Collecting Misprinted Pidgeot-EX

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by crystal_pidgeot, Feb 7, 2017.

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    I wanted to wait a while before posting this because I wanted to find some actual proof this but this isn't as big a misprint as the SR Charizard but it seems more of a first run thing because I haven't seen any others like this. I think this is more along the line of Red Cheek Pikachu or the full art Colress. I've only seen two Pidgeot-EX like this.

    On the foil of the card (on the gold part of wing), there is a small red patch of foil on it where other copies of the card (even the one used on don't have this blemish or artifact on it. I have two copies of this Pidgeot-EX with the mark in the same area. I also own 11 full art Pidgeot-EX cards, where this red mark isn't on them so this leads me to think this was a cause of a first print run of Evolutions and was corrected in later print runs so what I say to you all who happen to own a full art Pidgeot-EX card is to check it to see if it too has this red mark on it and join the lucky few who have them.


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