Monday, 12/11, Lucario Lv.X, TV Schedule


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Dudeman1993 said:
I think it is a great card, when it is played, your opponent can't attack it, unless you got imprison on it and stuff. The attack is great, just like delta reduction on Deoxys Defense Delta in Holon Phantoms.

Gardevoir ex can Imprison Lucario Lv.X all it wants; Ascertain is a coming-into-play power, and its effect is done by the time Gardevoir ex even gets a turn.

And I think you've got your cards mixed up. Take a closer look at Lucario Lv.X's attack. Damage done to Lucario Lv.X is increased by 30.

Deoxys d reduces damage by 30.

Big difference.


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Wow a lot of news has happened since I was here last but I have not had time but anyway I am glad that we are finally getting the scans up and what are level x cards? WPM I hope you can get more episodes up because after tomarrows episode there are only 8 left and there will be reruns from this friday on until next year and pokemon jirachi wishmaker is on this saturday at 5 pm PST/EST 4c so if you have missed anything like WPM said now is the time to catch em all.:)


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Lucario Lv.X is good on attack, but sucks on defense... (30 more damage to himself?)

Besides that, I really like the newly added "dot" snowflakes! Now it really looks like it is snowing!


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when is lucario going to come out on tv ?
lucario is a real cool pokemon
in diaond and pearl there better be lucario