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I can see some typos in their reviews... What on earth is the Metallic Blow in RaiEggs?

Interesting, the PokéTool cards. We have Stadium-type things, the one-off Powers are like Supporters and we have the Energies in Holon's Pokémon. What's left?

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cool, I like the way they do the Card Reviews although it has some typo & at least now, I can think of what card to use with Tyranitar ex ?... :)


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I ask WPM to remember this tidbit of advice from British comedian, Vic Reeves:

88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Think of that what you will.

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WoW (never played WoW, just wanted to say that :p), Oran berry Pikachu, who ever would have seen that coming...
But, well, can't wait to hear what the game mechanic for them is :)

BTW, I'm 99,9% sure that 89.2% of those statistics are at least 64% wrong!


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Dunno if any one noticed, but i believe we a new Dragon symbol because it u enlarge the pics, Fukuamaru dosen't a have a colorless symbol,insted it looks like a pokeball.


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It is kind of like pokemon holding items in the GBA games but now they are adding it to the TCG game. That is cool and I can't wait to see scans of the new set too.:)