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Lucario4ever said:
Man those people are jerks
Yes, but let's keep in mind that Serebii does not hold identical opinions to even his Supermod+ guys (or whatever it was..) If you guys don't really go to SPPf you wouldn't be aware that Edward Elric is a huge jerk 99% of the time- even if he is right.


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Your track record is far too good to be a liar. I haven't seen anything on this site proven false, and now I don't even anticipate it.

Also, "I have known through my own sources for several years that people from Nintendo visit sites such as this often, but what I know is that no source would risk telling classified information as they WOULD lose their job and many people at events have asked many things and the staff have just had to say that they can't tell them...thats how it always has been" says Serebii. Conveniently, they only mention this now?

Additionally, Edward Elric strikes me as the sort who just tries to act bitter in an attempt to look more intelligent and sophisticated than the rest of the forum-- he's a bonafide goon, no real opinion on the other person though, yet.

chaos sums it up best.

"ok way to get worked up about absolutely nothing at all"

On both sides, admittedly. Don't let serebii or his goons get to you, honestly. Look at the average intelligence of a serebii loyalist, and then that of a Pokebeach reader.

...Obviously reading Pokébeach makes you smart. Or rather, you're smart to read Pokébeach, and become smarter still!



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If only I could acctualy talk to ethier of these sites dam webmasters.... I was hoping to help reslove the problem but I cant join serbii site fomrs for some reason and WPM never replies to my PMs... dam it...

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Hey, you could tell your friend who was with us at the event who is a mod at SPPf to confirm with them that we had a convo with officials and the info is not false.


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READ YOUR PMS BOY... lol sorry...

you never replie :(

whic guy are we talking about now? I are is consused

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Well, I assume it's obvious now. Serebii has nothing to do with this himself; Mr. Joe is busy from what I have read visiting his site often.

And that's understandable.

One thing though: I'm sorry, but it always seems bad at the Serebii forums. I've stumbled upon so much...cold-hearted bickering. Apparently this is mostly due to certain moderators on the forums...having less-than-ethical viewpoints.

And thus, it's not unexpected for such unethical people to post very biased opinions.

-Holy Star


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I like serebii's site but his forums are not that good. I just go there for the news and cards and game stuff. I like his site but his forums. (I don't like to say this.) sucks.:)

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SPP Chat Room said:
(8:49:14) <grem[brb]> BS: WPM was banned because he/she/it is a vindictive cunt

(8:49:31) <Creepy_Kecleon> Heh, ok.

(8:49:33) * grem[brb] is now known as grem

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(8:49:45) <Creepy_Kecleon> That's an intresting information.

(8:49:59) <grem> that wasnt directed at you :p

(8:50:02) <grem> lol

(8:50:09) <grem> if it was

(8:50:11) <grem> i wouldnt swear

(8:50:19) <grem> only cuz its KingShittle

(8:50:47) <Creepy_Kecleon> Omg, you insulted a Pokemon in a Pokemon site. O.O

(8:51:10) <Creepy_Kecleon> I'll report you.

(8:51:17) <grem> oh noes ;;

(8:51:20) <grem> i r le sorry

(8:51:25) * grem sets mode: +v Creepy_Kecleon

(8:51:43) <Creepy_Kecleon> Me too. =D

(8:53:27) <Universityebii> (4:41:11 pm) «KingShuckle» Was it because he told the truth? - no it most certainly was not

(8:54:40) <Creepy_Kecleon> God, I hate this smart-asstic style of Speaking...

(8:54:43) * Brinstar has joined #SPP

(8:54:44) * ChanServ sets mode: +h Brinstar

(8:55:01) * Universityebii is now known as Serebii

(8:55:20) <Creepy_Kecleon> Why can't people just try talking normally instead of adding the word unessesary words before every sentence they say? :<

(8:55:38) <Creepy_Kecleon> Example: You are "Failry" annoying.

(8:55:44) <Creepy_Kecleon> fairly*

(8:56:28) <Creepy_Kecleon> Example 2: "Awfully" long time ago.

(8:57:25) <Brinstar> its called adjectives

(8:57:27) <Brinstar> :[

(8:58:40) <KingShuckle> ;/

(8:58:41) <CM> hey brin

(8:59:03) <KingShuckle> Thanks for telling me why Joe. You really set me straight.

(8:59:05) <Brinstar> hey

(8:59:49) <Creepy_Kecleon> Over using those adjectives is "Awfully" annoying.

