Monday, 7/13, More Mysterious Treasure Scans, Pokemon Trainer SSBB, Mystery Dungeon 2


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Magicmew said:
The video of Piplup adn Pikachu is a video of PMD2. It shows the Pokémon Hungry, both at the beach, a flood, and Uxie appearing.

Yep that's the one I'm talking about. Sorry, WPM, but that's been out for quite a while. :F

And, there's also that weird Grovyle....I wonder what it has to do with the story? I mean, it's just not a very common Pokemon at all.....And, it shows Torterra using Earthquake!


So, the trainer can send out pokemon to possibly fight other pokemon, and the pokemon themselves can pick up pokeball items and have their own pokemon fight the main pokemon characters?

This feature's kinda cool, but weird too 0.o
(Pictures Red calling out Squirtle calling out Deoxys)


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I wish they would do a Brendan also. Treeko, Combusken, and Swampert. It would be cool. MD2 looks sweet!

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MD2 looks okay, though I got a defective MD1 cartridge that restarts the game at random times, wiping all my progress, so I really don't like the game all that much.. Need more scans 0.o

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Member said:
what dus ssbb mean(soz for spelling)
Ok that not good it mean super smash bros brawl the new game which seem to be getting good now that they added Pokemon trainer

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Oh SSBB means super smash bros brawl (i knew i heard that somewhere before)
I like the previous games ssbb games but with red appearing in this one it will be awesome!!!!!!