides Fire,Grass & Water,& Psychic,Fighting & Dark: Flying,Rock & Fighting could work better.

The starter could even be dual types: like Fire/Flying,Grass/Fighting & Water/Rock:)


I REALLY hate that thing of the starters. Other than that, if they keep that STUPID thing of Physical and Special, I'll stop playing Pokémon. That is just...PLAIN STUPID!!!!

But an evo for Roselia and Theme Decks?!!

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the dark-jaw thing can be a stage2 starter?, nice

wow, nice, some changes, a PSYCHIC starter, must see/have it

nice themedecks, and finaly a use for roselia