(8:59:55) <Serebii> he constantly posted rumours as fact

(9:00:11) <Serebii> when we deleted a post of his that was just SPP bashing and PB advertising, he kept reposting it Actually, if I recall correctly, which I am, it was me defending my site from, yet again, someone else on your forums saying my information was false and that I made it up. Funny.

(9:00:11) <Creepy_Kecleon> ^ "Constantly" XD

(9:00:19) <Serebii> and doing that

(9:00:20) <Serebii> warrants a ban

(9:00:22) <Serebii> so

(9:00:22) <Serebii> ssh

(9:00:55) <Creepy_Kecleon> War ants?

(9:01:11) <Creepy_Kecleon> Ok. =(

(9:01:18) <KingShuckle> Like the rumor about Lucario's name..oh wait..he was right. :O!

(9:01:39) <Brinstar> are you guys talking about WPM

(9:01:51) <Serebii> oh please

(9:01:57) <Creepy_Kecleon> I personally have no idea who he is.

(9:02:02) <Serebii> Daz realised that Lucario would be Rukario's name back in April last year Yet you kept calling it Rukario? Funny.

(9:02:12) <Creepy_Kecleon> But I'll just glue myself into the topic. ^^

(9:02:18) <KingShuckle> But unlike Daz, WPM had proof.

(9:02:19) <Serebii> and WPM's basis for it was that Lucario backwards is similar to Oracle

(9:02:23) <Serebii> no he didnt

(9:02:32) <Serebii> which according to WPM is what Lucario was held in in the 8th movie

(9:02:34) <Creepy_Kecleon> Objection!

(9:02:37) <Serebii> obviously he has no idea wtf an oracle is

(9:02:42) <Edward_Elric> >_> Who didn't see it being LUCARIO even when it was named that in Japan?

(9:02:55) * Edward_Elric woke up just now. ;\

(9:02:59) <Brinstar> lol.

(9:03:12) <Serebii> KS - he constantly bashes myself and my site on his site Oh, and you don't?

(9:03:13) <Brinstar> yeah i knew it was lucario when i went to the japanese convienent mart down the street

(9:03:17) <Serebii> talk about unprofessionalism

(9:03:17) <KingShuckle> Now that your up Ed, mind telling what other things WPM has said that you think are false?

(9:03:19) <Brinstar> and on he pokemon gummi treats bag

(9:03:23) <Brinstar> it says Lucario

(9:03:24) <Brinstar> lol.

(9:03:34) <Brinstar> those were good too

(9:03:37) <Brinstar> expensive, but good

(9:03:41) <Edward_Elric> KS, he's pretended to know shit about the events with the recast.

(9:03:43) <KingShuckle> Joe, can you blame him? You keep deleting his posts and make a fool out of him.

(9:03:46) <Edward_Elric> Without spilling any information.

(9:04:03) <KingShuckle> Edward_Elric, he didn't want to get anyone fired.

(9:04:07) <Brinstar> hasnt he "confirmed" that Manene's name is Jr. Mime or some shit No, I said I heard it, but that it wasn't 100% factual.

(9:04:09) <Edward_Elric> And last I checked..

(9:04:32) <Creepy_Kecleon> Heh, what's missing is a court, Lawyer and a judge...

(9:04:32) <Edward_Elric> Employees are NOT allowed to give away any kind of information to the public without the approval of the company first.

(9:04:39) <KingShuckle> Brin, he said no such thing. He said it "might" be

(9:04:47) <Serebii> KS - this was before I bloody deleted his posts

(9:04:48) <Brinstar> no

(9:04:55) <Serebii> considering the 8th movie is dubbed

(9:04:58) <Serebii> and was dubbed months ago

(9:05:01) <Serebii> I doubt it'll change

(9:05:01) <Brinstar> he said that a nintendo employee told him that the name was something on his site

(9:05:03) <Serebii> case in point

(9:05:05) <KingShuckle> Which is why Water Pokemon Master didn't mention any named ED :O

(9:05:06) <Serebii> WPM BSing

(9:05:08) <Brinstar> and that the only name he's used is Jr Mime ;[

(9:05:23) <Edward_Elric> You'd figure people would have learned from the staff of 4Kids constantly saying they're not allowed to go into things.

(9:05:26) <Creepy_Kecleon> Meh, what's WPM full nickname?

(9:05:31) <Serebii> Water Pokemon Master

(9:05:38) <Creepy_Kecleon> Oh!

(9:05:46) <KingShuckle> But how do you know that Pokemon USA's policy is the same?

(9:05:46) <Creepy_Kecleon> ...Never heared of him.

(9:05:56) <Edward_Elric> Dude, every company is the same.

