Monday, 6/26, PokeBeach goes to Turkey, EX CG News


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Lol, I was on right before it happened and was told about it about 5-10mins later. I didnt really know how to feel, except that WPM would fix it up and you did. Great Job at saving us!


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I never understand hackers...
why the hell they hacked this forum?
Good thing that WPM has backed up everything... fiuhh...

CG, wait for me!!


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yeah.. even i got suprised with the hacking attack... phew.. i was about to access it to check someone's addy to send his cards and there you go- Turkey hackers

anyway good job to WPM!!!:D

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Hooray! The forums are alive again!

And I'll say, I've had my fill of Turkey for a while now.

WPM, how many weird happenings in your life that make great stories does this make now?


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RE:  Monday, 6/26, PokeBeach goes to Turkey, EX CG News

Mew the source of all said:
For instance my Banner dosn't show up and nieter does my Trainer card and when I checked the URL it says it contains errors

It's because when the forum was hacked and backed up, we've also lost our attachments which held our images that is for our signatures.


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I hope you got my email WPM and I hope you can keep the episodes somehow and I am glad it is fixed now.:)