Monday, 4/10, Watch "Pacifidlog Jam," Eric Stuart's Goodbye


joe... enough is enough. do u remember the fight that u got with liam? i dont want it happen again with WPM... >_<

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RE:  Monday, 4/10, Watch "Pacifidlog Jam," Eric Stuart's Goodbye

Serebii said:
Thats the thing, remember the old UPNetwork, they just had clips and had multiple law suit threats from Nintendo and then had to shut down

Don't see how you think im just tryin to start "the war" again, I'm just looking out for you guys
But I think the point is that it's not going to stay avaiable on the web for anymore than a day. The examples provided are of those that were intended to be permenant fixutres of the site they were on. In this case, it only sticks around for a short while, and then goes away. I don't see the problem even if it does reek of the same copyright issues.

And even if it does happen to be a problem, it's WPM's idea, and WPM's responsibility.