(9:05:57) <Edward_Elric> o_O

(9:06:00) <KingShuckle> Not really.

(9:06:13) <Brinstar> why would Pokemon USA give out information prematurely

(9:06:14) <Edward_Elric> You can't make an announcement before your

company does.

(9:06:18) <Brinstar> theyre a fudging company

(9:06:34) <Serebii> Pokemon USA is worse than 4kids

(9:06:35) <Brinstar> WPM was a dick, why are we having this argument

(9:06:37) <Edward_Elric> That's why you sign contracts.

(9:06:38) <Serebii> in regards to telling stuff

(9:06:41) <Brinstar> the guy is a clown

(9:06:50) <KingShuckle> Take UDE for example. UDE Game Designer Kevin Designer Kevin Tewart constantly visits Pojo and dicusses upcoming cards without giving too much away. He also confirms and kills rumors.

(9:07:05) <Creepy_Kecleon> Meh, I'm sure he didn't do anything THAT bad...

(9:07:17) <Edward_Elric> KS.

(9:07:25) <Edward_Elric> That's a more higher power at work.

(9:07:26) <Edward_Elric> o_O

(9:07:33) <KingShuckle> So what?

(9:07:43) <Edward_Elric> Compared to, say a voice actor.

(9:07:57) <Serebii> or a person helping run a damn geek convention

(9:08:02) <Edward_Elric> lol

(9:08:10) <KingShuckle> Water Pokemon Master also has a witness too.

(9:08:12) <Serebii> usually they know jackshit

(9:08:14) <Serebii> KS

(9:08:15) <Serebii> did I tell ya

(9:08:16) <Edward_Elric> KS

(9:08:19) <Edward_Elric> He's full of shit.

(9:08:20) <Serebii> last week I went to Nintendo UK

(9:08:23) <Serebii> spoke to my source

(9:08:25) <Edward_Elric> 'nuff said.

(9:08:33) <Serebii> and he told me that Skarmory is having an evolution called Rofflecopter?

(9:08:36) <Serebii> I have a witness

(9:08:41) <Serebii> and he'll vouch for me

(9:08:49) <Edward_Elric> I have a source too.

(9:08:54) <Serebii> see how easy it is to forge BS like that?

(9:09:05) <KingShuckle> Meh, the UK was always that sarcastic.

(9:09:26) <Edward_Elric> The dude's a friend of the uncle's brother's daughter's neice's best friend's enemy's dog of Satoshi Tajiri.

(9:09:26) <KingShuckle> Unlike you, WPM stuff sounds credible.

(9:09:31) <PiPikachu> Joe

(9:09:37) <Edward_Elric> KS, he's not credible.

(9:09:39) <Edward_Elric> At all.

(9:09:41) <PiPikachu> wpm dindnt even email me back

(9:09:45) <Edward_Elric> Making up bullshit ain't credible.

(9:09:47) <PiPikachu> fucktard >>;

(9:09:48) <Serebii> Daz - email his host

(9:09:49) <Brinstar> rofl, KS

(9:09:51) <Serebii> ok KS

(9:09:53) <Serebii> hows this for stuff

(9:09:58) <Serebii> WPM stole a picture daz personally took

(9:10:14) <Edward_Elric> Oh wait.

(9:10:15) <Edward_Elric> How about.

(9:10:30) <Edward_Elric> The time he tried that "Chance" April Fools joke?

(9:10:33) <PiPikachu> as i stated in my email to him, that i dont mind sites using stuff as long they credit back to me in some form You never e-mailed me you liar.

(9:10:49) <Edward_Elric> And tried ever so hard to prove it was no lie, even after April 1st?

(9:10:56) <Serebii> Manyula's US name is going to be Crownlash

(9:11:02) <Serebii> my US source told me

(9:11:03) <Serebii> hes the best

(9:11:05) <PiPikachu> XD

(9:11:06) <Brinstar> rofl.

(9:11:21) <Serebii> Ed - I remember that

(9:11:23) <Serebii> that was annoying ¬¬

(9:11:35) <Brinstar> i dont see how anyone can even try to defend WPM

(9:11:38) * WaterPokemonMaster has joined #SPP

(9:11:43) <Brinstar> ive seen him troll threads before

(9:11:47) <Brinstar> speak of the devil lol

(9:11:47) <Creepy_Kecleon> Oh, hey there.

(9:11:51) <WaterPokemonMaster> Hello.

(9:11:57) <PiPikachu> WPM needs to go to a watery grave ;-;

(9:11:57) <Edward_Elric> It took a simple matter of Murgatroyd coming in and shitting all over that prank by telling him how shitty a job he did with the editing. Hey idiot, it was April Fools. Get over it. Were you so offended by it that you can't get over it a year later?

(9:12:12) <Sakurabisu> There's only one way to work out if this is the real WPM or not.

(9:12:24) <Serebii> look in the other chat hes in? :p

(9:12:28) <Creepy_Kecleon> I personally think a debate of 8 against one isn't fair. ;/

(9:12:35) * Filefragg has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

(9:12:44) <Brinstar> its not a debate if we're right

(9:12:46) <Sakurabisu> No. Ask him what the maximum amount of damage Dark Muk can do in the current modified.

(9:12:46) <Brinstar> ;x

(9:12:55) * Ryan`[Footie] is now known as Ryan`

(9:13:13) <Ryan`> (5:12:30 pm) «+Creepy_Kecleon» I personally think a debate of 8 against one isn't fair. ;/---> Democracy on the internet

(9:13:15) <Ryan`> :eek:

(9:13:18) * PiPikachu is now known as PiP[BackAsap]

(9:13:20) <PiP[BackAsap]> Be Back Soon

(9:13:30) <Creepy_Kecleon> That's what I said a while ago. XD

(9:13:39) <Creepy_Kecleon> In a diffrent way.

Congratulations Joe on being the world's biggest liar. Now people can see you for who you really are - a liar, who puts on a nice face and a "buddy-buddy" attitude, only to go behind another person's back and trash-talk them. You and your site (yes, NOW I am generalizing you) are just scum, and I hope you get what's coming to you. You come here and pretend to be such a nice guy, saying for people to stop bashing me, calling me an old friend (forget you), and then you go and do this? LOW! is all I can say. And what on earth have I stolen from PiPikachu? Also, I love how you guys pretend to be me in your own chat room. Just keep digging yourself a hole, Joe. People will eventually see you for who you are, as I have seen you for the longest time.

I can't WAIT to hear your explanation for trash-talking my site, Joe. Once you stop going behind my back and saying these kinds of things, or letting other people say these kinds of things (especially when they are false), I will stop being an annoying little kid and posting up everything you do. Unfortunately, this is probably the only way you will stop - by public embarrasment.


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That's... alot of information packed into 1 small conversation... Well it confirms it for me that some people just dont care or respect others, despite when the other person is doing the right thing. Liars get nothing in return and are Always found in the end, noone can hide from everyone no matter how hard you cover it up.

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Basically, what is going on is that Serebii and his mods are bashing me and my site. What is so funny about it all is that Serebii claims he does not, and as his previous post in this thread and on his very own forum shows, he does not want any fights between us. He even apparently told his mods not to bash me and my site, yet what do we have in that log?

Serebii, I hope this embarrasment causes you to change your ways.

King Shuckle

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Nanashii said:
Wait what? o_o? I'm very confused as to whats going on

Basically, Joe has claimed that he never bashed WPM and his site, yet this proves that he has. It also proves that the members of his forum make up stuff because they are jealous of WPM and his site. They try to make something out of nothing. It just makes me sick. Whoever gave WPM this log deserves a thumbs up. Finally, the truth is revealed.

Zapdos ex

*sigh*...that is very sad...
o_o'....weird, first we supported seribii, now we're hating it....*reads conversation* what the heck? *cracks knuckles* i'm gonna... YEAH! Nanashii has the right idea. lets jump em or something...this isn't right, i checked all fo WPM stuff, its pretty accurate when its supposed to.....great, i'm gonna go over there and....>:-(
(are you gonna ban me for getting mad at seribii and trying to understand things?)


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I think the BEST way to solve this problem is with a Pillow fight, followed by Jello for everyone n_n!

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Whatever you guys do, please do not go over to SPP and spam up the place like someone did today. That's not right.

A pillow fight would be nice. Good way to get out our anger and settle our differences.

Zapdos ex

*sigh*...that is very sad...
yeah, and i suppose bringing tea with it would help too. right......this is why we need net police....or addresses to jump em...*cracks knuckles again*
how about a punching bag instead?


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And what part of olive branch did you not get ¬¬

And I never claimed that I never have, I know I hvae...WPM knows I have, but thats only in response to his direct bashing of me on the front page of his site on several occassions which is wrong. It goes both ways WPM, stop acting like the perfect poster boy.

As for from PiPikachu, the Veronica Taylor picture you used was a picture taken personally by Daz and he didnt like it used without credit

Oh and the WPM impersonator isnt a SPP member, hes from BMG so :p

I gotta go for my final year project so I wont reply for a while
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